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  1. hey shit is this new naitomea news on their twitter for the first time since their hiatus?

  2. i could def be wrong on this but i think they just hosted a few of their videos? like they did for ログ & Londboy before they became 零[hz] - but afaik none of those three were listed as BP's bands beyond just showing up on their channel
  3. my band put up a PV today - we're something like shoegaze/trip-hop. Vkei's basically 90% of my musical 'inspiration' tho so hopefully i manage to let that come across.

    Actually this song probably makes it pretty clear how much of an influence baroque's Planetary Secret became to how i write.

  4. diryangrey

    on twitter they uploaded like fifty pictures of him smiling & interacting w/ the audience at the BiS/BiSH LSN lives back when that happened, so i'd guess probably not lol
  5. diryangrey

    came here to see if i was the only one who thought this - i wonder if the animators were the same group
  6. diryangrey

    ...does this mean i'm the only person who thinks Ganges & Namaatatakai Ame are by far the best songs they've ever done
  7. https://wedonthaveaname.bandcamp.com/album/demo these guys are tied w/ dfhvn for my fav band to come out of this whole scene
  8. diryangrey

    first of all congrats on going on stage, that's legit - & shoutout to mea, i love that band too. kinda going off what Aimi said, if you're not opposed to it try recording yourself at home, as you practice as if you were performing. don't worry too much about quality like just use a webcam or an iphone sat in a corner, just decent enough quality you can make out how you sound & look & i don't mean to assume your knowledge here so apologies if this is something you're already aware of, but bc you say roumaji - might be worth checking your pronunciation to make sure you're getting it right, bc even though japanese follows its pronunciation rules pretty tightly & doesn't do weird shit like english (like how read & read are read differently) - learning only the roumaji & speaking it exactly as you would an english word written w/ those letters isn't always correct
  9. diryangrey

    honestly i feel like it's just got a good deal to do w/ vkei bands (at least all the ones you mentioned) tending to change up their style between albums a lot more than western bands usually do, so there's more capacity to do something different w/ an older song before i got into vk black metal was my main scene, and there were a decent few artists (Ulver and Fleurety off the top of my head) who'd do that same thing, start out real typical of a style, get bored & fuck around w/ genres, have more money to spend, and have something interesting to do w/ a remake. for bands who stay to one sound mainly, there's not really much reason to do those & i feel like that honestly describes the average western rock/metal/punk group more usually than the average vk band. reflecting a new lineup's a good point tho, i'm kinda talking out of my ass here but i feel like vkei promotion/management takes a lot from the idol industry (that's where the whole one-colour-per-member thing some bands do came from, right?) & that's something that's done a good deal there - & i'm sure there's a sliding scale of cynicism to both, like yeah reusing tracks is faster, cheaper, & takes less writing but also it lets new members in on old shit so that's cool all that being said, i can't honestly think of any examples from the vkei sphere where i actually liked the remake better.
  10. diryangrey

    i'm so glad i'm not the only one who loved karma, there's just so much different shit going on in that record but tbh it all really connects
  11. diryangrey

    if this release confirms anything for me it's that the original mix & master of the first three albums was a huge part of why i loved those songs - & they work better as parts of an album than singles. bring back too-trebly overcompressed reverby 2000s kei plz
  12. diryangrey

    unpopular opinion maybe but imho best case scenario would be all four members joining/starting new bands, w/ maybe a token meji reunion or single every few years or so kinda feel like meji already did the best it could do & the members still have potential outside that particular band
  13. hahaha i definitely don't KNOW more this is 100% just me guessing from when i read the articles but given the parts about 'buying various products' & 'eligible to apply for gifts,' i wouldn't be surprised if the ~grand prize~ was something along the lines of 「hang out w/ the band, we'll take pictures like an official photoshoot, you can pick instruments to say you play, and come up w/ your own reason for leaving the band we'll tell everyone like it's real.」
  14. i always thought that bit was mostly a joke / 'hang out w/ the band' promo afaik you had to buy a certain number of mucc CDs and i think it was all types to enter; doesn't sound like something they'd require of finding new musicians lol def appreciate that CrowXClass infodump tho~ & for the record the main vocalist's old band 華風月 is much better than wagakki, imho
  15. diryangrey

    np, glad that was at all useful~! i think ナイト's early releases are better than people think they'd be so i'm always down to spread the Good News..............esp since this is the only band i've got any real #info on. yeah i'm not the best googler in the world or anything but i don't think i was ever able to find a copy of that speed disk master until i bought it on CD myself. the TL;DR of it is more or less that it's the same tracks as the VAP ofc, but they all sound more like that PV's ジャイアニズム痛.
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