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  1. Anne Claire

    This sounds like a Pitbull song from late 2000's lmao
  2. Anne Claire

    Been replaying Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward recently - this is still one of my favourite OSTs from the entire game
  3. Anne Claire

    Gratuated college today
  4. Anne Claire

    Since i'm still stuck on jojo part 2... i just can't get enough of this, help
  5. Anne Claire

    Since when he became a soundcloud rapper? Well, all i need is just to wait for him to collab with 6ix9ine in the near future.
  6. Anne Claire

    I'm currently watching Part 2 (Battle Tendency). I'm enjoying it so far
  7. Anne Claire

    Forgot how much i loved The Bled. Nostalgia time, kinda.
    goddamn you,  jojo.

    1. platy


      best ed

    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      ^Honestly, facts

  9. Anne Claire

    I'll take a note, san q
  10. Anne Claire

  11. Out of all the bands, only Merry Go round comes to mind xD "SIXTY NINE HOW TO SEX ME?" - sounds badass, doesn't it?
  12. Anne Claire

    If you haven't watched any old shoujo anime yet, I'd recommend starting with classics like Hana Yori Dango (yeah, I know that the doramas are more popular but the anime adaptation deserves some recognition too), Marmalade Boy (sometimes this anime can be way too dramatic though), Gokinjo Monogatari (especially if you're a big fan of Ai Yazawa's works), Hime-chan no Ribbon (technically a maho-shoujo but overall it's a very wholesome show imo), Onii-sama e... (now this one is a hell of ride - it has drama and all but in the second half of the series the show gets kinda dark. Oh, and it has shoujo-ai elements later in the series as well), Kodomo no Omocha (one of my favourite shoujo anime from the 90's - amazing show that deserves more love) Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (a decent romance series from the creators of Evangelion), Chibi Maruko-chan (more of a slice-of-life series but it's damn good), Rose of Versailles (from the same author as Onii-sama e... but this one is a historical series and that's the only shoujo anime from the 70's that i've watched) and, like i mentioned earlier - Aka-chan to Boku anime is also great. I think these should be enough for now xDD
  13. Anne Claire

    I'm planning on reading NYNY after AkaBoku because just by reading the synopsis it sounds very interesting AkaBoku is also very relatable. At least from what i've read so far, it depicts human emotions so damn well i can't even. I haven't read a lot of old shoujo manga but i've watched a quite amount of oldschool shoujo anime xD
  14. Anne Claire

    Currently reading Aka-chan to Boku (Baby and Me). Loved the anime so I decided to read the manga as well. Just as good as the adaptation so far.
  15. I'm turning 20 today, wtf
    I don't feel like it at all xD

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    2. secret_no_03


      Happy birthday, wait until you're 30. 

    3. suji


      happy birthday 🌠

    4. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire

      Thank you! :3

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