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  1. Anne Claire

    I like garzey's wing.
  2. Anne Claire

    Dynamic chord is the worst anime adaptation of an otome game that i've ever seen.
  3. Anne Claire

    Got this lovely boii three weeks ago ❤️
  4. Anne Claire

    Kiwamu becomes a youtube letsplayer
  5. Anne Claire

    Miyavi x Metallica collab. Make it happen, dammit.
  6. Anne Claire

    Do i need to say more? Miya DA BASS QUEEN HANDS DOWN.
  7. Anne Claire

    Keep on bustin.
  8. Anne Claire

    I caught up way too late with this meme.
  9. Anne Claire

    水晶の舟 - 月のない夜に現れた小さな怪物
  10. Anne Claire

  11. Anne Claire

  12. Just watched two episodes of the new Boogiepop anime and i'm not sure if I liked it or not.

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