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  1. Anne Claire

    Eliphas Levi, Noir Fleurir, BLAST/ Lamiel , Medue'obscur and... BLEACH... like duh... i know that they did a one-day revival show back in 2016, but still i would like for them to get together and make great music again
  2. Anne Claire

    QEDDESHET needs to be just as popular as the gazette
  3. that cover art is so cool, judging by the artstyle, i can definitely tell that it's drawn by Kaneko Atsushi
  4. Anne Claire

    in no particular order: 1) cali≠gari - 第5実験室 2) Merry Go Round - 幻覚α波 3) Eliphas Levi ‎– リデルの赤い書物 4) …。【サイレンス】 ‎– psycho:lens 5) PENICILLIN - UNION JAP
  5. Anne Claire

    Sugar Ray
  6. Anne Claire

  7. Anne Claire

    Long Erection Sucker, boooiiii.
  8. Anne Claire

    So happy to see kodocha fans here
  9. Anne Claire

    My queen Miya(ex. Bleach, 385) replied to my tweet like two years ago xD
  10. Anne Claire

    idk how this appeared in my youtube recommendations, but jeez that's so relatable lmao
  11. r.i.p. Monkey Punch :((((

    1. suji


      heartbreaking. this sucks 💔

  12. Anne Claire

    That's what i've got
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