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  1. That new Korn album is fucking lit, holy shit.

    1. Jigsaw9


      Yup, it's pretty good! I only found maybe 2 not-that-remarkable songs somewhere in the middle, but other than those it's a rockin' listen.

  2. Anne Claire

  3. Anne Claire

    Sure is
  4. Anne Claire

    This has been on my desktop for about year and a half now xD
  5. Anne Claire

    Good to see someone who is a fan of Boogiepop series and Noir
  6. Anne Claire

    Iconic shit-kei song
  7. Anne Claire

    Been listening a lot to this album lately.
  8. Anne Claire

    eurobeat, cuz why the hell not?
  9. Anne Claire

    It's been awhile, eh? Welp, got a new haircut two weeks ago.
  10. Anne Claire

    Can't stop listening, this is sooooo good, oh yeah... MIYA DA QUEEN
  11. Bleach as a drummer /all for my queen Miya, duh/
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