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  1. Shattered Tranquility

    It's a little late, but Shattered Tranquility published an interview with the band a few days ago! http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/03/03/interview-nias-first-europe-tour/
  2. Shattered Tranquility

    We just published an interview with the band! We're also giving away 2 free autograph boards through Rafflecopter. Deadline to enter is 2/10 at 11:59PM. http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/02/03/interview-the-black-swan/
  3. Shattered Tranquility

    It's not much, but we just published a live report of the last show! http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/02/02/rendezvous-before-metamorphosis-femme-fatales-last-live-shibuya-www/
  4. Not sure if this has already been posted, but S-T.net recently had the opportunity to interview the band about the single and more! We're giving away 2 autograph boards (deadline is 2/2). http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/01/25/interview-a-beginners-guide-to-sibile-bashir/
  5. Shattered Tranquility

    Hey, everyone! Some of you might already be familiar with us, but this is Shattered-Tranquility.net, a visual kei news site run by volunteers that has been operating since 2007. We post everything from breaking news, to release information, to translations, to live reports, to original content (My VKei Room, Flashback Fridays), and more. Recently, we've been reaching out to more bands for interviews, and with those interviews come giveaways. If you have any ideas regarding the site or bands you'd like us to reach out to, feel free to contact us.
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