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  1. nacchi

    does anyone know who's this guy? idk if he's from a jrock or a jpop band
  2. I can't get enough of looking at this picture, I'm so happy they're back.
  3. no hoshi no ame? no trail of tears? no 69-II? congrats for sucking even on your last live ViViD.
  4. I think this gonna be interesting, he's an awesome composer despite ViViD's last releases... and with last releases I mean all their major releases. Now I hope he can compose as he used to do in the beginning.
  5. I can't wait to listen their music. ♡
  6. Marina Lambrini Diamandis (best known as Marina and the Diamonds) is my favorite artist, her 3rd studio album "FROOT" has leaked yesterday and is already her best record imo. The album promotion is "fruit" themed with one song being released each month since November as "Froot of the Month". The album was entirely composed by Marina herself and also produced by her alongside David Kosten, who has previously worked with Bat for Lashes and Everything Everything. For the songs in the album, Marina enlisted Alex Robertshaw and Jeremy Pritchard from Everything Everything to play guitars and bass, as well as Jason Cooper from The Cure to play drums. If you want to know more about the album, go wikipedia. Froots of the Months: Grape, Nov 11: Froot Lemon, Dec 12: Happy Blueberry, Jan 1: Immortal Cherry, Feb 2: I'm a Ruin Next Froots are Gold and Forget, then the album will be released on April 6. full album listening playlist About the leak, she said on twitter: "We’re on this FROOT journey together, and regardless of today’s events, nothing’s going to stop it. One thing I'd like to ask you for: If you choose to listen and you really like it, please support me by pre-ordering the album. I’ve written the whole record myself. I’m incredibly proud of it. It's an important record for me. Pre-order your freshly homegrown organic delicious no-fucking-GM bollocks ‘FROOT’ here. http://smarturl.it/FROOT.itunes" ♡ "DISCUSS" ♡
  7. nacchi

    Now that Jewelry has disbanded, I want one of my favorite rappers to make solo debut.
  8. nacchi

    if ko-ki, reno and ryoga form a band with yusa, it could be good... if it sounds like old vivid + old the kiddie. shin could form a new band with zekusu again like denno romeo because I miss denno romeo and zekusu lol
  9. nacchi

    now koki and reno should reform novelis