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    Yaaas literary queen
  2. They're uploading videos from their newest live DVDs. Today's video is from this one.
  3. IGM_Oficial

    The new look: Rey: Runa: Takumi: Iva:
  4. IGM_Oficial

  5. IGM_Oficial

    It's June 5th, not May 6th
  6. IGM_Oficial

    I don't know of an album which doesn't have a booklet...
  7. IGM_Oficial

    What happened to the third single from that series? Also, it would be interesting if they released that tour final on DVD. There's Mother too.
  8. IGM_Oficial

    You forgot Zeal Rink
  9. IGM_Oficial

    omfg this looks awesome!
  10. IGM_Oficial

    lol wtf It would be awesome if the "band" chaged name to "Re:Kaitou sentai Nusumunger"
  11. IGM_Oficial

    Yes. The higher, the better.
  12. IGM_Oficial

    All I can say is that both songs have the same name, which reads "Sanpomichi".
  13. I can't believe they turned Gozen reiji into "Goshen leiji "
  14. IGM_Oficial

    Then they say "just kidding lol" and cancel the single
  15. IGM_Oficial

  16. Bigger: Individual photos: Roku: An: myu: Rikuto.: Shachou:
  17. IGM_Oficial

    Ah, yes, the mandatory basic suit kei
  18. IGM_Oficial

    Does anyone know what happened? They say it was released, but it isn't on the platforms
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