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  1. IGM_Oficial

    what the actual fuck
  2. IGM_Oficial

    Que é, corno
  3. It would be pretty interesting to see a visual kei band in the "BanG Dream!" franchise.

    1. RaeDesu


      Do you mean the mobile idol game? Cuz if so, I think the closest you'll get is Roselia. 

    2. IGM_Oficial
    3. RaeDesu


      Also I suppose HELLO HAPPY WORLD could be considered Osharekei, with how happy and bouncy they are.

  4. IGM_Oficial

    New profile pic
  5. IGM_Oficial

    "The audience couldn't hardly wait for the concert to begin". Sure...
  6. Why did they create a YouTube channel only for them?
  7. Nyango Star first live DVD when

  8. IGM_Oficial

    This place...
  9. IGM_Oficial

    It's an arm. Notice the hand up there.
  10. If anyone cares, they're under a little label called Easter records
  11. IGM_Oficial

    New release, new lyrics. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the music video, and me, for transcribing it.
  12. I'm afraid of it being bad, as well as Nekomanju. Ugh.
  13. IGM_Oficial

    A porra ficou séria por aqui...