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  1. I watched Vrzel's "Slander rady" DVD and its menu is a default model that comes on these softwares... DAMN, BLOOM

  2. Interesting. Also, the song is titled after the name of this new season, "Basilisk - ouka ninpochou". And it's the third "ninpouchou" song of them.
  3. Trailer: Cover art: "Aizetsu kitan": "Oyuujo jou": "Tokyo neo bushiism":
  4. Some new shit
  5. This is exactly what I'm thinking now: "wait, what?"
  6. Oh.
  7. Can anyone help me with downloading a file from NitroFlare?

  8. Oh, I thought it's Engrish, but it's an actual word lol
  9. What is a "daubed"? Is it edible?
  10. True
  11. Their skins seem pretty strange. What Photoshop trick did the designer use?