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  1. Some days ago, I dreamed that I was explaining to my mom about all that bitrate thing. Curiously, I wasn't saying pointless things, but organized phrases in which I talked, for example, about the most used bitrates and the difference between lossy and lossess files. It was really strange.

  2. Sounds as good as Jiluka can be. I love the harmonizing between the guitar-bass-drums and the organ, reminding me of "Faizh".
  3. The limited edition A will also include a "gorgeous" special booklet. They also opened their official web-shop, Mad (which stands for "Merchandise artwork deliveries"). Site, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. That's why I said that it's a "sequel"
  5. The tracklist, in plain text: 1 - Astaria - Dependence 2 - Tra tra tra - Re:born 3 - シビレバシル (Sibilebashir) - 軍手 (Gunte) 4 - Devize - Devils kiss 5 - Lucifer's underground - welcome to my inferno 6 - メリー バッドエンド (Merry badend) - G. D. F. 7 - Under fall justice - 救い の 手 (Sukui no te) 8 - 麗麗 (Reirei) - 那誤梁 (Nagohari) (?) 9 - Roub - Starry nightmare 10 - dexcore - Miserable imposter (re-recording)
  6. Yes, it IS a sequel to "Saishuu densha".
  7. Hope it's a sequel to "Saishuu densha".
  8. Ok, now I only have to dream worry about Ansia coming back.
  9. Ok, now "Hare hare yukai" is playing in my head. Thank you, Smileberry.

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      Yes. Their second single, "No more cry", is a cover collection.

    3. AimiGen7


      I just heard the Hare Hare Yukai cover.. *Slow claps* Best shit ever

    4. qotka


      omg this made my day, thank you!

      the cutie honey cover is amazing too.

  10. The "Ghost in the shell" perfect data book. I'm so happy.
  11. I'm listening to "Fugly". Now, this song is a little bit less funny than it is supposed to be.


    ~heavy breathing~

  12. Another pseudo-old school band? Interesting, hoping for the previews.