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  1. IGM_Oficial

    Alguém aí tá afim de compartilhar relatos sobre o show?
  2. the GazettE is playing here in Brazil right now ;-;

  3. Jesus. Japan scares me sometimes.
  4. LOLOLOLOL can't wait to see how bad will be these Kiryu covers Also, they did a Kiryu parody oneman live today
  5. IGM_Oficial

    Looks like their website is unfinished
  6. IGM_Oficial

    This goddamn place. Anyway, it's a new release, for sure.
  7. A big shoutout to the people from Los Angeles who recorded the GazettE's performance 👌

    1. Zeus


      wheres the recording at?

    2. IGM_Oficial
  8. I'm afraid of the music they'll make, because this sample is pretty boring and Gossip ruled. And Yukika must be mad right now.
  9. IGM_Oficial

    "Bazubi bazab lac lekh callious osebed na chak on aemo ehow ehow eehoowww chot tema jana saparyous"
  10. IGM_Oficial

    Spoiler: her husband is Takemasa Kujou
  11. Man... I'm afraid that these are signs of disbandment
  12. IGM_Oficial

  13. The band has this routine and now he must be dedicated to his family... shit's hard
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