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  1. The header of the site is a little bit messy, or it's just me?



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    2. ahnchc


      It's been that way for me too.

    3. suji


      it's because of the latest forum software update



    4. ahnchc


      ^ I figured. But the extra spacing and empty square beside the icon is what's irritating me most about it tbh.

  2. IGM_Oficial

    Your photos are incredible!
  3. IGM_Oficial

    Got nothing to do, so, yeah, that's it. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the music video, and me, for transcribing it.
  4. Creates a topic on Tonberry torrents

    "Read 6 times"

  5. IGM_Oficial

  6. Happy b-day IGM! ❤️

  7. Hey, Happy Birthday again just like last year man, enjoy your day well. 😁

  8. Does anyone know if there's an effective method of downloading music from Xiami?

    1. Chi


      the official apps

    2. AimiGen7


      Xiami has a download function. But for some reason, the songs may not initially appear in your phone's music app. What I have to do is look for them in my Xiami folder, and move them to another folder (I do that anyway since I like having my music on my SD card)

  9. IGM_Oficial

    If there's something from them that is as uncommon as good is the fact that they just get better and heavier each release. They started playing lighter music with some heavy elements and are now consolidated with br00tal deathcore that kicks ass. I wonder how good they can get...
  10. IGM_Oficial

    A9 will release DVD and Blu-ray with footage of the final of the tour 「Alice in castle」 ~星 の 王子 と 月 の 城~ ("Alice in castle" ~hoshi no ouji to tsuki no shiro~) this year. The tour was to promote "Planet nine" and commemorate their 14th anniversary. Since this is just it for now, a filler: They'll also release a best album called "メンバー セレクト ベスト" (Member select best), which is a... best album comprised of songs selected by the band members, in the spring of the next year. All songs will be re-recorded. Tracklist: CD 1: 1 - タイム マシン (Time machine) 2 - 華 一 匁 (Hana ichi yaiba) 3 - グラデーション (Gradation) 4 - H. A. N. A. B. I. 5 - 銀 の 月 黒 い 星 (Gin no tsuki, kuroi hoshi) 6 - 無限 の 花 (Mugen no hana) 7 - 平成 十七年 七月 七日 (Heisei juushuchinen shichigatsu nanoka) 8 - 光環 (Kourin) 9 - ヴェルヴェット (Velvet) 10 - Fantasy CD 2: 1 - Numbr six. 2 - ~Dice~ 3 - 虹彩 (Kousai) 4 - Rainbows 5 - Cross game 6 - the beautiful name 7 - Waterfall 8 - Le grand bleu 9 - Gemini-0-eternal 10 - Gemini-I-the void 11 - Gemini-II-the luv
  11. If anyone cares, it reads "Kessei nijuu shuunen zenkoku junrei yapuu mikami junrei ~yapuu ga shoukan sareta yoru~ [05 → 98 → 18 made - 7 = 20]". Visual kei, guys.
  12. IGM_Oficial

    All that hype
  13. IGM_Oficial

    It reads "Shika", I think?