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  1. IGM_Oficial

    The new look, bigger: Individual photos (now I can see differences on Mahiro's nose): About the single (it will be released in three types): About the tour (which is eponymous):
  2. IGM_Oficial

    YESSS I know that temple. Thank you, B. P. records? Release details: Fanclub-limited edition Edition: limited Price: 6980 yen Code: NINE-0026 CD: 1 - 革命 開花 ~revolutionary blooming~ (Kakumei kaika ~revolutionary blooming~) 2 - 沙羅早々 (Sarasousou) 3 - アゲハ (Ageha) DVD 1: 1 - 革命 開花 ~revolutionary blooming~ (Kakumei kaika ~revolutionary blooming~) (music video) 2 - A9 Asia tour 2019 (documentary) DVD 2 (footage of the live performance at their event, Beautiful beast festival): 1 - Planet nine ~invitation~ (SE) (as A9) 2 - Phoenix (as A9) 3 - Unreal (as A9) 4 - Opening (SE) (as Alice nine) 5 - the beautiful name (as Alice nine) 6 - すべて へ (Subete he) (as Alice nine) Normal limited edition Edition: limited Price: 2500 yen Code: NINE-0027 CD: 1 - 革命 開花 ~revolutionary blooming~ (Kakumei kaika ~revolutionary blooming~) 2 - 沙羅早々 (Sarasousou) 3 - 革命 開花 ~revolutionary blooming~ (Kakumei kaika ~revolutionary blooming~) (instrumental version) 4 - 沙羅早々 (Sarasousou) (instrumental version) DVD (footage of the live performance at their event, Beautiful beast festival): 1 - Opening (SE) (as Alice nine) 2 - the beautiful name (as Alice nine) 3 - すべて へ (Subete he) (as Alice nine) Regular edition Edition: regular Price: 2500 yen Code: NINE-0028 CD: 1 - 革命 開花 ~revolutionary blooming~ (Kakumei kaika ~revolutionary blooming~) 2 - 沙羅早々 (Sarasousou) 3 - アゲハ (Ageha)
  3. IGM_Oficial

    I'm always in for more Kiryu... but Kiryu isn't. Well, let's see. Today's video on B. P. records channel is about a prank which happened during the recording of the music video. Getsu
  4. My internet provider is DNS-blocking access to Mega... cool

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. chipathy


      Tbh the 4shared links are some hella nostalgic shit LMAO

    3. nostalgia


      can you use a VPN to bypass that?

    4. IGM_Oficial


      @chipathy I hope they step back


      @Haniel I have no expectations, but I might give this a try, thanks


      @suji it's always good to have a second option


      @chipathy I know, right? It's like going seven years back in time


      @nostalgia I tried the one from Opera's incognito mode, but it's no use

  5. Now that Tinypic has ended, half of the images embedded here vanished lol

    1. spockitty


      I noticed the abundance of unavailable pictures but Tinypic is dead for good?

    2. Gesu


      Imgur is best boi anyways

    3. IGM_Oficial


      @spockitty yes


      @Gesu ~cough~ yes, I think

  6. IGM_Oficial

    Yes, totally unexpected So we won't have to depend on an audio rip from YouTube lel Thanks!
  7. Wow, so cool! By the way, that "music & entertainment communication magazine for sensitive people" subtitle is... interesting
  8. IGM_Oficial

    I've seen this on their website. That "1997-1999" thing is really interesting, because it totally looks like they're really stuck in the past (?). Also, I'm curious to see how they'll live "after" 1999.
  9. IGM_Oficial

    Cover art: Romaji tracklist: 1 - Kuruu 2 - Juliet
  10. IGM_Oficial

    I was reading about Verxina (the horse, obviously), and found out that the word is Russian for "vertex". So, that's it.
  11. Well, let's see what they got.
  12. It will be released and sold at the live which will happen that day. From that day on, it will be only sold at the Banz shop. Also, BabyKingdom opened for them. 1 - 星 に 願い を (Hoshi ni negai wo) 2 - Innocence 3 - 疾風 迅雷 (Shippuu jinrai) 4 - Sinfonia 5 - Daybreaker 6 - マーブル パレット (Marble pallette) 7 - ブギーマン (Boogieman) 8 - Silent snow 9 - ユメクイ (Yumekui) 10 - シナプス (Synapse) 11 - 開眼 (Kaigen) 12 - Sacrifice 13 - Raven 14 - ステラ (Stella) 15 - Anthem 16 - 胡鳥蘭 ~ファレノプシス~ (Kochouran ~phalaenopsis~) 17 - Antithesis 18 - 21st century 19 - Across world
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