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  2. Oh, God.

    Kalimero's "Nostalgy" is way better than I thought it was.

    They should do an one-day revival live.

  3. Oh, gosh. Now I'm more curious than ever.
  4. Visual-Kei

    Was this ever been released?
  5. When I found out that "akatsuki" isn't "赤月", but actually "暁"



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    2. IGM_Oficial


      @Shmilly @Komorebi when I first saw this word, it was written in romaji, so I didn't have any hint on how it is in kanji. So, I used my japanese knowledge and thought "oh, so here we have 'aka' and 'tsuki', so it means 'red moon', right?" I checked it on Google translate, it came up with "daybreak" and I got mindblown.

    3. Shmilly


      Lunar eclipse is 'gesshoku', there's a lot of that about in VK too.

    4. Komorebi


      @IGM_Oficial, it's the natural approach if you don't know the meaning haha can't be blamed.


      Learning japanese is a bitch though, with multiple kanji readings and stuff... 

  6. For a moment, I thought it was "Madara"
  7. This is the first time in YEARS that I got addicted on music that is not visual kei or j-rock.
  8. Yes. It's written "Re:birth" and it was Yomi's first band (Nightmare is the second). Unfortunately, there's no information more than that.
  9. I just noticed that I have a single which songs are each one on a different bitrate lol

  10. OH, GAWD. Judging by the two previous albums, I was initially pessimistic about "Karyoubinga", but I just finished listening to it and changed my opinion about it. Now I think it's pretty awesome... the opposite of "Fuujin kaikou" and "Raijin sousei".

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I agree with you, I think that the harmony between the two singers worked better in Karyoubinga than in those albums (I love Ningyou no ori <3)

  11. Yes, could someone upload it?
  12. Just look at this Rami LOL
  13. Do as infinity, Satsuki, ~Jupiter~... Não vou ver nenhum desses :'D
  14. Bigger covers: Limited edition, A-type (Shou, wtf): Limited edition, B-type: Regular edition: