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  1. Today was an awesome day.


    My notebook is finally back from the maintenance. Also, I'm finally done with downloading Versailles' latest DVD.


    I'm so happy :'D

  2. Solving captcha sucks.

  3. What is a "mini-single"? Innovative, as visual kei can be.
  4. Omfg these Cbox leechers actually work

  5. Cover art: Limited edition, A-type: Limited edition, B-type: Regular edition:
  6. Bitch, please
  7. Some shit: ~> About the single: · HQ image of the look: · The details: ~> About the album: · HQ image of the look: · The DVD will have a new PV, for "Amaterasu" (the katakana one). ~> About the tour: · The details: it's called Onmyouza "Onmyorouka" and is divided in two parts, which shows are intercalated. The left column is about the part that follows the "Jou no hana" concept and the right column is about "Oborozukiyo". It's the same thing with the tour final.
  8. I was afraid that they weren't doing anything to commemorate their tenth anniversary. Obviously, it was in vain lol And, yes, for those who don't know, "Jou no hana" is the opening for "Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z", the next (fifth) season of the "G" series of the anime. It will begin airing at October 10th, 10 in the morning.
  9. They talked about the typo:
  10. How do you guys manage to get the inlay out of the case without damaging it?

    1. Jennifer Hage

      Jennifer Hage

      Thin plastic card u can stick in between

  11. A full preview of the single:
  12. Akasaka "Biltz"... kill me
  13. Judging by the visuals and aesthetics, they seem to be under Kerberos (the same label of Vivarush)
  14. In the mood of the "Alice Nine" meme.
  15. What's the difference between these kanji, since they have the same meanings?


    ~> "空" and "天"

    ~> "花" and "華"

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    2. returnal


      of course nothing beats a Human (nothing else can give you contextulization), but while it gives the same definition for say 花 and 華, if you hit enter a couple times it gives the more specific meaning to the kanji, so it would've answered yr question. plus, it's just nice to have haha

    3. cvltic


      rikaichan doesn't know what kusomen means so it's worthless tbh

    4. returnal


      rikai gyaspeak add-on