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  1. IGM_Oficial

    ok, how did he stole get all this money from
  2. I wonder who's that blessed soul from Jpopsuki that has been uploading DVD-ISOs with absurd quality scans

  3. IGM_Oficial

    lol I was expecting that it would happen You're welcome!
  4. Lyrics transcribed IN TEH SPEED OF LIGHTS. Text: Kanji-kana: Romaji: Credits: the band, for making the text available on the music video, and me, for transcribing it.
  5. IGM_Oficial

    In this video, they talk about the album, song by song. There are previews in the background, a little bit more of the new music video and furigana on the names of the songs (first one is "Tsurushi" and last one is "Kuroyami ni madou esoragoto").
  6. wtf seriously? I'm surprised I didn't see this type of thing in visual kei.
  7. B. P. records bandmen are now youtubers. Cool.

    1. Miku70


      Yes this interessing but it's very strange in same time.

  8. IGM_Oficial

    Finally! But wait, this pretty different from the trailer. There weren't these acting scenes and the video wasn't purple-ish.
  9. IGM_Oficial

  10. IGM_Oficial

    No, it's "Jou no ka". But that's it.
  11. A question about Mathilda.

    They released two singles called "Dabinifusu". Is there any difference between them?

    1. suji


      one of them is a book

    2. IGM_Oficial


      @suji yes, I know, but I'm talking about the music itself. Maybe there's a re-recording or stuff

  12. Digging this "89889889888, 9898999898, etc" thing
  13. "The black eyed peas feat. CL" wasn't that unexpected, but "Dopeness" is really cool.