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  1. "Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows". Saw it yesterday, on TV. As a die-hard fan of Doyle's work, I think that the trilogy is gud.
  2. "Extreme symphonic metal" is a thing o_o

    I'm curious...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Jigsaw9


      You mean Septicflesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse? Those are the two I can think of right now. Fun stuff. :D 

    3. Bear


      But those are just symphonic death metal bands, Jigsyjagsy.

    4. Jigsaw9


      Death metal = a form of extreme metal to me. ;< But yeah, you're totally right.

  3. Exactly: in the end, all of this thing is because it never came to be.
  4. The second half of January just began and we already have the visual kei band with the most ridiculous name of the year. Not to mention that the song is horrible.
  5. I need this selfie stick so badly...
  6. Really surprised that the title isn't that four-kanji word pattern. Kiryu, pls, calm down
  7. It was actually a DVD-single. The music itself of "morphe" and "hypno" is sold only on iTunes
  8. Details: Type: A Edition: limited Price: 2500 yen (without the taxes) Code: TRCL-??? CD: 5 songs DVD: PV Type: B Edition: regular Price: 2000 yen (without the taxes) Code: TRCL-??? CD: 6 songs
  9. They'll ~play their instruments~
  10. Really? I'd love to see it...
  11. Cool, as usual. But why do they insist on not playing "Faizh"?
  12. Yes, his voice was a little unappropriate in certain moments...
  13. I took this week to look for some manga. "Ghost in the shell"? Out of stock. "Pokémon RGB"? Out of stock. The "Saint Seiya: the lost canvas" artbook? Out of stock. My patience? Out of stock.
  14. La'cryma Christi's social media frozen, like, nearly four years


  15. Dir en grey is absurdly boring. Except for "Yokan".