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  1. ruki11

    but it's easy to get a japanese address for people live abroad, you also got one, alright? almost none shop ship oversea, it should be thankful if a oversea credit card+japanese address is ok
  2. ruki11

    hello I'm oversea^ ^ but you can use something transport, it's easy or if you mean EMS/SAL is stopped.....emmmm, just wait to 2021 maybe
  3. ruki11

    now the live dvd is available on their official shop https://shinko-music-shop.com/?pid=150820355 5min later, I've ordered it. now you don't need to pay 500tax. (or called 4545+455tax=5000) later it would be 5000+500tax
  4. oh yes SUGAZER 新世界?(maybe X) 深世界/真世界?神世界? maybe your next next floor
  5. ruki11

    nice naming sense, like fed...
  6. new single を知るには一秒も長すぎる but where is ayame's leg? I came in to see that
  7. they don't like old name anymore? okok, this reason is romantic enough (why didn't ZMI release one single before it disbanded, I want that
  8. ruki11

    I mean I stopped listenning that song (soon after requemage release since I like requemage much)
  9. ruki11

    I don't like the name "David', sounds none of Japanese sense GENESIS ,what's that, haven't listened that for some days, but really enjoy 1st released single
  10. I can always image it pretty pink with all their new look
  11. ruki11

    -aagii- lol I really want suicide but I never be it
  12. ruki11

    I feel as if their last album released yesterday
  13. ruki11

    oh yes, I would not use word like better, people have different taste, I just enjoy asagi's last single more btw, nice to see your signature, I ordered it's single which will release next week=w=
  14. ruki11

    why you tell me again sadie still not disband ___ I guess this will be better than wonderland savior
  15. lol the price, I don't want see any dvd for all bands but you can get it on itunes friendly if you have some love...
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