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  1., needn't, that's one of my fav
  2. really miss vimpire and rose >_<
  3. hello yes most vk bands is nice, which you think is bad is because you don't like it __ i'm too old and forget my age
  4. who is september and what is kamijo......
  5. hello, nice to meet you here you didn't mention any your fav band and we still don't know what you like and you can tell something about where you come from..your ....blabla if you like
  6. 怖いほど可愛い

  7. I like art cube Need another band
  8. I can't understand why this only pressed 666 (and soon sold out)
  9. a guitar solo for 912yen lol hope more Japanese
  10. looks soooo nice cute (compare with another ones I ordered lol)
  11. Ah どんな時代でも愛を奏で続けている you lose a line above quote sentences, got it from you scan^ ^
  12. @inertiathank you a lot
  13. how to compare 90° angle and 90° centidegree you you talk about lynch, I don't think you've listened to either of them much when I began to listen tokami,I agree his voice is like asagi, but then, it's like joke