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  1. first listening, sounds like return to tokami i'm so happy
  2. Leda 0 0 I can't believe until began playing that song
  3. that's alright, my fav disband for 2 years
  4. I'm suprised both kamijo and jupiter release something today I always think their latest release is 美の暴力, though maybe I listened Lineage more
  5. haha 地獄極楽観音開き
  6. yes LOOK is better
  7. Maybe he was tired of seeing his name on his release and change to a band name and kawaii dg 3.0 look
  8. I feel nobody cares lyrics jpopasia has a really nice lyrics system but nobody communicates I type some lyrics which not exist, but all visitors are japanese lol
  9. the title remind me a band
  10. .....no, needn't, that's one of my fav
  11. really miss vimpire and rose >_<
  12. hello yes most vk bands is nice, which you think is bad is because you don't like it __ i'm too old and forget my age
  13. hello, nice to meet you here you didn't mention any your fav band and we still don't know what you like and you can tell something about where you come from..your ....blabla if you like
  14. 怖いほど可愛い

  15. I like art cube Need another band