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  1. niivozombie

    Pride of mind
  2. niivozombie

    nice! i'll ad you at once
  3. niivozombie

    Nice! Hello miyukihime, and welcome back to the awesome world of VK!! I don't recognize any of the bands you mentioned (except Plastic Tree <3) mainly because I am fan of the more older VK bands; but I'm sure you'll find lots of people that share your taste in music! Have a good time here
  4. niivozombie

    This is so true, I love that about that song too. Glad to see someone appreciate it as well <3 LUNA SEA is my favourite band, so I had to read this thread from page 1 all over again and enjoyed all the stuff you'all had to say about the band. I don't know why A WILL is underrated though, I loved that album, more than SHINE at least LOL. So, moving on to actual news, I assume you'all know that they are gonna release their new album on December 20th? It's called LUV... the name is a bit tacky, but hopefully it'll be a worthy addition to their discography. EDIT: I just remembered something I really hated from A WILL... Why, oh WHY did they felt the need to auto tune Ryuichi's voice on Metamorphosis??? Auto tuning Ryuichi's voice is like taking the most beautiful girl of the class and cover her face with a BALZAC paper bag wtf. Worst moment of their discography, gotta say :C
  5. niivozombie

    LOL, I stand corrected.
  6. niivozombie

    That may be so, but I used to believed that P3 took their name from Fake plastic trees, which proved to be a wrong assumption. Also, I can't remember the name of the song, but I'm pretty sure they have a PV that's a bit similar to the High and Dry video.
  7. niivozombie

    That's one great album you got there. I think that one or two songs are a bit weak (not bad songs at all), but the rest are all awesome. Gackt shows truly what a great singer he is, and the music overall is beautifully arranged. I would say this is the crown on Mana's carreer lol, never could top this album. I love "Bara no seidou", but I think "Merveilles" is better, even though Klaha has some great pipes too.
  8. niivozombie

    Loved this thread so much, lol. There were a lot I didnt remember. Surprised I didnt see any of the following: - "What do you mean [insert vk indie band] has already disbanded?? They only released 4 singles and one maxi album, who does that??" - "Did they shoot their PV in a church?? Such a Malice Mizer rip off". - "Plastic Tree is sooo in love with Radiohead, they got their name from one of their songs, so its obvious". I made that mistake myself, but actually the song Fake Plastic Trees came later than Plastic Tree.
  9. niivozombie

    Ohh come onnn, I totally missed it and now the video is gone :C Did anyone saved, captured or downloaded this so I can watch it?
  10. niivozombie

    Tremenda suerte, has visto a hartas bandas <3 <3 <3 Personalmente también entré un poco por el anime, específicamente porque en un CD de Dokan (esa revista española de anime) venían hartas canciones, y cuando las escuché me gustaron varias, pero las que más me llamaron la atención fueron L'Arc~en~Ciel y sobre todo LUNA SEA. Después pasé un buen tiempo hurgando por todos lados y ahí me encontré con ZI:KILL, nightmare, PIERROT, GLAY, Dir en grey, Plastic Tree, rice, etc. Ahora estoy un poco obsesionado con el visual kei antiguo (80s y 90s), y fue gracias a eso que entré a este foro
  11. niivozombie

    So, ain't nobody here using Soulseek no more?? There are still LOTS of users here, I assure you. Would be nice to see more VK loving people there. Every time I find a VK user, I add him/her to my list.
  12. niivozombie

    Wow, 20 years, you are really old school, right? I'm listening jrock just about 15 years ago, and VK roughly 12 or 13 years. Anyway, welcome Waive! PS: Where are you from?
  13. niivozombie

    Welcome Nisshoku! I see you're a metalhead from Germany... It's one of my dreams to raise enough money to go to Wacken Open Air some day lol.
  14. niivozombie

    Welcome Dizzy, hope you'll have a great time here. I don't know any of the bands you mentioned (I'm not sure though, I can't read kanji nor hiragana lol), still I see you already found common ground here c:.
  15. niivozombie

    I certainly agree with you on that... Most of my favourite albums are from that year span. Also I LOVE old school vk favourite band lists, so i'll definitely check out the bands i didn't know.