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  1. BackStabbath

    My mom like 80s/90s ballads and r&b music along with traditional music. My father like a bit of everything thing. He introduced me to rock and metal alongside classical music. He also listen to surf rock which I can't stand.
  2. BackStabbath

    Hating a band because it's a "popular" thing to do is also a thing, and happen across almost every fan base. Like back when almost everyone hate Justin Bieber for being Bieber, or Nickelback regardless if they hear a song before or not. Even if a hated band sounds nice they will still find something wrong with it. But like said above music is highly subjective and not everyone has the same taste and everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  3. BackStabbath

    Those tags lol, I've always favored this band over OOR, but must suck being over shadowed sometimes.
  4. BackStabbath

    Are they only active doing lives shows now? It's time they released another single or something.
  5. I'm excited for this, but sometimes re-recording songs don't always sounds as good...
  6. BackStabbath

    Someone who thinks vk as the only real Japanese rock expects to be taken serious?
  7. BackStabbath

    They're music are very hit or miss recently, but I hope this concept produces something more memorable.
  8. BackStabbath

    Heavier version of Acid Black Cherry? Looking forward to this to hear what participating artists come up with.
  9. BackStabbath

    I don't know how to think about the title song...I usually enjoy most of their materials so, I will probably pick this one up.
  10. BackStabbath

    I always thought many western vkei fans didn't even listen to regular j-rock/j-indie/j-pop/ etc., listening to vkei almost exclusively? But maybe it's part obsession / part wanting to feel unique.
  11. BackStabbath

    I have saw them perform at GJ World Music Festival. Interested me enough to buy their first mini which isn't half bad. curious as to what comes next for them.
  12. BackStabbath

    Maybe so in part. Same thing in what has happening with many music genre, it has become over saturated/unoriginal in sound and looks.Too many are adopting looks and sound that made other bands successful, hoping the same for themselves. Not to say that there are not bands worth a listen,but just having to do a bit more digging to find them. Also, to me, seems more bands worry more about global exposures and becoming famous than actual perfection of their sound/style. Groups like that seem to have less passion. But, keeping in mind that many bands of vk (especially beginning) are self produced and not usually have much money, so both cd sale and ticket sale are going to make a big difference compare to a band of a larger promoter/production group. So yes, money is a factor many times. They do have to pay for studio times, production costs, rentals, etc. The music industry is risky business in general, so going into a genre of a smaller following is a little more riskier. Probably won't see many bands that last as long as Buck-Tick, D'ERLANGER, X-Japan, Luna Sea or other 90s bands, but they are the ones who popularized the genre and influenced the newer bands... Any case only my opinion. Sorry if it is confusing.
  13. BackStabbath

    I see a nice list of things already here!~ K-Indie scene has start to become more popular in the last few years, thankfully. Hecca DIEALRIGHT Espresso Jambinai Bonus: K-Indie scene also have more emerging visual inspired acts. Ste- Influence: L~arc~en~Ciel, X-Japan, the Hiatus, Gackt RoaR- Influence: Malice Mizer,Luna Sea, Glay, The Gazette (no proper mv just live performaces and a short preview of their mini album
  14. BackStabbath

    Thank you very much! Yura Yura Teikoku was a psych(?) band, some people find them addicting, other not much. If you wanting to try them out i recommend albums 3x3x3, Sweet Spot, or Hollow me/Beautiful.
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