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  1. HAHAHA my bad!!!! Ok shall we collect money and buy the ltd ?
  2. so the album was released a week ago and no sign of a regular version download?
  3. damn, ltd edition would be nice. but their 90's era marketing throwing 11 CD singles in a box...
  4. mori

    I'm uploading SOFT BALLET lossless from today.
  5. LUNA SEA – GOD BLESS YOU DOCUMENT 一夜限りの復活ライブ LUNA SEA沈黙の7年を超えて (2011.10.19) Who's seen it? Just finished watching the bluray. Completely surreal, watching remastered material from '93~'00 in HD!!! Let's talk.
  6. mori

    The whole entertainment business in Japan is tied to it. Not just music. The only place on earth that has so-called "management offices" taking care of artists instead of record labels.
  7. mori

    pure asshole diva destroying a cool record shop who tried to help him out.
  8. mori

    Can't remember exactly, it was like 1988... Something along the lines : X wants to release their first album. Edison is taking care of manufacturing and selling the record but doesn't report exact sales to X so Yoshiki is upset. Yoshiki sues Edison. Edison goes bankrupt. Then from the ashes of Edison, Like An Edison was born, but I don't know if it's the same owner.
  9. mori

    The Like a Edison scandal where the previous shop (Edison) went bankrupt because of Yoshiki sued them and the shop had to change their name and start from scratch.
  10. mori

    Luna Sea "Lunatic X'mas 2018" IMAGE or REAL, Search For My Eden > WHO WENT?
  11. mori

    Listening to ELEGY, it's out on Apple Music. Just need the DVD!!
  12. There is, literally, no record label in Japan that will pay their artists fairly. The worst record contracts on earth are in Asia. Most of the bands you listen to are probably looking like they have money but in reality they don't.
  13. R.I.P. Chester. You'll be dearly missed.
  14. a download link would be cool ::))))
  15. mori

    I'm sure it is. F.A.M.I.L.Y.!
  16. mori

    Are you on Faygo right now? ^^
  17. mori

    OMG Robkun is a juggalo!!! :))))
  18. Very easy : First wave. Although I'm much into the early bands (BUCK-TICK, BY:SEXUAL, AUTO-MOD etc.), the first wave is the one that's got the bulk of bands I like (Kuroyume, Malice Mizer, Plastic Tree etc). Also, little note, I've seen all these bands play live since I was in Tokyo during the first wave. PS: Kuro Yume Live at La-Miss Ration 1994. Shot by me.
  19. mori

    I'm thinking of creating a thread in the LOSSLESS forum for NIL and other Tetsu's bands for selfrips in flac or alac. Prior to this I'd like to know who has what and if we could join forces. Here's a picture with my NIL stuff:
  20. Picture on the left: ROUAGE copy.
  21. mori

    Anyone with an invite to jpop suki for me? Haven't been on the site for years and I think they resetted all accounts at some point in time (( Thanks!!
  22. mori

    In no particular order...
  23. Too many... Malice Mizer Rouage Kneuklid Romance NéIL Soft Ballet M-Age Northern Bright Supercar ... the list goes on and on...
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