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  1. GaijinBangya

    If anyone is going to this huge event or if they know someone who is and willing to get some items for me, that would be so amazing! I am willing to pay obviously. Shipping, the item cost and a percent of the tickets for the event. All I want is the DIEALO Comment DVD that will be available there. Here is the information if you are able to read Japanese or translation isn't that bad. http://ameblo.jp/ai-karyu0601/entry-12133349582.html Info is near the bottom about the comment DVD.
  2. Hi! I'm looking for someone who has DIEALO cheki or is in a position to go to a live and purchase them. I am a huge fan of theirs but the only cheki of theirs I can find on Twitter from Japanese fans are only trades and I don't know enough Japanese to discuss with them. Please let me know if you have or can find anything! I am mainly looking for Naru, Nari, and Haku. Especially Naru.
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