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  1. RedxDesire

    R.I.P Fumiya u.u
  2. RedxDesire

    Butterlfly <3 !!!
  3. RedxDesire

    smile, smile, SMILE!
  4. RedxDesire

    I miss them! </3 sweet scene, 13, butterfly, night doll, hakanai inori namida ni sabite, another world never missing on my player
  5. RedxDesire

    I always listen Dolls core, Dare ga tame ni saku ino, Trinity and my favourite are..... Hajimare no Wakare <3!
  6. RedxDesire

    Sekirenka <3!
  7. RedxDesire

    in this moment is one of my favorite band, I love you from the first moment you listen to them "Eseringo" is by far one of my favorite songs but in general, I like all their songs
  8. RedxDesire

    i love mitsu voice too!
  9. RedxDesire

    Xaa Xaa is one of the bands that has caught my attention the last time. They have a style that stands out among today's bands. I really like them!
  10. RedxDesire

    vidoll was one of the first visual kei bands to listen, the first thing I loved was Jui's voice, it's one of the voices I like the most and although now it's gotcharocka has not pleased me as much as before. Vidoll will always be one of my favorite bands, I sing all his songs with the my kokoro ;o; <3
  11. RedxDesire

    I really liked them it is a shame they have separated imperial city and regret love was my favorite songs
  12. RedxDesire

    They sound and look similar to the gazette of 2005 but I like them!
  13. RedxDesire

    I was waiting for this news, and they look so great :0
  14. RedxDesire

    sounds great! i like it o: