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  1. thom35

    I did not expect this band to keep doing good after first album VIDYA. Glad I was wrong.
  2. thom35

    My sentimentts exactly. Just to add more fuel to the dissapointment rail, yes, it is experimental but the songs don't achieve anything, making them forgettable. Album title on point, at least. Now, I'm gonna listen CHEDOARA to rid off the bad taste.
  3. thom35

    Damn! Just two days ago and so many comments. Let's see what 2020 holds for us... ALBUMS WAITING LIST Previous year just for my own personal reference here.
  4. thom35

    01.22 REOL new album 金字塔
  5. thom35

    Please, create a post for 2020!
  6. thom35

    It sounds dark and harsh. What were you expecting? Happy, mellow lyrics?
  7. Then tell me exactly which ones, because I've heard all of the releases published here (well, except for Grimoire's, but I already checked and it has 7 songs) and none has less than 6 songs,
  8. thom35

    Please with Sokoninaru's upcoming mini-album. Here
  9. thom35

    Please, keep updating 2019 list, because I so looking forward this year.
  10. Quite dissapointed how Haru to Shura wasn't pick in this list. It was one of the most refreshing and overall great releases of 2018.But also overall, a good list. By the way, kizu shouldn't be here as that release is a single, not an album.
  11. thom35

    RIght. Because us MH users are rich and the Japanese people aren't so they don't care.
  12. thom35

  13. thom35

    So far, 2018 is still a better music year than this one. 2019 albums and mini-albums rating Waiting list
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