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  1. BPD (well, confirmed), his bae being some sort of super-efukt vomit-dom fetish artist, penile piercings, junkie, stoner... So which one of those aside from BPD has been confirmed so far? Did someone confirm rumors on him being an IRL junkie too? This might relate to his "impulses" per se... Maybe not their music but their antics instead were what made them really - they were definitely "THE CURRENT YEAR" than everyone else.
  2. Just wanted to bump the topic of mood shifts and say that I am pretty damn sure most of us have not reached the point of being "genuinely" happy yet. It is kinda fascinating to see that e.g. Americans here have sorta given up on redefining their individualism and favoring groupthink over issues that could be somehow circumvented by, idk, doing and being proud and openly happy of your own hard work and shite without any form of "social guilt"? I could not help but feel bad for you people downplaying your own dispositions, attitudes and achievements just to fit the social media-ruled mold. Please, hear me out and think further on how you'd enable your current skillsets, attitudes and circumstances to move on in your OWN lives as you wish - while you are young and your minds are still sharp, that is. "Hurdurr European" will not do as a response - unless someone insists on continuing with the Oppression Olympics (not recommended).
  3. @SaishuYou do know that whenever artists (of any field - arts, music, video games etc etc.) are still bound by their societal responsibilities : if the subject seeded in their controversial acts is *problematic* and their interpretation is dangerously leaning to either side of the spectrum (globally, not locally), as seen by their diverse base of supporters, people are entitled to call them out for that. "They don't give a shit" will not do it anymore. How do you expect one side to respect them anymore if they acknowledge that their idols loathe their existence, history, culture, etc., instead of just being neutral or moderately sympathetic about the whole thing? For the record: Dir fanbase amasses both dedicated, racist Yasukuni worshipers (in their country), as well as people in the Chinese region that are targeted by such bigotry. Let that sink in. You think the latter party is quite pleased to see that Dir is obviously partisan of Japanese "Nanking never happened"-denialism (although never directly admitting it, but signs are always obvious), hence almost exclusively pandering to that side of their fanbase? You really think this will not backfire? Gazette and similar chaps did also participate in this kind of politi-controversial nationalist circus back in the day for the sake of shock value, but they never aimed to carry on further with such tongue-in-cheek antics and eventually became neutral for given reasons as of now. They grew up, they acknowledged their responsibilities as artists - Kyo still doesn't, it seems. Not just we and tumblr are able to read live reports - this is in the interests of other foreign fanbases too (thru other channels than MH), and vast disappointment is bound to be expected and justified at this point.
  4. Maybe in MH none of us would be that offended. At least consider those who use other channels and know a bit about thing as "artistic integrity"(although with DT alone it is safe to assume they have none). Tasteless and ignorant move, enough said.
  5. Not just that tbh (read her reports further). I am criticizing their use of sensitive, more likely antagonizing topics (e.g. their shtick subject, abortion, is also sensitive but it is not aimed to antagonize on a national/country basis). With their their current state of popularity, aping western acts with sudden pseudo-progressive politicking won't do good for them in regards to much needed positive exposure around the globe, or Asia tbe. But once again, I think Kyo is to blame for this, since he really insists on being borderline ultranationalist with his current talking points - or "lyrical" points without considering the current atmosphere (e.g. MERRY is yet safe with their antics in spite of questionable Taisho goofing). Hoping he realizes that this will merely backfire.
  6. Read Kyotakumrau's reports on a couple of their latest lives and what they actually decided to add into BG visuals. Even much worse than "Scream for the truth" or whatever they low-key campaigned for (while simultaneously trying to distance themselves from that after flopping) back in 2011
  7. So even MIRROR was that bad? The last album I liked from them and preferred over Coll:set (never understood the massive hype, sorry) was REDEEMER due to its otherwise consistent yet surprising diversity (i.e. not just trying to fanboy MM during each and every rocking number) for a vk band of that time. KAMIKAZE is still one goddamn banger, and even this: Along with Lizard... Makes me miss them even more.
  8. Quite a shame to see Dir suddenly politicizing - or should I say politically antagonizing - their visual aesthetics as of now (not that they had not done it before but in less noticeable fashion). What a way to kill a part of your fanbase due to otherwise irrelevant "hot takes" you had to throw out of your chest just for more extra virtue points from your [a knot] fanbase. Sigh.
  9. I can already see who inspired Jin to use those very ancient trad. hanzi-looking characters... Edit: did Jin use kyuujitai kanjis in his songtitles/lyrics before? "Mushi" he used there may also indicate the plague of insects rather than just an insect elsewhere, so idk.
  10. THEY K N E W what they were talking about - kids, however... [echoed gasps]
  11. Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan, Firewall div. HQ...
  12. Also used to be a batsuer and the same kind of "problem child" like certain veterans around here. Welcome.
  13. The fun part is that most people still think that the song is in japanese (true story)**. Also: *Ievan Polkka, not with "l" as in "lend" but with I as in "Inn" **Yes, no invented gibberish there, just a strong dialect involved and lexicon mostly from much older days - so no one speaks nor writes like that anymore.
  14. Still doesn't mean Pierrot would have their expected "full reunion" - Kirito seems to do fine with Angelo atm I guess (also: he's a very shitty songwriter and his awkward collab with Aiji and Jun won't do shit nowadays)
  15. This new MH layout is gonna be really bad for binge-users with those eyesight-killing aspects like what the 2 folks below said. SMH.