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  1. Im loving this Yay for no more dollar store videos! Now they have real money
  2. anadentone

    bl kingdom? Baby Kingdom ?
  3. anadentone

    Maria Cross performs a song that becomes insanely popular, like Macarena popular, and soon diaper kei becomes huge due to Kisaki's sex tape. *cues Unsolved Mysteries theme*
  4. anadentone

    according to tanuki, everyone is a noodle either a good one or more commonly a shitty one.
  5. anadentone

    ooh salty
  6. No matter how dark Codomo Dragon may get, Yume-chan is still adorable ❤️
  7. happy birthday you adorable little cupcake ❤️

  8. anadentone

    Mahiro looks ...not like Mahiro. If that makes any sense?
  9. anadentone

    or maybe itll be a joke dubbed Gotcha!
  10. anadentone

    what the hell happened to Jun's face? It looks different now. Also, "new chapter"? sounds disbandy to me :S
  11. anadentone

    I don't like 99% of the bands that have their songs in anime intros/outros or who endorses random good (like golden bomber). To me , it just screams sell out and turns me off. Spanking of turning on off/ I would be a big slut for a one night stand with Ryoga from Razor ❤️
  12. anadentone

    what's with the overly baggy clothes in VK? Also, what's up with Sana's eyebrows?
  13. anadentone

    38? Oh shit he's my age. At that age, unless it was cancer it was prolly suicide. Or maybe some undermining illness that just popped out of no where like Kami's aneurysm . Cancer, suicide and sudden illness deaths seems to be the top causes of death in Japan/Korea. RIP young bro
  14. anadentone

    First Alice is Nine and now she's in menswear. Alice make up your mind!
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