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  1. anadentone

    discounted royz
  2. anadentone

    Mah- lay the fuck off the plastic dude, ya turning into the living Ken Doll!
  3. pamyu's pippi longstocking hair
  4. well not officially... I just hate that someone from a good band joined a terrible band
  5. Cali/gali fans vs the mess that is Microhead4ns the "oldies" vs the "newer" fans of a band (Ie the ones that prefer the bands old stuff to the new stuff and the ones who prefer the new to the old) My Dora/Kiryu ( some prefers Kiryu's style and some prefers My Dora style) all fandoms: MARIA CROSS!!!!!!!!
  6. kalen with karen haircuts..... is the world ready for it?
  7. the "Karen " haircut is described as the "Middle age house wife who wears yoga pants but doesn't practise yoga who lives in a middle class gated community and spends all her time on pinterest and wish." Sooo all of yall with those good shop skillz, pick your visual kei person and have fun tip: here's an example of the hair:
  8. Had a weird dream of Karen hairstyles being all the rage in Japan and suddenly all jrock groups are donning Karen cuts :o 

    1. Gesu


      *imagines all my favourite bandmen with Karen cuts*


      In fact, that should be a Toasted Waffles thread for people who are good with Photoshop.

  9. anadentone

    time to pimp my wallet to Jun ❤️
  10. whats that song Mahiro sings while vibrating on the Kiryu youtube channel :D

    1. Zalemu
    2. IGM_Oficial


      The name appears right before the start of the song

  11. happy birthday you adorable lil floof :D

  12. anadentone

    Yugiri you hot lil shit
  13. anadentone

    Mamo, Kisaki, Maria Cross and ...... ? the pedo-four
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