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  1. anadentone

    meto-chan smoking a cigarette? Everyone vapes now meto-chan!
  2. I cant put my finger on i but Jun looks different in that picture than he normally does. also I thought they wrote a song about Lady Gaga
  3. anadentone

    Royz- which I keep pronouncing as "Roids" Golden Collard green fried chicken or whatever Gackt's other project was called. Dummy-xD - that some myspace name Baboo Aboo F@nny Far east dizain Buglug Gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy Log Micro 4heads pon pon or whatever that name is the 😮 um the : O Fest Vainqueuer Sex machineguns had a name before reminded me of Ino from Naruto SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES <--- wut?
  4. Why is Mana-sama (Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois) trending on twitter? From the looks of the emojis, he's not dead or anything bad.

  5. Im still not accustom to Takashi being in Guild/ They look cute tho, just cant wait to see a video/live
  6. I love that look ❤️ MeN-MeN's hair looks greasy as hell tho
  7. it took me 10 minute to fucking find Chamu in that pic 😮 whose Kyouki and Hisame?
  8. anadentone

    I'm waiting for a video of Hizaki screaming "World star!!!"
  9. anadentone

    I found out they use to be called "WeZ" and have been around since 2013 😮
  10. anadentone

    ive always thought BP records was a 3 band only label? Now, I'm getting kinda nervous
  11. Mizuki is looking hot in the preview. I'm a little nervous about these 10 year deals.It's like they're gonna break up or go on hiatus
  12. Jui will soon be 39. How the hell does he keep looking so young? Maybe it's diet? Maybe it's his genes? Maybe it's Maybelline?
  13. anadentone

    they bunny looks like Baboo's drummer O.o
  14. anadentone

    for the same reason the Kardashians are famous- that slutty one ( I kid) actually the music. They came around when oshare kei was booming.