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  1. today on BPrecords: Arts & Crafts with Hiyo and Juju

  2. anadentone

    coco nono T_T
  3. I just picture Masato watching these vk thots and going. (courtesy of my shitty paint) https://imgur.com/a/WVMHk7J
  4. anadentone

    personally i use to have no problem with it...then some fkers started posting kpop gifs for every day thing trending on twitter. I can understand if its about SK or kpop but politics or FTWD (fear the walking dead) then its just screwy 😮
  5. I liked Mahiro's version. Mitsuki's voice is just too deep and manly. I wonder how he would sound in a porno?
  6. is it me or does Colo from HZ have something wrong with his neck/spine where he cant hold it up straight? Its always outward.

    1. ahnchc


      either there's something wrong with his neck/spine, or he's trying to make his face+neck area look slimmer and pronounce their collarbone area but ends up pushing his head out too much. who knows

  7. ever get "drunk" off a non-alcoholic drink (like orange juice or mango juice) and be like "Damn, my punk ass is weak."?

    1. Doesn'tEvenGoHere


      I cannot, for the love of me, handle energy drinks. I remember trying a Monster when I was a teen and i immediately started feeling like shit. I ended up taking a 2-hour long nap after it. Then again trying a redbull in college which made my heart feel like it was going to fly out of my chest and then made me feel exhausted as heck. It definitely makes me think I'd never be able to handle alcohol. I feel ya. 

  8. anadentone

    I love the title I thought they disbanded and 3 of them became daddies or salary men?
  9. anadentone

    Back in the day, there was the international channel that had their Asian block. Hey Hey Hey would air (sans Non Japanese artists) and shows like Revolution which would air vk bands what appeared in Anime or was part of the Tofu records deal. Japanese releases of Seven and Boa (kpoppers) were on there, Orange Range, L~arc~en~ciel and TM revolution was heavily run on that show. From their forum, we learned about Limewire , Kazaa, and Frostwire for mp3 and day long to download PVs. From that came threads one Gaia and Myspace bulletins saying "OMG look at this weird shit!" and it being some DEG/Raphael vid. Mostly the un edited video for "Mazohyst of Decadence" was shown or some weirdo live vid of Mana/Gackt fanservice.
  10. I can't tell the apart 😮
  11. I wonder what band they're mocking 😮
  12. anadentone

    there's more cheese in these vids then they are at the cheetos factory 😮 the cheesiest has got to be early Golden Bomber. Total budgets would be $10 and it was always "casual Fridays" in every video.
  13. anadentone

    this song is sooo sad
  14. anadentone

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Chisa and/or Shogo were the reason DIV became so popular.
  15. anadentone

    10/10 would play on replay until my ears bleed
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