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  1. today on Codomo Dragon yt-  dinner and some gay loving inbetween the sheets

  2. anadentone

    there's something wrong about the group photo- Mahiro looks like he's the same height 😮 also- it seems like noses ago when they did a ballad. It's like bpr bands never do ballads
  3. I wanna thank S R who helped me with the translation of the 24 hour live enatsu no tatari event on yt. I was the only none Japanese speaker in chat and with my micro Japanese words and my simplified English, we were able to get to speak to the band.  Dank has a cute laugh :D You translators are the MvPs of fandoms !

  4. anadentone

    omg these dog puns are getting out of hand doggonit. also zima and someone don't know how to put chili on a hot dog T_T
  5. Monyo from baby kingdom is 46 years old? 😮 

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    2. Bunny-Usagii


      Wait what? I need the tea 👀

      I figured Shiki could be around 26-28 with some tweets from Shogo, but if Monyo could be 46, then I'm veeeeryy off with my theory..

    3. Himeaimichu


      @Bunny-Usagii Its not completely unheard of for a Vkei band to have old and young members, so it wouldn't completely derail the theory

    4. anadentone


      according to bing and google translate, this post says he's 45. I might be a joke but babykingdom don't seems like one of them bands who make age jokes. It's not too old to have a sibling whose over 10 years older than you. My brother is 12 years older than I.Just scroll down to the color texts and figure wtf is going on.https://ameblo.jp/minatuyu/entry-12463400522.html

  6. anadentone

    welcome to monochrome-heaven where the byangas are us and we're the cupcakes of your soul. (Ie were sweet and kinda crazy ;D)
  7. fuck, I'm about to ruin all yall. what I thought of when I read the song's title:
  8. that nun yo Business * Bum Bum tiss* jk also holy shit Kagemaru is fucking hot without his makeup ❤️
  9. I had totally forgot about Rio from Lond Boy/hz once got arrest for sleeping with a girl who lied about her age. I remember thinking, "I've heard of longboy before..." I had totally forgotten about them :( 

    1. IGM_Oficial


      When was that? wtf

  10. happy Birthday ya adorable Bunny ❤️


    1. Bunny-Usagii


      Ahh thank you!!! >w<

  11. wtf is rio (HZ) suppose to be with that cucumber in his  mouth? Also, Leo has a nice firm butt.

    1. Miku70


      Rio cosplayed Nezuko. In the manga and in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba , Nezuko has a bamboo to cover his mouth  because she's a demon. She's not eat humans and not she's not suck blood. That why. 

  12. who is ジュリアナの祟り and why have I not heard of them til today?

  13. Ryoga (HZ) doing diy with his angelic voice and oversized sleeves is just what I need.

  14. anadentone

    ryoga's winking and leo's pierced tongue ❤️
  15. today on Kiryu channel- Interpretive dancing with Mahiro.

    1. lei0418


      no one can touch the gypsy dance. 

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