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  1. anadentone

    i'm gonna say it: I like mydora but holy shit quiet,shy, lil timid Mahiro thrusting his junk in a bee costume is fawken scary
  2. I think the lyrics go :My neck, my back, my shoulder all go crack.
  3. not sure if im a lesbian or..... anyway, why is it when Asians drag up, they're convincing af but when white/black/latinos do it- we're like "thats a dude..." I'm 39 and ppl ask if I'm fresh out of college..... I finished college before 9/11 😕
  4. anadentone

    damn and the only thing my grandpa left me was hobbit feet. These Japanese scam victims are hopefully able to get their money back. I wonder if the Yakuza Epstein people who get busted for doing their shit or one of those bandomen will 6six9nine them.
  5. anadentone

    alright which bangya did he bang without checking for ID?
  6. Happy b-day Ana! ❤️

  7. kenji with tha man bun edit: why do I feel like I know the band theyre cosplaying
  8. anadentone

    damn this is hardcore ❤️ They've seem to have gotten better with the new drummer than any other drummer
  9. anadentone

    sadly they're starting a new one On topic: I wish Kiryu would just have a vacation and one where BP records aint following them around. I am glad they're bringing back Hime- Hiyori ❤️
  10. anadentone

    oh Jui honey the color makes you look pale and whats with the damn Karen cut ,Jun?
  11. anadentone

    new channel should be called "slave to the grind" those poor overworked boys 😢 next thing you'd know Codomo Dragon, Royz ,and baby kingdom will do the same . Subs it anyway cuz I'm a whore for Mama Hiyori ❤️
  12. anadentone

    this first time I saw this, I thought someone sold me some bad weed.
  13. anadentone

    Mio wants to UNiTE your body with his
  14. Me and my friend are arguing what MeN-MeN's real name is. I think it's Menasota lol

  15. Today on BPRecords Yt: Monyo regretting ever joining BP records and No Safeting Japan Love.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      No safeting :(

    2. Bunny-Usagii


      Afsjhfd, done

      Poor guy tho lol

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