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  1. anadentone

    *is jelly* dem bandomen hugs 🤤
  2. anadentone

    leighla will be close enough to smell Jun's hair ❤️
  3. anadentone

    I like Matenrou Opera also but why do people hate them? Are bangya's cray cray hatin them?
  4. mmm a video about 2 oiled up Asian men. Now if you can get Leo (HZ) and Shogo (Baby kingdom) to do the same, you'll have one happy lady
  5. anadentone

    ooh another band i love but no one seems to ever talk about, Jinkaku radio also ppl hate Yoshiki because he's like that ego fucktard who thinks he has a 9 incher and 6 pack abs but he's just tiny with beer belly.
  6. Ruimaru (vivar)'s twitter vid is so cute ❤️ he's like an adorable lil kid. I probably got teeth older than him :D

  7. anadentone

    they're too precious to hate non jk band- I love Aqua. Their music is sappy but it's happy upbeat music. vk-Baboo. I know,wtf right?
  8. anadentone

    net announcements : mana marries kaya
  9. hey it's kiry- oh wait 😮 I'm wondering whose gonna wear the shit emoji hat
  10. anadentone

    Congrats Makoto-chan! I feel like VKei artist are finally going "Hey ,guess what? I got married. I'm twice your age,I'm a grown man.Don't like it, deal with it!"
  11. anadentone

    ooh cant wait to hear Ever since they got that new drummer, their music has been improving
  12. What do they call those Japanese key chains that have a figurine and a long strip of wood or decorated lace next to it? I've mostly seen them as phone charms.

  13. anadentone

    whats with that tongue sticking out at that particular area O.o
  14. anadentone

    this: plus this : equals their look
  15. I wonder if these guys are gonna do a parody of the Chin-man's drama? lol Masato wearing a poop emoji hat ❤️
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