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  1. anadentone

    we dont need this trash. We already got corona.
  2. I swear one day, someone is gonna name their kid "Corona" because it sounds "Spanishy" :| 

    1. crucifiction
    2. secret_no_03
    3. Arkady


      It means 👑in italian/spanish. It's a pretty name, there is much worse around (if it wasn't for the pandemic memories attached from now)

  3. anyone know where they have downloads of cuugal magazines or some little /preteen japanese girl mags? My niece saw it in a video and wanna see .

  4. anadentone

    the feelz T_T any word on what bangya bitches are saying on tanuki?
  5. anadentone

    oooh me likey alsdead was a kick ass band and razor is spanktacular . Also the pirate kei look is sexy.
  6. anadentone

    honey, you did good.
  7. anadentone

    i wonder if Canadians are stock piling Kraft Dinners?
  8. anadentone

    wow these chicks are hot ❤️
  9. anadentone

    the pasta aisles at walmart are still fully stocked so my family will survive. Same with tomatoes . Oddly no ones buying up those soft napkins/paper towels. If you ever need tp, get napkins from fast food joint. Dont take the tp cuz taco bell user will need it lol
  10. anadentone

    nooooo T_T come on they finally gotten a kick ass drummer and their tunes was getting better. So many bands disband after 4 years, no wonder the #4 is considered bad luck in VK world. (I know the symbol for 4 looks/sounds like the symbol of death)
  11. anadentone

    ah my favorite anime "Giu- Giu sempai"
  12. anadentone

    I live with my brother and sister in law and they're laughing at this. They have like 4 guns and think it'll turn into the walking dead world soon. I'm just like "5,000 people world wide died of this.... more than that have died being shit on my cows." Part of me is wondering when can I go and raid hobby lobby or dollar tree.
  13. the song is good but the video is confusing me
  14. somewhat off topic: does everyone in ACME speak English?
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