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  1. Maa-tan get outta this! You're better than that! Mini Gackt and his National Geographic bullshit.
  2. anadentone

    he barely has any fans in Japan defo not in the State.
  3. anadentone

    subaru you dirty little shit! I wonder if Kuina is dirtier....
  4. Today on BPRecords YT, Mitsuki showing Men-Men that he has no gag reflex O_o

    1. IGM_Oficial


      What's that thing they ate? Seems to be sweet.


      Nevermind, found it.

    2. anadentone


      I thought it was a cream less twinkie but I saw juice or water come out of it.. What was it?

    3. IGM_Oficial
  5. anadentone

    I'm game for it got anything on Mitsuki (Kiryu) or anyone in Jin Machine
  6. anadentone

    define "bad boy" of vk. Fan definition or musician definition? Fan definition- Kujo (Kiryu) getting married makes him a "bad boy" in the eyes of some fans Musician definition- Masato/all of Kaitou for spilling the boba tea of the seediness of bandomen. Bandomen no likey Masato.
  7. I like Acme better than DIV. Also is Chisa possessed by the soul of Keisuke (Deviloof)
  8. anadentone

    did he do doak ?
  9. anadentone

    Honestly, I'm getting dimim and deviloof mixed up .
  10. anadentone

    I thought he was in a band post Born but never heard anything of it.... or was that the guy from Royz?
  11. Today on BP records YT , the guys in Baby Kingdom are scissoring each other.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Miku70


      They play Jaken pon, so siccors is normal but they exaggerate the thing , xD.

  12. anadentone

    Damn. Bands come and go faster than Taylor Swift's love life.
  13. anadentone

    I guess Vambi boy isnt ranking in much money on yt and need to go back to this crappy named band? Since they weren't officially signed to the label, why are they doing this? Also, is BFN gonna be there?
  14. maybe im biased but I miss the old An cafe look to him
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