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  1. Sadiesmerry's 『    』~断絶の月に映る虚像の楽園~ and La'veil MizeriA's 「 」 are the same song. I think the sadiesmarry version is better.

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    2. suji


      La'veil's covered "Ruin Mizerius" as well

    3. Haru Kasu

      Haru Kasu

      Sadies Marry > La'veil MizeriA hahaha

    4. seikun


      Wow, that's right. Although I like La'veil MizriA's version better.

  2. Dionysius

    It's a pity ... your first album is good.
  3. G.S.I's TERRACE is a good album.
    I loved Northern Light. 
    Obrigado pelo mimo, @Haniel!

  4. IX -NINE-'s Shoku is so good! 🖤

    1. Haru Kasu

      Haru Kasu

      ❤️  ❤️ ❤️

  5. Dionysius

    It sounds so good. The new look is beautiful.
  6. Dionysius

    Cool! The new guitarist looks awesome.
  7. 蛔蟲 is the best track on this new single from The Gallo.

  8. Endgame 1st mini-album is pretty good.