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  1. Zelda RAP Zarathustra RADIO INSANE
  2. ZIZ's TEZLMOZL No.5 is so good!

    I love all the songs on this EP.

  3. Sounds good for me.
  4. I loved this single.
  5. Nooo!
  6. Awesome!
  7. Love it! Sounds awesome.
  8. Great look.
  9. Scarlet Valse Gossip The Gallo Keel Sukekiyo The Black Swan Sibilebashir Emmuree The god and death stars Kuroyume
  10. Cool look.
  11. Deadman, La'mule, D≒SIRE, DAS:VASSER, MIRAGE, Sleep My Dear, Malice Mizer, Rouage and Madeth Gray'll
  12. sounds great