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  1. Feliz aniversário viado!

    1. Haniel


      Porra , nunca te pedi nada mas compra aquele lesemajesty xD

  2. グラビティ(Gravity) - 狼の夢 (Oukami no yume)
  3. Wicked party is a great song. One of my favorites Pisarro's songs.

  4. Zelda RAP Zarathustra RADIO INSANE
  5. ZIZ's TEZLMOZL No.5 is so good!

    I love all the songs on this EP.

  6. Sounds good for me.
  7. I loved this single.
  8. Nooo!
  9. Awesome!
  10. Love it! Sounds awesome.
  11. Great look.