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  1. kinda sad. I listened to them some months ago, after kinda forgetting about them for like, seven years, and they were good. That Revenir single, though, is really weird production-wise.
  2. Disappointed, thought it was me!
  3. AM REDY!
  4. Music Bee is one of the best. So many options
  5. *facepalm*
  6. A much deserved break, if it's only a short break. Don't come back to announce a disbandment, please, loool
  7. Lament. não é nova, mas é muito boa. …。【サイレンス】é uma boa para dar uma viajada legal
  8. Welcome back, ghost!
  9. Ultimate Sacrifice (the song) is gonna be 25 min long, book it!
  10. I had no idea what the lyrics were for the second song, but on another site, they said NB are talking shit to people who upload their music online? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Wow, finnally broke their silence. Took them long enough. Anyway, hope it's as good as DOGMA was, they really redeemed themsleves with that one.
  12. Wow, I missed this! Their last release was quite good.
  13. Best band name ever. Gonna look out for them.