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  1. Licio123

    Pois é! Concorde ou não com a decisão do outro, pelo menos o brasileiro é o melhor do mundo em zoar hahahah
  2. Licio123

    E o vídeo dele matando com o Death Note? MEDO! (é que não consegui tirar do Twitter, mas vou procurar) ahahahah
  3. Licio123

    Bolsomerda adora um anime! É o que ele mais sabe sobre o Japão...
  4. Licio123

    Man... it seems no band formed recently can hold on for more than three or four years. I liked them.
  5. Licio123

    Damn. RIP...
  6. Licio123

    Recently watched Pyewacket (very average, the ending is botched, though it builds a nice scary atmosphere) and Witch in the Window (more of a drama than horror, but throws a nice curveball in the third act that left me speechless. Not a great movie overall, but at least has some new ideas).
  7. Licio123

    Hahahaha, just as I thought, Bear hated it. I liked it, but I agree it veers too much in artsy territory and needless social commentary.
  8. Licio123

    So, no one watched Suspiria remake, the masterpiece? I haven't watched the original, but I guess fans of Argento's version will hate this one.
  9. Licio123

    I agree. He took a deplorable route, instead of discussing it beforehand with you. But you're right, gotta make the best out of it!
  10. Licio123

    Oh boy, he can't just TAKE your dog @Koumori. That's unnacceptable. I don't know how law works, but I'm pretty sure he can't just "steal" the dog like that. I would be pretty devastated if someone did that to me...
  11. Jeez, I was just wondering when they were going to release a new album that earlier today. Are they mind readers too? Can't wait!
  12. Licio123

    Wow! What a scare that must have been... hope he recovers well.
  13. Both PANTHEON albums were good, but sooooooo far behind even some of their recent output, like Chikyuu and Avalon. I miss the old Matenrou.
  14. Licio123

    I guess it is, lol. Reminds of the "surprise buzzing" in Hotaru...
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