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  1. Licio123

    Coronavirus has gone too far this time. Quarantine is really affecting people, man.
  2. Licio123

    I wonder why people need so much toilet paper. The freaking virus does not make you shit your pants off!
  3. Licio123

    Jesus, they are soooo active. I haven't even "processed" their previous album!
  4. Licio123

    they had some good tunes 10 years ago... RIP
  5. Licio123

    12012 with Juri on vocals... I'd love that.
  6. Licio123

    Finally watched The Babadook for this Halloween. Very good; it stems more from psychological distress than an horror entity IMO, but still a harrowing experience. Essie Davis was amazing!
  7. Licio123

    Man, I really pushed it with "legendary", right! I guezz it's the BUZZ LOL But I like both songs a lot. Always found Zakuro so emotional; maybe it's because of the live performances
  8. Licio123

    I voted MARROW OF A BONE as the worst only to be remembered it features those three magnificent tracks, as Zeus pointed out. I really can't hate any of their albuns, I'm hopeless, lol. I think MACABRE is their best album (Zeus, can't forgive you for choosing Zakuro as one of the worst and omitting the legendary Hotaru), but my favorite is... DUM SPIRO SPERO. Yes, kill me.
  9. Licio123

    Pois é! Concorde ou não com a decisão do outro, pelo menos o brasileiro é o melhor do mundo em zoar hahahah
  10. Licio123

    E o vídeo dele matando com o Death Note? MEDO! (é que não consegui tirar do Twitter, mas vou procurar) ahahahah
  11. Licio123

    Bolsomerda adora um anime! É o que ele mais sabe sobre o Japão...
  12. Licio123

    Man... it seems no band formed recently can hold on for more than three or four years. I liked them.
  13. Licio123

    Recently watched Pyewacket (very average, the ending is botched, though it builds a nice scary atmosphere) and Witch in the Window (more of a drama than horror, but throws a nice curveball in the third act that left me speechless. Not a great movie overall, but at least has some new ideas).
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