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  1. Both PANTHEON albums were good, but sooooooo far behind even some of their recent output, like Chikyuu and Avalon. I miss the old Matenrou.
  2. Licio123

    I guess it is, lol. Reminds of the "surprise buzzing" in Hotaru...
  3. Licio123

    The buzzing on the start of "Devote my Life" almost ruins the song for me.
  4. Licio123

    I'm listening to Deluhi right now, something new would be soooooo fakin awesome
  5. Licio123

    Jeeeeesus, guys, release a single already!
  6. Licio123

    Um cara brasileiro fez uma cópia de Papa Roach com o guitarrista do MEJIBRAY. WTF
  7. Licio123

    Yeah, you're right. They have been quiet lately, though...
  8. Licio123

    Yeah, but I thought they would have by now xD What good is reforming if they release nothing? They didn't do any lives too, it seems...
  9. Licio123

    No news of a single, or mini? Nothing?
  10. Licio123

    reupload plz (on mega if possible) sankyuuuu
  11. Licio123

    opa, falou barraco?
  12. Licio123

    kinda sad. I listened to them some months ago, after kinda forgetting about them for like, seven years, and they were good. That Revenir single, though, is really weird production-wise.
  13. Licio123

    Disappointed, thought it was me!
  14. Licio123

    AM REDY!