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  1. Yeah, you're right. They have been quiet lately, though...
  2. Yeah, but I thought they would have by now xD What good is reforming if they release nothing? They didn't do any lives too, it seems...
  3. No news of a single, or mini? Nothing?
  4. reupload plz (on mega if possible) sankyuuuu
  5. opa, falou barraco?
  6. kinda sad. I listened to them some months ago, after kinda forgetting about them for like, seven years, and they were good. That Revenir single, though, is really weird production-wise.
  7. Disappointed, thought it was me!
  8. AM REDY!
  9. Music Bee is one of the best. So many options
  10. *facepalm*
  11. A much deserved break, if it's only a short break. Don't come back to announce a disbandment, please, loool
  12. Lament. não é nova, mas é muito boa. …。【サイレンス】é uma boa para dar uma viajada legal
  13. Welcome back, ghost!
  14. Ultimate Sacrifice (the song) is gonna be 25 min long, book it!