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    Здраво! Како си? I hope you understand anything of what I said, lol. Our languages are very similar! Welcome, I hope you have a great time here on MH!
  2. They did? How come I can't find anything about the single, besides that Reo joined some other unknown band named Φ. I only hope the other 2 songs were awesome like Hakenkreuz. It seems that Reo's new band, Alice in the Maze, still plays it live.
  3. Could be. I ran into some admins being very open about visual metal and accepting almost every band that I submitted.
  4. Really? I never had any problems with it, to be honest. They accepted bands like +Sadist+, Das:Vasser, vellaDonna and others. I even submitted few bands, like Remage, Smoky Flavor and Mother Earth and they all got accepted. I believe a band to be accepted has to have at least one metal release. Of course, something like Alternative or Nu metal is not metal for them because it's not 'true' or whatever. Maybe because of that, bands like Diru never got accepted? On the other hand, scarce and bands with little info can't just be accepted that easily. I remember submitting Xadow and Parasite, both relatively unknown bands. I had the audio proof, and some japanese sites mentioned their singles and demos - but that just wasn't enough. Submitting Noisia, wish me luck. lol
  5. What the hell? This isn't the same friendly sounding Noisia, this is some over the top black metal. W h a t And that puppy just makes it weirder EDIT: Hit me up with some more info, they deserve to be on Metal Archives. lol
  6. Finally somebody talking about old school visual kei. Personally, I really dig the old, obscure and underground sound of the old bands, especially from the early 90's. Here are some songs that I still love today, after listening to them thousand times. THAT BASS. Like La'Feerie, they released just one EP, appeared on few omnibuses and disbanded. All of their song are amazing, have progression and have the old school sound of visual bands that I love. Probably the best band that wasn't on a big label. Man, the arrangements, progression and song structure are so unique. Probably the best visual band that went nowhere, sadly. Visual metal at it finest. Their early releases were far better than their second album (tbh, I dig some of the songs there, like 'Sad Song'). Apparently, they disbanded somewhere in the late 90's, which is a shame, because the X-Japan/Blind Guardian + Visual Metal combination was really good and well received, as far as I know. The 7-seven- version of the song is also good, but I prefer the original. This has that old school sound to it. =D Fine, mad, fast and trashing visual metal. Can't believe they went nowhere, just like L'yse:nore. For fans of Antique Doll, Ezra and Fast Draw. Call me crazy, but this seems like the obscurest band I ever listened to. I absolutely don't know anything about this project/band. I also think this is their only recorded song? Anyhow, 'Stalker' really fits on the omnibus, and is a personal highlight of mine. Edgy Visual metal #2. The drummer Reo, played in +Sadist+ which I also love. I probably missed some bands. lol
  7. This band and albums has it all. Early speed, visual metal, gothic, visual rock, heavy metal - everything what you need for an old school visual band. If someone likes this, they'll probably like more.
  8. DaveKei

    great album, i love how they did the speed metal thing again
  9. DaveKei

    I myself I'm a slav and I just wanted to make a joke xD
  10. DaveKei

    Squatting Slav confirmed?
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  12. DaveKei

    The funny thing is that, if they would release something like Blue Blood, people would lose their fucking minds all over again.
  13. DaveKei

    Toshi knows what's good
  14. DaveKei

    rip speed metal x japan
  15. DaveKei

    lold so hard