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  1. AverageS

    I can see that, but it didn't feel that way to me because I removed a lot of the filler to make space for those tracks. Oh, Arche... that album could have been so much better if Dir en Grey actually gave a shit when organizing the tracklist. Well that's interesting! I didn't know so many people struggled with the placement of "and zero". I'd be down for that, but would they be able to pull it off?
  2. AverageS

    Someone really doesn't like instrumentals lmao, I personally think some of them help enhance the album's tone quite a bit with an easy example being Arche, "and Zero" really helps setting the mood that the album needs to flow better and I personally always place it as the first track in my personal playlist just before Un Deux or Tefu Tefu (still figuring out which track transitions better from it). Also why do you not like "Ware, Yami, Tote..."? That thing has always been one of the album's highlights for me.
  3. AverageS

    Yes, I need someone to let me know what to think of this album already.
  4. AverageS

    As in the song Dir en Grey will play all the time but no one really likes?
  5. I would not say it is that bad, but it is indeed a very bloated and busy sound, it is hard to listen.
  6. Seems like TIW really is just MOAB 2.0 after all, fortunately it has more redeeming songs than MOAB so far. Shame about the production and pacing, however, it makes the album hard to digest...
  7. AverageS

    I mostly prefer the original because the new tracks really break the flow, as someone said previously.
  8. AverageS

    I actually thought and Zero transitioned really well into Tefu Tefu, however rearranging the album like that breaks the Zero Un Deux sequence which may be sort of a bummer.
  9. AverageS

    It still baffles me that and Zero and Tefu Tefu are only bonus tracks...
  10. AverageS

    Bless, my lack of involvement with the DeG fanbase (or with any community in general, for that matter) saves me from a few minutes' worth of headache yet again. I have no idea who's this person you were all referring to.
  11. AverageS

    Here I sit completely clueless about this latest topic. Maybe it really is time for me to revisit the re-recordings. Any recommendations on where I should start?
  12. AverageS

    Dead Tree might actually sound interesting if they re-recorded it.
  13. AverageS

    I never found it to be overlooked, people seem to agree that it was a good song that unfortunately didn't make it to Macabre for whatever reason, but there might not be much to discuss about it at this point since it was just a single with rather underwhelming remixes included. I would not trust Dir en Grey to make good work of it in a remake, however. The song is fine as it is. As for my personal thoughts on that song, it used to be among my favorites back when I first discovered DeG. I don't listen to it as often today, but it still has a dear place in my catalog as an ever calming and beautiful song I occasionaly fall back onto.
  14. AverageS

    With that I agree, Macabre is still a great listen and stands proudly among their best works.
  15. AverageS

    Heavens, production alone dragged it down that much? The rest of the album still has its merits... for the whole decade I've been listening to this band it still stands among my favorites, but I can understand your criticism.
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