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  1. sakuran

    Wow, now I'm extra glad I got a ticket for that 7/31 live, since I'll be visiting. I hope it leads to some good news rather than bad...
  2. I really couldn't care less what the cover art looks like, but I think the song sounds quite nice.
  3. sakuran

    So excited to hear Hizumi's voice again!!!
  4. Oh damn, I didn't realize the Harajuku CD store had closed.
  5. I didn't think they would be back so soon!!!
  6. Yes!!! Looking forward to this.
  7. I love the colors and patterns in their new look! But I do wish BPR would give them a bit more of a break... I'm always afraid they'll suddenly announce disbandment at any moment because they've worked themselves to death.
  8. sakuran

    I was always rather surprised/impressed that the importance of physical CD sales has survived in Japan for this long given the modern state of music distribution. But there are a lot of possibilities that the Internet opened up that several industries resisted for a long time (and still do to some extent..) instead of adapting and using that avenue to their advantage. I do hope VK can find a way to work with digital media in a lucrative way rather than resisting the changes until the scene goes extinct.
  9. sakuran

    Sad news I hope the other shops aren't in similar situations.
  10. sakuran

    Nooo I hoped to see them when I visited later in the summer. I hope they do come back eventually!
  11. sakuran

    I think I'm of @Jigsaw9's opinion that if I didn't have any previous attachment to these bandguys in particular, I wouldn't pay any attention to the band. 😕 I'll keep checking in on them to see if they drop something I really like, but maybe they aren't going to leave a strong impression on me. Pity as I'd hoped Hisame would join a band I cared for. I guess the good news is that my wallet's life is a little easier this way.
  12. sakuran

    Nice! This was a pleasant surprise, I'll have to keep an eye on them.
  13. sakuran

    I missed his voice, but I never cared for later-era chariots, so this probably won't be my cup of tea.
  14. Just to clarify, both DVDs are mail-order limited. The live digest one seems like a neat idea. I'm still holding out hope that the guys just rebrand and come back after a while, but I guess we'll see.
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