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  1. Just to clarify, both DVDs are mail-order limited. The live digest one seems like a neat idea. I'm still holding out hope that the guys just rebrand and come back after a while, but I guess we'll see.
  2. Something about it does seem strange and unexpected (maybe "expected" if you consider the fact that they didn't make any big release announcements at their tour final, but that's not what I mean). Granted the last time I saw them live was over a year ago, but at the time they seemed to have a solid following and it didn't seem like they were hurting for fans at their lives. If anything, the big tour should have drawn in even more people, so unless there was some conflict among band members (which also seems strange, given that 4/5 of them have been together without problem since JyuLie), I'm not sure what else to blame except for a sudden and unexpected drop in popularity, or maybe some sort of issues with Yukika's management. Or maybe the tour wasn't as big of a success as he envisioned and he's decided to ditch them.
  3. I saw the flurry of ameblo e-mails in my Inbox and thought it would be something exciting... this isn't the kind of news I wanted with new releases. It had to happen someday, but I didn't think it would happen so soon.
  4. sakuran

    Did he do a lot of the composing for Malisend? (I don't own many of their releases so I can't check) I think I had that thought stuck in my head for some reason and would have assumed something similar for Virge, but I'm glad that's not the case. Still, it's sad to see him leave. I hope the band can go on without him, it would be a shame to lose them now.
  5. sakuran

    Yeah, I could chuckle my way through the tax fraud, but this is too much and too unforgivable. I hope the police look into it thoroughly and take appropriate action.
  6. sakuran

    The look is lovely! Looking forward to hearing the album.
  7. sakuran

    I had to double-check what today's date was when I saw this thread (to make sure we hadn't suddenly jumped to April 1st).
  8. Gossip released a new limited single 「デモ」 starting on their 7/27/2018 live and via mail order from 7/28/2018. Limited to 500 copies, 4 tracks, 1500 yen. Tracklist: 1.ハナマチバーレスク 2.キッチンキラー 3.真夏ノ夜ノ夢 4.ロザリー
  9. Whoa! So happy that Hiro is back.
  10. shops and tokuten are up. Looks like only a few stores. Like an edison comes with a bonus CD.
  11. sakuran

    I came on MH just to see if someone posted about this. Tzk please.
  12. sakuran

    Good news, definitely looking forward to it. Their music has been really great recently.
  13. Saku looks amazing! I can't wait to hear what direction the music will take.
  14. sakuran

    Bought some CDs and a photoset from old gossip, and it turned out Hiro's photo was signed.
  15. Some details on the album. Regular Edition 2CD ¥4,444 CD 1 1.Dead[en]D(新録) 2.退廃的狂葬 3.甘イ右脳、赭イ左脳。 4.LOVELESS 5.拝啓、愛しのアイドル様へ 6.十字架ニ捧グ赤イ××× 7.Dirt Show[case] 8.死闘-from GRIEVA- 9.血液ゼリィ 10.夢デ逢ウ貴女ガ削除デキマセン 11.-273.15℃ 12.Bondage 13.夕刻絶交センチメンタル 14.刑法第39条第1項「心神喪失者ノ行為ハ之ヲ罰セス」 15.罰-batsu- 16.自己精神殺害推進會 17.解離性同一性障害 18.水中沈む透明な匣 19.-終焉- CD 2 1.true grief 2.殺戮ノ情景 3.失明 4.妄想主義者ノ背徳 5.黒ノ呪縛 6.悦楽的自虐妄想癖な僕の事情。 7.深淵 8.鬼ノ犇メク籠目唄 9.鬼経-kikei- 10.幻影Syndrome 11.侵喰-shinsyoku- 12.黒蟻ノ群レ 13.蜥-tokage- 14.MAD[ism]Night party 15.罪-tsumi- 16.悲しみは巡りゆく季節と眠る哀 17.腐『furan』乱 18.in the Blue 19.煉獄(新曲) Dead[en]D is re-recorded and 煉獄 is a new track. Limited Edition 2CD+DVD+photo album ¥9,999 Limited to 999 copies CD 1 1.Dead[en]D(新録) 2.操リ人間 3.another pain 4.脳内妄想薔薇薔薇DOLL 5.insomnia 6.Happy birthday NEW Mother fuxxer. 7.invective 8.人体実験~君ガ狂ウ迄ノ7日間~ 9.奈落 10.Wish 11.Lost tears 12.Liar... 13.自殺サークル 14.Existence proof 15.黒い涙 16.「君ノ存在理論」 17.Genocide GAME 18.潔癖症ノ僕。 19.希望ト夜 CD 2 1.絶望ノ朝 2.Stupid trash 3.密室104号室~暗イ部屋二僕ト君~ 4.中絶 5.踊ル白昼夢 6.相剋ノ[baiser] 7.鎮魂歌-another birthday- 8.現実は心に蔓延る絶痛と叶わぬ理想の巣窟 9.ironic sky 10.灰降ル丘… 11.Diary 12.道化師ノ唄 13.最期ノ晩餐 14.Art play 15.雨上がりの憂鬱 16.「僕ノ自殺理論」 17.毒-ドク- 18.Fake 19.こんな壊れた世界で...(新録) Dead[en]D and こんな壊れた世界で... are re-recorded. DVD 1.Dead[en]D 2.侵喰-shinsyoku- 3.退廃的狂葬 4.蜥-tokage- 5.刑法第39条第1項「心神喪失者ノ行為ハ之ヲ罰セス」 6.僕ノ自殺理論 7.罪-tsumi- 8.Diary 9.甘イ右脳、赭イ左脳。 10.Wish 11.絶望ノ朝 12.操リ人間 13.Fake 14.自己精神殺害推進會 15.妄想主義者ノ背徳 16.insomnia 17.幻影Syndrome 18.希望ト夜 19.Liar... There is also some unspecified live video recording.
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