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  1. I don't suppose anyone saved Meidara's PVs from their YouTube channel, before they got deleted? :(

  2. Having things on the webshop is much better than live-limited only. Also, acoustic track! Looking forward to it.
  3. sakuran

    I'm another one of the (apparently few?) people who like the vocals. I can see how they may be a bit uninteresting for some, but I certainly find him more listenable than a lot of other mediocre singers that float their way through the scene...
  4. Not really feeling this new look... the song is nice enough though. Btw, the webshop is open, and Umbra is available there.
  5. They look lovely, as always. Definitely looking forward to it.
  6. sakuran

    It's not bad, but I feel like it isn't memorable, especially amongst their music.
  7. sakuran

    I love this! Both the song and the visuals are fantastic. Bless these boys.
  8. sakuran

    6 consecutive CDs... I wonder if they'll all be live-limited.
  9. sakuran

    Weird to see AINS back, but this is exciting!
  10. I haven't kept track of when and where they've sold out, but when I saw them in Tokyo in the summer, the venue was packed, so it seems they've got a good following behind them. I wish them luck on the tour and hope they see the success they want. And -- finally an album!!
  11. This is a refreshing change of pace from them.
  12. sakuran

    Sad to see them go
  13. Love this! So excited for this single.
  14. sakuran

    I didn't mean anything about their style, just that it's strange to have Sui perform without him.
  15. sakuran

    Surprisingly I like this a lot, even without Misery. Are there any updates on when/where the Dracula single will be available? Or is that going to be the live-limited CD at the one-mans?
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