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  1. I really couldn't care less what the cover art looks like, but I think the song sounds quite nice.
  2. sakuran

    So excited to hear Hizumi's voice again!!!
  3. Oh damn, I didn't realize the Harajuku CD store had closed.
  4. I didn't think they would be back so soon!!!
  5. sakuran

    Yes!!! Looking forward to this.
  6. I love the colors and patterns in their new look! But I do wish BPR would give them a bit more of a break... I'm always afraid they'll suddenly announce disbandment at any moment because they've worked themselves to death.
  7. sakuran

    I was always rather surprised/impressed that the importance of physical CD sales has survived in Japan for this long given the modern state of music distribution. But there are a lot of possibilities that the Internet opened up that several industries resisted for a long time (and still do to some extent..) instead of adapting and using that avenue to their advantage. I do hope VK can find a way to work with digital media in a lucrative way rather than resisting the changes until the scene goes extinct.
  8. sakuran

    Sad news I hope the other shops aren't in similar situations.
  9. sakuran

    Nooo I hoped to see them when I visited later in the summer. I hope they do come back eventually!
  10. sakuran

    I think I'm of @Jigsaw9's opinion that if I didn't have any previous attachment to these bandguys in particular, I wouldn't pay any attention to the band. 😕 I'll keep checking in on them to see if they drop something I really like, but maybe they aren't going to leave a strong impression on me. Pity as I'd hoped Hisame would join a band I cared for. I guess the good news is that my wallet's life is a little easier this way.
  11. sakuran

    Nice! This was a pleasant surprise, I'll have to keep an eye on them.
  12. sakuran

    I missed his voice, but I never cared for later-era chariots, so this probably won't be my cup of tea.
  13. Just to clarify, both DVDs are mail-order limited. The live digest one seems like a neat idea. I'm still holding out hope that the guys just rebrand and come back after a while, but I guess we'll see.
  14. Something about it does seem strange and unexpected (maybe "expected" if you consider the fact that they didn't make any big release announcements at their tour final, but that's not what I mean). Granted the last time I saw them live was over a year ago, but at the time they seemed to have a solid following and it didn't seem like they were hurting for fans at their lives. If anything, the big tour should have drawn in even more people, so unless there was some conflict among band members (which also seems strange, given that 4/5 of them have been together without problem since JyuLie), I'm not sure what else to blame except for a sudden and unexpected drop in popularity, or maybe some sort of issues with Yukika's management. Or maybe the tour wasn't as big of a success as he envisioned and he's decided to ditch them.
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