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  1. Shangrila does sound really catchy. I love the looks, too. Can't wait for the release.
  2. I guess this is "news," sort of, if anyone finds it interesting... Ains is temporarily suspending payment confirmation and shipping from their web shop. The post doesn't explain why, just says it's due to company circumstances, so I hope it's not something terrible. The outage starts on June 15th and they hope to resume on July 3rd.
  3. Shouldn't the poll have check boxes rather than the round buttons? I can only select one track this way.
  4. What a time to revive this thread. As much as I adore Mejibray, at this point in time, I easily have to go with Diaura. Their recent output has been far more consistently to my liking than Mejibray's. I hope their hiatus helps breathe some life back into their work.
  5. Finding surprises like that in second-hand stuff is awesome.
  6. I have D'espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, and -OZ-, back from whenever they visited the US at various times. And I have Gossip and Mejibray from when I visited Japan. (And I guess I have a few signed cheki, if that counts.)
  7. Yoshiki pls
  8. I don't really hate the Seraph aesthetic (and I always rather liked it when Satsuki made use of it, even though the music itself was as boring as it could possibly be). I'm not really sure if I care enough for this music to follow the project, but I guess I'll at least wait and give it a shot from their first release.
  9. lmao you're literally sitting here implying people's opinions aren't credible because they aren't ~part of the scene~ and you don't seem to understand why they're getting salty with you? Here's the thing YOU seem confused about. You seem to be confusing "your consumption and interaction with the band are financially irrelevant" to "your opinion is irrelevant and no one should care about it." Let's, for a moment, humor whoever it was in this thread who said vk is "art." Here's the thing about art - once it's produced and released into the world, in whatever form it may be in, it's out of the artists' hands, and it becomes a matter of opinion and interpretation for whoever is consuming it in whatever manner they see fit. You don't get to sit here and tell people the ~correct~ way to consume it (i.e. attending lives in Japan) and you don't get to sit here and tell them their opinions are invalid because they're not consuming it in the way it was "intended" or in the way that is most financially profitable for the band. If Miley Cyrus owns literally thousands of hip hop CDs then I imagine she has her reasons for having her opinions, and while obviously no one is obligated to take her opinion seriously, that doesn't mean it's baseless. In fact, let's rework that last sentence in the context of this thread and see what happens: "It's kind of like [a foreign visual kei fan] wanting people to care about her opinion on [visual kei]. She's free to do so, but nobody's going to giving it much weight, irrelevant of how much she may or may not be a fan of [visual kei], how many CDs she owns, etc. because it's not based on anything credible."
  10. Mejibray's ohp is down ? or is it just me

    1. sheepprincessgara


      "mejibray ohp is on hiatus"

  11. well as a useless baka gaijin I guess I'd better quit listening to vk and following vk bands and buying vk bands' CDs and merch and just giving a shit about vk at all then, if I can't go to lives ever, even though this is 2017 we're living in and everything gets consumed internationally these days through this magical invention called the Internet
  12. I woke up this morning and saw some ameblo notifications in my inbox, and I remembered that the tour final was last night, so I was like, okay, we have a new single and some preview or something. Single (with a $100 limited version because WHY NOT), two albums, and a 108-stop tour? Time to start pawning off my organs I guess. (For real though, am I the only one concerned that Yukika is going to work these guys to death?)
  13. Well, to sound like a broken record - I'm not at all surprised; and they needed this. That's not to say I'm happy, necessarily. Mejibray were a big part of why I got heavily invested in vk again after a few years of mostly apathy, so they'll always be important to me for that. And my interest in their later releases seems to have lasted longer than most people's, since I personally liked and the singles leading up to it, although they started losing me after that. In any case, I hope the guys find projects they can actually enjoy. Mejibray's music was sounding rather bland at this point, and there's no point in staying together if there's no inspiration for it.
  14. Well that's unfortunate. So much for Elysion.
  15. Utopia *w*