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  1. Huh, well, from the previews, I'm also more excited for the A-side than the B-sides, which is odd for me because I tend to prefer their B-sides in general. Either way, still looking forward to more Kiryuu.
  2. Well in general the songs sound nice (and I'm thrilled about that War of the Dead Paradise re-recording!), but seconding all the complaints about the mixing...
  3. Track previews are up on their OHP.
  4. So what are everyone's thoughts on the new single? I've only listened through it once so far but none of the tracks really left an impression on me (well, 3 kinda did, but mostly just because it's so ???). Who knows, maybe it'll end up like Liar and grow on me with time. I'm a little worried that promotion and budget seemed so low for this release. I hope it's not a bad omen of what's to come for the band.
  5. Leaving feedback. Items were in perfect condition and shipped promptly. Great job as a seller. Thanks!
  6. If they keep up this aesthetic, I will be all over them. Sounds nice.
  7. @Seimeisen I would look forward to checking out your GazettE mix! I thought about them back when this thread first went up, but then... there's just way too much stuff from them, so I gave up pretty quick, lol. also people would probably give me shit because I actually like their post-DIM discog...
  8. Rentrer en Soi OHP JaME tags: visual kei, male vocalist, rock, metal Rentrer en Soi was one of the most popular and well-known visual kei bands of the 2000's era, active from 2001-2008. They started their career as a typical vk band with elaborate costumes, but later progressed to a simpler look and included some heavier styles in their tracks. As with my previous mix, I tried to span the entirety of their career as best I could, though obviously I'm partial to my favorite songs. Satsuki's vocals are very distinct and emotional (one of my personal favorite vk vocalists); if you've liked his solo works, Rentrer en Soi is kind of like that, but with way more interesting song composition imo. I love this band so much and I cry about them a lot, so please listen to this and cry about them with me. Tracklist: 01. 全景色腐り果てる今,唯一 02. 全景色腐り果てる今,唯一 03. 全景色腐り果てる今,..... .....alright, just kidding. Here is the actual tracklist, and it's not just the same track on repeat for an hour, as tempting as I found that: 01. The flow of time -out of a cradle- 02. 神話 (Shinwa) 03. Wither 04. Eyes of forest 05. Last word 「 」 06. 全景色腐り果てる今,唯一 (Zenkeishiki kusari hateru ima, yuiitsu...) 07. 水夢見る蝶々 (Mizu yumemiru chouchou) 08. 太陽の届かない場所 (Taiyou no todokanai basho) 09. PROTOPLASM 10. 分裂LE+DD人格 (Bunretsu LE+DD Jinkaku) 11. 微熱下で写実した深層は宛先不明の手紙と成る (Binetsuka de shajitsu shita shinso wa atesaki fumei no tegami to naru) 12. JUST MAD PAIN 13. THORNY RAIN BREAK 14. TO INFINITY 15. CRUSADE Runtime: 1:10:50 Link Tags are mixed (as is rip quality), but I'm too lazy to retag everything one way or another, so just check the JaME discog if you want to change something. requested by @len Video:
  9. I started trying to work on my Rentrer en Soi mixtape, but mostly it's just been me sitting in front of my computer and crying... T_T

    1. sume7


      I did the same when I was making one for girugamesh.

    2. Spectralion


      Been there.

      I really don't want to repeat that, but it's keep happening every once and then...

  10. I could do Rentrer en Soi for you, though it might take me a little while before I can get to it.
  11. I like K's hair, but they all look great. Can't wait for this.
  12. HMV tweeted a bunch of Ains flyers; Miztavla and Amanjaku are in the mix.
  13. lol, Kei's outfit is a bit much imo... I love the aesthetic in general tho, and I hope this means a new release announcement soon.
  14. Well, that's a little disappointing. I only got into them near the end of last year, but I really enjoyed their music (although I did feel a bit guilty for liking them considering all the drama with Noah, lol).