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  1. Did anyone else notice that the discog page on their OHP still says "9th SINGLE「存在証明」(2TYPE)"? But in the end they only announced one type? I wonder if initially they were thinking to film a PV and do 2 types like with Liar..., but someone above them changed their mind. Or, maybe it was just a typo to begin with.
  2. Can anyone recommend a shopping service that places orders very quickly after you request them?

    1. -NOVA-


      its not really a place but you could try asking someone in this FB group for what ever it is you need and hopefully someone reply's. Just make a post saying you need a shopping service for .... and see if anyone comments or pm's you. :) I wish you luck finding what ever it is you need 

    2. midi:nette


      Buyee and FromJapan; it depends on their business hrs, so you won't be able to get orders placed during the weekend, for example.

    3. togz


      fromjapan [+1]

  3. we have a "requests" forum for a reason...

    1. saishuu


      on that note, the internet also has Twitter, but some people still like to spam the status updates with bullshit

    2. midi:nette
  4. I am so done with these guys and their live-limited stuff... like, good for them, but I'm done...
  5. Aaah, it's been so long yay
  6. Grieva doesn't have a fanclub though, so I am (pleasantly) surprised to see Gossip opening one so soon. I'm happy for them, and I look forward to the mini.
  7. if that's the direction they go 100% I'll cry
  8. Great news! I've loved the last two releases, so definitely looking forward to this.
  9. I am here for vk dog. Also, Balalaika x Morrigan sounds fantastic, it's too bad they aren't doing another cover single like Blesscode x Morrigan.
  10. 1. Buck-Tick 2. Codomo Dragon 3. Diaura 4. Gossip 5. Grieva 6. Kuroyuri to Kage 7. Mejibray 8. Morrigan 9. the GazettE 10. Zin
  11. Not too keen on the track titles for 3 and 4... but we'll see I guess.
  12. *shrug* I like the new cut lol
  13. Gossip DVD is so good omg ❤❤❤