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  1. After 80years I'm finally getting back into this forum LOL

  2. Wooo~ The Hikari craze is back!      (✧∀✧)

    I'm in the process of watching the musical and it's amazing~ 

  3. The Gallo x Avelcain = L.O.V.E ( * w * )

  4. Current Location: Lost in Host Boy Wonderland ლ(´∀`ლ)・:*:

  5. If anyone has Sick²....I want it ( * - * )

  6. Hikari-Club

    Welcome welcome welcome~♫ Congrats on finally joining this epic forum! I may be a young'in when it comes to Visual Kei but I do like a lot of the same bands you like ( ^ u ^ ) (i.e. MEJIBRAY, ABC, etc) and I see you like MORRIGAN~ that reminds me...I need to go check them out soon ( > w > ) I've been to Japan several times as well and totally plan to go back So I could talk about Japan for days
  7. Hello from the US~♫ I am interested in taking a look at those Buck-Tick flyers ♥ Also how much would it all be for the Buck-Tick flyer(s), Zeal Link vol. 13 and the Starwave Recods CD w/ Shipping? Feel free to PM~
  8. Hikari-Club

    For all you flyer lovers, here's some up for grabs. I'll be shipping them in a Pure-Sound bag I got this last year and just had them sitting around in my collection. So I found this thread and figured someone else would make better use of these little ones than I did. I'm guessing these are/were young bands just starting out, not sure if anyone's heard of them. (Sadly the first one is a little bent on its left end :c )
  9. I'm interested in how much the deadman and Syndrome flyers are~ Also I'd love to see what they look like....the links dont work for me D:
  10. Hello~♬ This thread ( * ^ * ) Would Buck-Tick's Alice in Wonder Underground still be available~? I also would like to snag those two mystery band guy's chekis too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Buck-Tick has won my heart once again~ Must. Discover. More. Music! ( * ^ *)

    1. Jigsaw9


      Buck-Tick <3 Have you tried Atsushi's 2004 solo stuff / THE MORTAL yet?

    2. Hikari-Club


      Not yet~ I'll totally go check it out though! ( ^ u ^ )

  12. Hikari-Club

    Psssssst~ Guess who totally listened to Lynch recently ;D Their music is pretty kick-ass! I loved the previews for new album too <3 Looks like my fridge shall be safe ( * ^ * )/"
  13. So ready for Halloween~! ラ。ラ。ラ。ライ??~♥

    1. Tetora


      I like that band.

    2. Hikari-Club


      You mean the one Hakuei did for the Hikari Club manga~?

      If so, I love them too ( ~ w ~ ) *

  14. Hikari-Club

    Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis thread. Me gusta ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I am official stalker of Yuuki's twitter account so this can be yet another place I can add to my absurd collection (( P.S. How to make images smaller? I'm not sure how to use the code posted earlier in this thread ( ; u; ) )) Goooooorgeous~ Uuuuh yeah he's silly I had no idea he'd be able to even carry Yo-ka! He must be so light xD
  15. Hikari-Club

    As for me~ If it wasn't for Visual Kei, I wouldn't even have a style to begin with. I didn't even care about what I wore up until high school when I first discovered it. I was such a tomboy so I figured "dressing up" was so girly, but then I saw all these beautiful fashionable men and this completely changed my view. So I initially I was mainly influenced by Asagi's more casual looks: (The hat, vest, 'rocker shirt' combo ) But once I found other stuff I got into more experimental stuff when I could. Currently though, my style is mainly influenced by MEJIBRAY - namely Koichi since both me and him have a more 'cutesy' sort of look. I want to make my style more 'extreme' though - maybe at some point to have some looks inspired by Meto-chan~! ( * u * ) Since I have the freedom to do so that is~ Duuuuude it'd be so fun to try out this look~
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