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    Cats and VK, best combo ever.

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  1. NekoMAMA

    http://niirazee.tumblr.com mostly vk and some random stuff.
  2. NekoMAMA

    They just announced their disbandment today Should definitely not be surprised but still...
  3. Why haven't I paid attention to Bless This Mess before, they're awesome.

    1. suji


      saaame, just realized this recently~

    2. NekoMAMA


      And I just discovered DEVIZE just in time for their disbandment announcement, purrfect ;>

    3. Laris


      the of ANSIAs old members are in bless this mess, one permanent one support. so i was already thinking of going to support my old daiban

  4. I've been listening to nothing else except DEZERT lately, now I'll probably turn to DAMY for a while instead #knowmyselfalltoowell

  5. NekoMAMA

    Honestly I feel the exactly same thing
  6. NekoMAMA

    K has changed his name back to Yohan according to his social media.
  7. NekoMAMA

    Trying to blend in with all the autumn colours
  8. NekoMAMA

    Y E S !
  9. Fixer's new look is hot tho, love it!

  10. Grieva disbanding hit me so fu**ing hard. This sucks so much...

  11. NekoMAMA

    A wild floofy duck appeared
  12. NekoMAMA

    You're pretty too
  13. fell fast and hard for DIMLIM. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mamo


      Same here guys

    3. Komorebi


      My brain tells me they are pretty awesome but my heart won't connect with them :/

    4. NekoMAMA


      That's too bad .___.

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