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  1. I can't get into Matenrou Opera because of the singer, I hate his voice, he uses vibrato WAY too damn much and is a bit too whiny/high-pitched for my taste.
  2. Just noticed you updated your recommendations, thanks! AND Eccentric Agent kinda sounds a bit too much like they wanna be The GazettE x) But Reign sounds interesting, I looked up a few stuff from them and Death Waltz is really sticking with me, it's a greatly written song. But hoLY SHIT MY FIRST STORY SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE WHAT I NEED! Thanks, I needed my fix of old school ONE OK ROCK, I miss this sound from them.
  3. Thank you But you know, sometimes a little bit of pressure mixed with motivation is needed to keep going, and I realised that, albeit too late. I learned from my mistakes in my relationship about how complacent I was with myself, and that being stagnant drove me into a dark place. I don't want to do these things out of obligation towards my ex or anyone else, I want to do these because I believe it will help me being more productive, and happier. Ofc I will have to be careful not to burn out too.
  4. VK has become as stale as metalcore/deathcore, just a bunch of bands copying each other with sub-par vocalists and bland songwriting. Still found a few good bands thanks to some of your recommendations. Well idk if this is an unpopular opinion now.
  5. What now? The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the worl- Wait no x) Well now, I'll just keep on going with my life, and do my best, strive to improve myself and work on my future, write as many songs as I can. But as of rn, I'll focus on moving on first I guess, which is going to be quite a bitch since we go to the same uni and do the same course.
  6. I wanted to keep you guys updated. So... my girlfriend and I broke up a few hours back. It feels unfair and horrible, but it is what it is.
  7. Yeah forgot to mention it too @Shir0and I have already exchanged our mixtapes. It's gonna be lit (you guys should really add a fire emoji).
  8. I'd recommend saving up for a brand new SM57 because of the better build quality. The Pyle PDMIC 78 really seems like a good alternative but one big problem is that this mic is "unbalanced", meaning it's extremely prone to electrical interference. At best you'd get a small hum noise, at worst the sound you get might be unusable. And also you can mix your guitars in FL Studio, no problems there.
  9. They stick too much to stereotypes rather than taking VK and make their own spin on it. Taking inspiration from Japanese is fine, but they're not Japanese, and trying to copy them makes Western VK either bland or cringey af.
  10. Reaper for sure, it's easy to use and has a 60 day trial and after the 60 days you can still keep using it.
  11. I kinda hope that somebody's gonna come up with a hentai mixtape.
  12. Thanks for all of your suggestions! For Dezert, I downloaded as much of their stuff as I could find, old and new. I listened to a few of their songs and I must say, they're my favorite suggestion so far. Vamps' new album also sounds nice, and is a good change of sound, I didn't like their previous releases so much, it seems like this album might be the one that catches my attention. This reminds me of the VK cringe thread, just with better production, the singer's acting is fucking gold x) Did he release anything for his solo? Just a single? It sounds so good. Sioux sounds nice, but I can't really get behind the singer, his vocals sound pretty weird. And Develop One's Faculties is a big surprise, they are pretty creative, I love it! Ahhh I tried listening to gossip and imo these guys are definitely not a good ripoff of the Gazette. Sarigia on the other hand show some promise. It's sad that there's nothing else like in the Dim and Stacked Rubbish era, those were fucking amazing. And I like their more progressive rock/metal songs such as Dogma and Ominous, those are really well structured songs. I tried listening to the songs you sent a few times but sorry, I don't really connect to this band. They aren't bad, it's more like they have great ideas but poorly executed. For example after the first 38 seconds of the first song, it kinda just falls flat. But thank you for your suggestion either way
  13. Ayyy a weeb event? I'm all in, hell yeah.
  14. Thanks a lot, I'll check everything out when I get back home. It feels like a smart concept though, starting really small and progressively get better. HAH Dad jokes, hell yeah I'll take you up on that offer Thank you, with all the help and support I'm seeing on this thread, I feel like I can definitely do it and get better, and I do hope this helps to inspire others who are struggling too.