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  2. Cool! A bit surprised that they are still around, haha.
  3. The gigs I have been to outside of Jp you can buy the merch first, and then lock them in with your jacket/bag. But it depends on the venue I guess.
  4. Happy about this!
  5. I still can't accept the disbandment of 少年記. They were so good, and had so much potential. Their new band is good and all, but I miss Rei. DIV disbanding got me sad too, I've some memories with them since seeing them live so it's hard to accept that they aren't together anymore. However, since I preferred ZERO ONE over their releases after it I am kinda happy about Acme, even if it's weird without Chobi and Satoshi. It's strange that SCREW and BORN are gone too. And Girugamesh.
  6. ..... well that sucks.
  7. I am so sad about this.
  8. ):
  9. Rest in peace.
  10. I find it hard to believe. LP was a part of my youth. RIP, Chester.
  11. :c shame still, I thought they had something.
  12. They'll release a second album 12/6 too. And go on a Europe tour in November.
  13. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. Euthanasia


      Thank you so much! ;; 💜💜

  14. Sweet <3
  15. They are so great!