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  1. Love this. Chisas looks reminds me of NEXX times ;;
  2. lol yes. Motoki (smileberry, ex LUCHe) is a big yasu fanboy. Also ex shounenki members claimed to like Acid Black Cherry. Shounenki once had a ABC session live. Noah (avanchick) seems to like yasu/ABC as well, and Hikarito (Aiolin). And I am sure there's more.
  3. <3 still waiting for their new mini to arrive. But I've loved all of their earlier releases. Also their live dvd was great!! Hope to return to Japan someday and see them live because their lives seems so fun lol
  4. Just read on twitter that the tour got cancelled :c Announcement: 今月末より開催を予定していた“MATENROU OPERA EURO TOUR 2017”について重要なお知らせです。 現地プロモーター様の都合ならびにヨーロッパ国内の治安悪化も受けまして 誠に残念ではありますが全公演中止とさせていただくことになりました。 メンバー及びスタッフで慎重に協議を重ねた結果、 ご来場のお客様、摩天楼オペラ メンバー、スタッフの安全面を最優先に考えた上での苦渋の決断です。 なお、ご購入頂いたチケットの払い戻し等の対応について 現地プロモーターサイトでの正式な発表がされるまで必ずチケットはお手元にお持ち下さい。 チケットをお買い求め頂き公演を楽しみにされていた皆様、 ならびに関係各所の皆様には多大なるご迷惑をお掛けしますことを深くお詫び申し上げます。
  5. sweet!
  6. wing works

    Yes that's great news <3
  7. I've too many fav vocals.. 1. yasu (JDA, ABC) – tbh years ago I didn't find his voice the best, probably because I wasn't used to it, but it grew on me and now I just simply love it. 2. Tsuzuku (Mejibray) – I've no problem to admit that his voice isn't the best (in contrast to other vocals in the scene) but it's something with it that makes me like it very much. Also he have done some amazing progress, remember DIS anyone? 3. Kyo (Dir en grey/sukekiyo) – His vocal range has always impressed me. 4. Ruki (GazettE) – I've always thought that his voice is unique, and good. 5. Sono (Matenrou Opera) – Hearing him sing in a cappella live is amazing experience, and it truly showed how skillful he is. 6. yo-ka (DIAURA) – He has also done some amazing progress. 7. Kou/Saki (ex 少年記/甘い暴力) – His voice have been addictive for me from the start. It fits perfectly with the sound 少年記 had. 8. Aryu (MORRIGAN) – Needs to progress a little but I really love his clean singing. 9. Hizumi (ex D'espairsRay) – I miss it. 10. Hyde – When he's singing 雪の足跡 I kind of cry. Voice has gotten raspy through the years tho but I still like it. I also miss Byou (SCREW), and I liked Mao vocals in Sadie. I am also fond of Chizuru (ペンタゴン), Kazuki (ザアザア), Zin (Jupiter), Ryoga (Born/RAZOR), Riku (ex Phantasmagoria, Chariots), Keiya (Purple Stone), Hazuki (Lynch.), Chisa (ex DIV), Yuhma (ex Luzmelt, GE+IM), and Aki (アルルカン).
  8. New look! Reminds me of Born earlier looks but I think it's because of Ryogas blond hair c:
  9. Thank you for this topic. I agree with everything. This has always been a thing tho, seeing some of this attitude way back. On the other hand I was stanning Dir en grey when I was younger, and it was obivious that some in the fandom thought Dir was the number 1 band, and that every other band sucked lmao.
  10. hahahha! sounds a lot like me when I randomly met Jun & Toya from Gotcharocka on the street in Shibuya. I don't have that many stuff happening to me since I am silent one mostly standing in the backgrounds at lives, but I was in the second row at Wing Works and this girl tried to push me away all the time since one of the support members couldn't stop staring at me/or was he flirting who freaking knows maybe she was trying to save me lmao. Tzk giving a air kiss towards me on a mejibray live at takadanobaba was pretty sweet too. And this is like no interaction thing but I can't seem to forget that time when Sono (Matenrou Opera) hushed the audience after we have song the Gloria phrase, he hushed us and sang himself in a cappella while Shibuya AX was completely silent. That was magical.
  11. 2 new albums???? hell some of my fav bands can't even release one. ): that look is great btw.
  12. As much as I love them, they do deserve a break. I've no doubts that they will come back. Next year hopefully.