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  1. Chi

    2019 rookies are looking good so far found me addicted to VRVR's EP (again)...maybe Alright would've been a better debut title track, but I still love Ring Ring Ring I'm not surprised Trei is flopping but I hope Banana Culture doesn't give up so soon, they're so good
  2. Chi

  3. For Spring 2019 I'll be watching Kimetsu no Yaiba, Carole & Tuesday and Sarazanmai I'm not even doing this on purpose but 2019 has been a huge PTW clean up so far. Not many seasonals I find interesting. Really wish I had watched DnA when I downloaded it last year (now no longer in my hdd) and Touch so I could watch the sequels Daiya just keeps getting longer and longer lol I finished 26 titles so far, some of them were: Mimi wo Sumaseba: Not a big ghibli fan but this one was pretty entertaining Omoide no Marnie: The opposite of above Gunslinger Girl: I watched 2 episodes of this almost a decade ago but I finally watched it forreal this time! It's a typical 'I love my older brother!" show except with brainwashed girls trained to be good with guns but still cool. I plan to watch S2 as well. Akira: meh Chobits: I loved the manga as a kid and went over my friend's house to read it because she collected it but man is this fucking trash Escaflowne (Movie): I watched the TV series earlier this year and went into this expecting the typical summary version but this movie has an entire different story! I heard the manga is also completely different. Apparently this was intentional. I thought it was pretty interesting. I prefer the anime's story but the movie's character designs. Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: I'm not into music-themed anime but I found this ridiculously cool. I will end my post with one of the battles.
  4. Chi

    next time don't name all your alts after pokemon stuff #WeWillAlwaysRememberSilverEspeon
  5. Chi

  6. Chi

    are you supposed to be Lycanroc?
  7. nice, can't wait to listen to it totally legally
  8. Chi

    did anyone say ghost love story
  9. judging by the name it doesn't seem to be a permanent band but I wish it was good news regardless :>
  10. Chi

    little fires everywhere by celeste ng :)
  11. Chi

    I was pretty bored yesterday so I decided to turn the TV on and 'The Vatican Tapes' was on. (it's pretty bad)
  12. Chi

    2019 is bringing some small happiness already! treat me kindly plz
  13. Chi

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