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  1. Chi

    this pic made me realise we lack a vomit reaction
  2. Can't wait to see her baby join the band x
  3. https://www.altpress.com/news/entry/yuimetal_still_in_babymetal
  4. fuck wars and those who start them.

  5. Chi

    that SuG song is one of my favorites. Little Glee Monster - レイニーブルー IU - 이게 아닌데 Araragi Tsukihi - 白金ディスコ THE NOVEMBERS - 小声は此岸に響いて Shirahata Kamin - わたしの東京 Chara - ゆらしたがる aiko - 終わらない日々 Hachi - clock lock works (retake ver.) BTS - 상남자 (Boy In Luv) Galileo Galilei - 鳥と鳥 easy choice
  6. Chi

    "just to find something that's actually related to what the whole forum is about" lol well if you are searching in the international music subforum and you still think that's bad then maybe we do need an international VK subfrum. international music is international music, you like the artists or not. nothing wrong with all those david guettas or kpop artists. they are in the section they belong to.
  7. i'm  ready! 


  8. it's out x

  9. Chi

    toshiya and die always serving DA LOOKS i'll pretend i didn't see the gremlin
  10. Chi

    least funny parody anime i've seen lately but at least the OP is nice