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  1. i planned to spend hours playing divinity original sin 2 again but after i was done w/ the thoughest fight of the area, I forgot to save and accidentally triggered a fight with the traders 5 minutes later.... Not Today
  2. welcome to the forums!! dont forget about this account now
  3. Welcome Seileen!! See you around~
  4. new info! ^^ Tracklist: 01.  飛燕 / Hien 02.  LOSER 03.  ピースサイン / Peace Sign 04.  砂の惑星 ( + 初音ミク ) / Suna no Wakusei (+Hatsune Miku) 05.  orion 06.  かいじゅうのマーチ / Kaijuu no March 07.  Moonlight 08.  春雷 / Shunrai 09.  fogbound ( + ? ) 10.  ナンバーナイン / Number Nine 11.  爱丽丝 / Alice 12.  Nighthawks 13.  打上花火 / Uchiage Hanabi 14.  灰色と青 ( + ? ) / Haiiro to Ao DVD (Limited Edition) 01.  LOSER -Music Video- 02.  orion -Music Video- 03.  Peace Sign -Music Video- 04.  Yumekui Shoujo -Music Video- *Considering Suna no Wakusei has "+Hatsune Miku", I am assuming there are featurings to be revealed about the tracks with "+ ?" He said to look forward to said 'yet to be revealed' feats!
  5. welcome to mh

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II
    3. Tokage


      cant wait for that new Mejibray single, serving iconic #looks already


    4. WhirlingBlack


      Finally, we've had whiteface for so long in VK, glad to see more diversity. Hope he'll join Akane and fight SJW on twitter in broken English. 

  7. Random global freeleech on JPS!! Enjoy people!!

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      For how long? I'm not home for another day.

    2. Chi


      Oh, apparently it's the tracker's birthday. I think it'll last 1 week.

  8. Make good music and people will spend money on you
  9. songs preview they sound good as usual
  10. p!atd - we're so starving
  11. happy basuday God!

  12. TOGENKYO covers Limited edition Regular edition
  13. Some people might be asking themselves "WAIT Chi isn't forcing us to listen to PELICAN FANCLUB or Koochewsen?!?" Joke's on you because I wanted to go with something less predictable and I already pimp those bands around too much. I'm not a big B-T fan, in fact I listened to this album for the first time very recently in an attempt to get into the band, after having a conversation w/ a friend who also doesn't know where to start because their discography is immense. Anyway I picked this album at random and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is. What I liked about it as a B-T noob who didn't have much else to compare it with was how heavily gothic/dark themed this album is. From beginning to end this album has a clear idea of what it wants to sound like, and yet the songs don't sound like copy&paste just to remind you "hey!this is the sound we're going for here!"*ahem*likesomeotherbands*ahem* My favorite tracks are 異人の夜, Goblin, 月蝕 and Doll. I hope to lure the B-T hardcore fans to this post and hear their thoughts on this album since like I said I don't have a lot to compare. And for anyone who is stuck in a cave like me and hasn't listened to B-T yet, I totally recommend it.