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  1. thats pretty much the general reaction to those pics that should never have been unleashed now go bleach ur eyes
  2. I've been following news about Darling in the Frankxx and it's probably the new title i'm most curious about because it's a collab between a studio that makes shows i rarely like (A-1) and one that makes shows I generally like (Trigger) Lol I've been reading CCS Clear card-hen but tbh these new cards haven't been grabbing my attention.. but of course there's still more about the plot to discover. One thing I'm probably gonna nitpick a lot as an old fan of course is the animation... I watched the OVA and honestly couldn't get used to its looks. Saiki Kusuo season 1 was great and I'm very excited for season 2! And of course Violet Evergarden! Can't get enough of KyoAni's gorgeous animation. Haven't decided how many shows from winter 2017/18 I will be watching but I've been downloading a lot of finished anime I plan to watch starting from the end of the year so we'll see about that...
  3. I've been using MusicBee
  4. heeeya, welcome back!
  5. no. tzk addressed his disorder in a magazine interview. http://xmyrkul.tumblr.com/post/90159158682/mejibray-visulog-interview-decadance-counting he also blogged about it a few times and i do think it was the tumblr above that posted the translations... i read these a long time ago
  6. album crossfade ♥♥ fogbound is featured by elaiza ikeda Haiiro to Ao feat. Masaki Suda
  7. i'm looking for an animebytes invite. i know how private trackers work so i promise i wont get in trouble :P 

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  9. shayan sweetie im so sorry


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