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  1. jrockrevolution author writes and from there they started gathering stories
  2. that website has nothing to do with him. dont @ innocent people thx http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/meet-the-staff/
  3. hello and welcome to the forums^^ i'm sure you'll discover a bunch of new bands
  4. 469.gif

    happy birthday nakama

  5. It just means they aren't bothering to cancel the single they had already planned before this incident.
  6. watching kokkoku and i love the miyavi vs kenken OP! makes me happy that my son bokuriri got his first ever anime theme! ED of kokkoku!
  7. no, that's kana in the picture their website still has his profile pic and everything updated http://codomo-dragon.net/profile/
  8. don't plan on buying mp100 again never got too far into tg:re due to laziness so this is gonna be fresh
  9. oniisama e's OP is so good
  10. around 1200x200 or a lil bit more
  11. helloooo and welcome, hope to see you around a lot