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  1. Chi

    elantris by brandon sanderson
  2. Chi

    Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino
  3. I like sharing screencaps and thoughts on what I'm watching like on Twitter while at the same time interacting with the users And they actually work on improving the website. You can talk to the devs about ideas or future plans and shit actually happens. Bugs get fixed. Anilist got a redesign last year and they are already working on a redesign for the anime/manga entries page to make it even better, after listening to complaints from users (like scoring anime from the entry page isn't practical right now). MAL isn't going to progress any further as long as DeNA owns it. It's only the best when it comes to database size because it has been around for longer, but AniList can catch up, especially because Anilist got more users because of MAL going offline last year, which means more people who can help the database grow
  4. I finished a lot of things in the past month, the highlights being Houseki no Kuni, Escaflowne, GiTS Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG and Glass no Kamen (2005). They're all good. I'm currently watching One Outs and regarding seasonals I'll be watching Kakegurui's and MP100's sequels. Eyeing other two titles but I'll wait. These days I use Anilist more and MAL is only for backup and sometimes forums
  5. Chi

    Becoming by Michelle Obama (Audiobook) Rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling in english Recently finished Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs which I bought not knowing it is a book series and now I'm mad. I told myself I'd start less book series and read more single volumes. Oops!
  6. Yonezu's first televised performance = SUCCESS!!!!! 


    1. saishuu


      this is only his first? I'd have imagined he had already performed on Music Station or whatever else

    2. Chi


      @saishuunope he's only given interviews on TV before but never performed but that's his preference [originally he declined going to kohaku but the organizers begged him and he agreed as long as he could perform in his grandfather's home Tokushima since the song is about/dedicated to him, his grandfather passed away exactly in December of last year]

    3. saishuu


      well Kouhaku had to get someone since Namie retired before the year ended lmao the stage of his performance looked really good tho, I'm glad he got what he wanted

  7. Chi

    started watching houseki no kuni
  8. Chi

    yamaguchi momoe? an intellectual
  9. Did you hear that negoto are disbanding in 2019?

    Also it's been a while they announced it but LILI LIMIT are disbanding this month as well

    1. fitear1590


      No, I kinda stopped following them, but I hadn't heard about either 😕

  10. Chi

    A meia de pista e mezanino tão um preço normal até Paguei mais caro na meia pra ver BTS num lugar com capacidade menorFora minha viagem pra SP. É dificil! Essa casa de show tem capacidade pra 2.500 pessoas pelo que li? O que explicaria o preço (não querem sair no prejuizo) Arctic monkeys vai se apresentar para 13k e o preço mais caro (full, não meia) é R$580 (bom, não tem m&g nem nada)
  11. Ruki's fake ass: Helloooo overseas sweetiessss we missed you guys SOOOO much!

    1. Wakarimashita


      And we're still gonna throw our money at them

    2. platy


      Gazette pretending they don't go to Brazil every week. 

  12. Chi

  13. Chi

    mahiro is me going through Kiryu's tracklists x
  14. this doesnt represent shit, bc I don't listen to Spotify that much compared to listening to my local library on MusicBee last.fm's Last.year stats should be interesting tho... anticipating