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  1. sai serving VOCALS even after such a long hiatus??? shook
  2. The Moon

    big mood
  3. The Moon

    they're out hun x
  4. The Moon

    got a new job in a new industry and got fired after a week. i love my life!!!! feeling very glamorous and sexy!!!!
  5. The Moon

    aw this sucks. i really loved their debut ep (ボクトアソボウヨ... fucking slapped)
  6. The Moon

  7. The Moon

    male fans are trash luv sorry don't make the rules x
  8. The Moon

    Too many at the moment. I'm currently playing: 1. Tales of Narikiri Dungeon X for the PSP - it's fun, but the storyline is nothing impressive (so far?) and the combat system feels too "floaty" for me in comparison with other games in the series. I love all the different jobs you can be, though. 2. Hatsukare☆Ren’ai Debut Sengen! - an otome game. It's stupid and campy, and the brother is a creep, but I'm enjoying it anyways. Going after the bad-boy, because I like boys that are bad for me. 3. Romancing SaGa for the Super Famicon - super, super hard. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, I got sold into slavery, lost all my money, and died in the sewers. Looking forward to playing more, but the spot I'm in ATM is super-grindy. My chosen MC is so WEAK. 4. Dragon Quest 3 - SF version. Classic Dragon Quest I started up as a distraction from the raging dumpster fire that is my life.
  9. The Moon

    aurora were the art kei PIONEERS we have to stan x the vocalist was also in a following band called gechena who were great but didn't release much of anything before disbanding
  10. The Moon

  11. god everything sounds SO GOOD but the tsumi to batsu & cage snippets are hiting me right in the heart
  12. The Moon

    yesss fellow vet! welcome
  13. The Moon

    oLd Vk WaS sO mUcH beTtEr was old in 2004 on LJ and it still is in 2019
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