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  1. The Moon

    These are great - Deep Inside is my favorite so far.

  3. The Moon

    mahiro can't read kanji x
  4. The Moon

    weirdly summery title & look considering this time of year but i stan

    oh my god i cun't believe they quoted you! get that recognition x

  6. monday in class  i was staring into space & the girl i liked  was walking by & looking at me while i was staring into space. then later i was staring at the wall & when i looked over i see her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her head. then the next day in class i heard her saying "i don't know why he looks at me"?

    1. 123Sandman321


      I've got a question. What do you find so fascinating about spaces and walls?

  7. The Moon

    maybe x
  8. am on house arrest so yes quite a bit x
  9. i thought yoru was supposed to be a 1-year thing?
  10. The Moon

    i'm fine thanks x
  11. The Moon

    byou looks so good. wig.
  12. The Moon

    which one of u wrote this