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  1. god everything sounds SO GOOD but the tsumi to batsu & cage snippets are hiting me right in the heart
  2. The Moon

    yesss fellow vet! welcome
  3. The Moon

    oLd Vk WaS sO mUcH beTtEr was old in 2004 on LJ and it still is in 2019
  4. The Moon

    Going through a break-up when you live with that person is the worst feeling ever. The mornings are the worst. I keep waking up and it takes me a solid minute to remember that it's over - and it breaks my heart all over again. We're treating each other kindly, almost too kindly; it's like we never broke up in the first place. I've missed a few days of work just to process all this nonsense. I can't even bring myself to begin looking for a new place - I've found a few decent matches, but I haven't budgeted enough money for a deposit / first & last month's rent so I'm stuck here, with him, for at least the next few months. Sorry for using this thread as a blog, but I don't really have any support system anymore. This sucks, y'all.
  5. The Moon

    That Byou has a very hairy ass lmao
  6. The Moon

    (amy lee voice) these wounds won't seem to heal · this pain is just too real 😭
  7. The Moon

    okay but I am LIVING for this student film realness. Thank you so much!
  8. The Moon

    This was a great season. The right queen won. The timeline is correcting itself. Odd bless. x
  9. The Moon

    jen:ga by moran. u can buy it on cdjapan
  10. The Moon

    it's out x
  11. The Moon

    best post of the year. thank you.
  12. The Moon

  13. "Ever After" is brilliant. Post-revival Schwarz Stein has been hit or miss for me, but this song is a classic. Stan LOONA.

  14. The Moon

    D'AIR supposedly, at one point, distributed a DVD with a PV for their song Mary Gold. It might not even exist, as the first time I ever heard of it was on some (now dead) LAREINE fan forum.
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