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  1. The Moon

    very well written review imo good work!!
  2. does hiro have an onlyfans account (asking for a friend)
  3. The Moon

    i'm a casual d fan & i didn't even know they had a storyline??? where is this explained??? i own several physical releases (from years back granted, i dropped off a bit around 7th rose) and all the booklets etc just have pretty pictures & lyrics...so..
  4. someone save my poor bby miyako from this mess.... i liked TODAY but this is not it.
  5. The Moon

    i've never listened to a full x japan album and have no desire to fix that. kurenai is a cool song tho.
  7. INFP baabbyyy i'm also 100% turbulent lmfao
  8. the fact that a legend like maya is playing to a crowd of like 6 people...the homophobia jumped ouT
  9. art kei is BACK i am SLAYED
  10. The Moon

    graphic design is their passion
  11. The Moon

    feel like pure shite just want her back x
  12. The Moon

    haven't heard of them but glad he is recovering x
  13. The Moon

    hasn't this band disbanded like 3 times already tf
  14. hatsune miku wig? boot
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