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  1. idc how hard you're trying to distance urself from vk, you do NOT wear a fucking hoodie on stage. 100% garbage.
  2. 解散しなさい。
  3. either malice mizer lareine or dir en grey i cannot remember due to my mental condition x
  4. many artists take inspiration from nature, or perhaps personal experiences x
  5. i was invited by my professor to be in a normally graduate school-only japanese course but it requires writing Adult Emails and i want to throw up x
  6. they're visual x
  7. everyone's looks in both versions are WAY too fucking busy and i approve. strong toot.
  8. disturbingly i just 3 glasses of wine 

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    2. The Moon

      The Moon

      NO TROLLS ON MY PAGE . . . mods? 

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      there are no mods on this forum, it's a lawless land x

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      sis get a hold of yourself x

  9. the fact that they started to flop after becoming diet dir en grey is making 2006 me happy rn
  10. it's out x
  11. nice x