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  1. The Moon

    which one of u wrote this
  2. The Moon

    tfw an elite trader on soulseek blocked u from downloading that 96 kbps madeth demo because u didn't have perfect tags sourced from grass thread. this is an end of an era
  3. The Moon

    rip in peace 🌛
  4. (moran open rp)

    u walk in. i'm brushing my hair in front of a decadent maroon vanity. the smell of my gucci perfume is in the air. my chrome hearts necklace glimmers in the dim light to the sound of メランコリア。


    u: what r u listening to , b abe?

    me: just the most amazing 音源集!

    u: what could it be????

    me: *giggling*  jen:ga - buy it on cdjapan.

    i laugh and disappear into the ether.  in the distance, soan weeps. 

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      bush did 9/11

    2. Arkady


      すごい content0. 👍

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      *knocks on your door*


      It's me, Goku!

  5. does dir en grey a chinese band????

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      oops what an accident x

    2. Chi


      pathetic x

  7. The Moon

    my depression is BACK !!!!! i stan
  8. The Moon

    loves it x
  9. The Moon

    it's called fashion sweaty x
  10. The Moon

    queen of the former soviet states when will ur fav literally ever x