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  1. The Moon

    why do they look so greasy
  2. The Moon

    the femme fatale arcana boxset came with a nice box, a folder to put the tarot cards included with it, a really pretty bracelet in a nice cloth bag, and a thick photobook also im biased because its the only one i own
  3. those bad green screen motorcycle scenes are the high camp VK bullshit i have been WAITING FOR
  4. The Moon

    also true x
  5. The Moon

    FABULOUS is a bop and a half are y'all drunk??
  6. so here for a new version of gekkou drive!! one of my favorite songs of theirs
  7. kaya and yuhua.... what the hell is this dimension.. but i'm LIVINGGGGGGGGGGG bitch!!!!! my hot and flexible body is ready for kaya to be on season 11.
  8. no step off. no step off. u step off.
  9. beacause a gaijin (foreign ner) is very baka (stupid)
  10. The Moon

    their first single was cute but im glad theyre adding more instruments
  11. i really don't get the hype for this band they give me bootleg 3rd world deadman teas & it ain't cute
  12. The Moon

    i like the look lol
  13. The Moon

  14. ^ mods please ban this troll x