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  1. 4:05 am 

    yesterday I have my last Day in Animo call Visual Kei 

    the nice Animo from the App 



  2. Next Generation Visual Kei & Deep House 

  3. Hey Sweet Heart where is your Soul ? 


    ( your Soul is Mine 


  4. Thieves any Where ?

    ( Satan see you ) 

    1. Chi


      i love satan x

  5. Happy b-day Destiny! <3

  6. Today my Birthday ! 

    I Love this Day 

    (I Love all my Friend and Follow )

  7. my friend destiny


    i wish you happy birthday


    blood rainbow death x

  8. My opinion sorry fans 1) Family is First in Everything
  9. Drink Ginger ... (my addiction )


     Parody DADAROMA 

    1. xriko


      bijuarukei ga dokusen~~

    2. DESTINYGUY0316
  11. Why every year artist fron the old band make new band 

    people think is new vocalist 

    is not the truth 

    ex member from other bands 


    Maybe one member problably new or 2 or 3 alway someone is ex member from other band 


    Most you see lot ex members in the new band typical from visual kei band  


    You see 2019 this or this year 2018 ...


    1. xriko


      hmmm "kuz this is their hobbies, their job or their life goal ?    their last project went down for many and various reason. they take a break and start another project ?     and they often do session band between 2 project, they rarely stop activites.        or maybe I don't understand your meanings...

    2. Miku70


       Some vocalists or musicians in visual kei have a new pseudonym and erase  what they did  to  before 😥. Usually it's really difficult to find anything what they did before this band 😣.    And sometimes, the label a band  like a new band but he's not mentions if guys have or have not experiences in visual kei.  I think many people don't try to find information what they did before. So I love when people have information on members and their past before a new band.

    3. Zeus


      it's like starting a new save file in an rpg after not playing for a few months. same game, new experiences.

  12. Report please how many Thieves in MH steal link for own blog 

    (Not me ) (Hell Nooo ) lol 

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. colorfuljinsei


      It's a lot more complicated than that. Someone could just re-post a bunch of old material, and if they had to be new, unique releases not already on the forum the overlap would be ridiculous. This discussion has happened year after year, and the same conclusion is reached. Those uploading on the DL forum need to understand their stuff WILL SPREAD. You can append as many warnings as you want, they're useless. 


      The club function on the forum is underused. If anyone wants to share privately amongst individuals w/ the same taste, perhaps that is an option for you?



    3. Seelentau


      Personally, I delete my uploads after about a week and I don't publish anything I don't want to see spread, so for me it's a non-issue. Was just brainstorming for other users^^

    4. Zeus


      Yes @Seelentau, its too much work for too little gain. First, there's the question of how to get people to share without access to the section. Then there's the reality that not everyone can buy and share music, which turns uploading into a race and locks out members that contribute in other ways. It also doesn't keep out the people who take links blindly, because those members can buy releases too. And there's no automated way to stay on top of it.

  13. DESTINYGUY0316

    Oye @Mamo todavía estás asqui saludo espero estes bien
  14. DESTINYGUY0316

    Suerte bro con tu concierto
  15. DESTINYGUY0316

    Sobrevivió este sitio por fin ya era hora (cementerio más cercano )