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  1. featured list

    So that's why Kisaki is always brought up on here. Now I know.
  2. I watched Aibou while it played on TV. The TV channel basically got replaced last year, so no more TV for me.
  3. I'm not really familiar with the different audio formats but are you saying that the CD version is actually worse than some of the digital versions that are released? Is there a difference between listening to a physical CD and a lossless rip? @AeolusThat is an interesting theory. It does feel like a cash grab to me, but the reason I'm not buying it is there's no new music. If they had even one new track I would have purchased it.
  4. You mean much better than the original versions? And by Hi-Res do you mean the actual CD or something else?
  5. This makes me not want to listen to the album even more. I don't see any point in changing old songs.
  6. I would rather have a new release. It has almost been a year since UNDYING.
  7. How likely is it that there will be a new release this year? It seems like they are mostly doing lives and they just announced that they will be doing Burst into a Blaze 3 in the summer. As I recall DOGMA was already announced this time of year in 2015, so could it be that they won't release anything before the end of the year?
  8. Just listened to the previews and besides 体温, which sounds very interesting, there isn't really anything that makes me want to buy this. I wish they had spent the time on making new material instead. It's been too long since DOGMA.
  9. I've only really played Soul Calibur (2 and up) but it is far and away my favorite video game series.
  10. The Resident Evil 7 soundtrack was released in digital form only? Is this a sign of things to come?

  11. He has a son doing visual kei too?
  12. It was Kagrra's 咒葬 since I was into theme songs of horror movies at the time.
  13. Glad to see the update. Can't wait for the next one.
  14. Welcome!
  15. I'd like to visit San Luis Potosi or Oaxaca, but I would be satisfied with visiting anywhere just to be able to say that I have been to Mexico.