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  1. I thought the consensus was that OMINOUS was one of the best tracks in the album, hence the early release.
  2. Overall I like Uruha's songs the best: 千鶴, DIM SCENE, TO DAZZLING DARKNESS, and CODA were all amazing in my opinion.
  3. I'll be happy if there's one or two songs on the level of DOGMA, UNDYING or OMINOUS.
  4. Anyone think that the recent GazettE SEs have improved? In particular, I think they have gotten better at getting them to either flow into the next track or continue from the previous track. Maybe they weren't trying to do that in earlier albums, but I noticed that in BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY, both the intro and outro had pretty seamless transitions, and it seemed to be the same with DOGMA's intro. I also think the more recent SEs sound better but that's just my opinion. For example, even though DIM is my favorite album, I thought most of the SEs on it were pretty lackluster compared to, say, CODA (not really a fair comparison, I know).
  5. My favorite is the one that's my profile picture. I like their older looks that were more over-the-top better than their current ones. I also really liked Ruki's look in the PV of 飼育れた春、変われぬ春. Their DOGMA look was pretty good though, I have to admit.
  6. If you know Japanese, this site has pretty thorough explanations for the discography up to DOGMA too. http://seesaawiki.jp/the_gazette_expla/
  7. Is the song being released before the album or after the album?
  8. The first GazettE song I heard was 千鶴 (since it was the theme song for a Korean horror movie and I was really into Japanese theme songs for horror movies at the time). This was in 2011, but I didn't really get into the GazettE until 2012, when I got kind of tired of listening to theme songs of horror movies. I thought 千鶴 was one of the best songs that I had heard, so I clicked on The Invisible Wall on Youtube and decided that this was a band worth listening to. The turning point was when I heard some songs from DIM, which made me decide to buy their CDs. The first one I bought was Toxic. Since that time they've been my favorite band.
  9. Sorry I realized that the first one I posted wasn't a topic for some reason, so I am posting this again. What's your favorite GazettE B-side? For me it is a toss-up between 虚無の終わり 箱詰めの黙 and Defective Tragedy. 虚無の終わり 箱詰めの黙 is just so haunting and atmospheric, while I think Defective Tragedy is pretty different from anything else they've done (in a good way). Unfortunately none of the more recent B-sides really do it for me.
  10. Happy birthday! Thanks for joining the GazettE club. Hope we can get more members in the future.

  11. Can someone make a GazettE club?

    1. CAT5


      Anyone can create clubs. So feel free to make one if you'd like.

  12. I'm scared to read what my partner thinks of my mixtape in the tradeoff.

    1. itsukoii


      don't be! it's all in good fun

    2. Nagisa


      I know, it's just that I've never had anyone rate the music that I listen to before. This is all so new to me.

    3. Zeus


      this is the best part!

  13. My partner was @itsukoii, whose taste in music I was unfamiliar with. The mix I was sent was all Japanese artists, which I liked since I don't listen to anything else. 1. 火の見櫓-狂女狂乱-メメント・モリ I thought it was a strange song to open the mix with but it was enjoyable. I appreciated the addition of an instrumental at the beginning to make it sound like a real album. It sounded like traditional Japanese instruments, which was not really what I would expect to start out an energetic mix. Based on what I heard I would like to see what else this band has to offer. 7/10 2. Voice - Re:dis The vocalist reminded me of Isshi from Kagrra which was nice. It started off slow but became pretty energetic. The drummer was a pleasure to listen to and the melody was catchy. It was strange how it became quiet near the middle of the track (noticed on second listen). 9/10 3. CRY RE:LOAD - Cat fisT This song was kind of soft and quiet in the beginning and the opening kind of felt “fantastic.” The growling was kind of weird. For some reason it didn’t really hold my attention. The clean vocals were more enjoyable than the shouting for me. 4/10 4. スロウメロウ- ダリ This was a laid back and mellow song (guess it was to be expected from the title). The vocalist had an interesting voice which kind of sounded like he had something stuck in his throat. This made me curious about their other songs. The guitar solo was nice. Overall the song was bit soft to give me energy but it had a nice pace and was easy to listen to. 6/10 5. Smiley - Smileberry This track was definitely the most energetic of the songs so far. It was upbeat and seemed like it would be fun to sing along to, although I didn’t really like the parts where people were shouting in the background. The ending in particular was enjoyable. 9/10 6. 嘔吐 DEィATH CUSSION - 【_Vani; lla】 The vocalist of this band also had an interesting voice. I liked the screams and it sounded like a song from an indie band. It felt like it took a long time for the chorus to show up. 5/10 7. 接吻 ~くちづけ~ - Initial'L I really enjoyed the opening and it felt dark. It sounded like someone snapped their fingers between the stanzas which was pretty interesting. I didn’t like when the vocalist said “motto” though. It just sounded like it didn’t fit. Also the instrumental part felt kind of childish. I didn’t like this track as much on the second listen (felt like the rhythm or timing was off). 6/10 8. 「リズリーサーカス」 - DADAROMA This was one of only two songs on the mixtape that I had heard before. It was a really wild song. To me it sounded like the vocals didn’t really mesh with the backing in some parts. It really went out with a bang. Putting this track after the previous one was really smart since both of them had a somewhat dark atmosphere. After hearing this a second time it started to grow on me. I first encountered this song when watching the Youtubers react to visual kei video here and it definitely was more enjoyable this time around. 7/10 9. DUSTING - HER NAME IN BLOOD I thought that the intro of this song was really long before realizing that it was an instrumental but it was nonetheless very enjoyable. The placement in the middle was nice in that it let me kind of take a breather and process what I had heard so far while keeping the momentum going. I was really curious about what was being said about 3/4th through. 8/10 10. Hatred - Crystal Lake The energy of this track definitely came across to me. I don’t really listen to metal but this song was nice. It felt longer than it was since at the 3 minute mark it sounded like it was going to end only to continue. The electronic part towards the end was interesting especially since it connected with what came next. The group vocals were also pretty interesting. I didn’t really like how the song ended softly. As a whole though, this song definitely fit with the theme of this trade-off. 9/10 11. LUCY - the GazettE This was the only song I was pretty familiar with, but I only hear it when I’m listening to DOGMA so it was interesting to hear it here. The fast pace of the song adds to its energy, especially at the beginning but this was kind of offset by Ruki trying to be melodic at times so it's like the song isn't clear what it is trying to be. Even though it is a “hard” song it kind of felt weak in comparison to the previous song in terms of energy. 6/10 12. KILLING CULT - lynch. The vocalist sounded really “relaxed” in the beginning and it didn’t seem like he was putting a lot of energy into singing. On the other hand the screams were fairly powerful and were definitely more enjoyable. I noticed some interesting electronic effects in my second listen which slightly improved my opinion of the track. 4/10 13. GRASP - Erdbeeren This was a fast-paced song that fit the theme of the trade-off. The vocalist’s voice really stood out in this track and it seemed like he had an impressive vocal range. The drummer also had a lot of energy and was very noticeable. I wanted to see if there was a PV of it since I was curious how the vocalist actually looked when he was making those sounds. I liked how it suddenly stopped and made it seem like the song was over only to start again. Unfortunately the ending seemed kind of drawn out and repetitive. 8/10 14. MASK - Lycaon I felt a lot of energy at the beginning, but it was rather weird and distracting that the singer kept repeating the same phrase three times. The guitar solo was nice. 5/10 15. BLACK SUGAR & CIGARETTE - ゴシップ It was interesting that this track started out with vocals which then disappeared and came back. It was a fast-paced and vibrant song with a pleasant melody. The singing was easy to listen to. It seemed like there were a lot of parts without vocals. 7/10 16. リストカッター - ザクロ This song definitely got my attention with the whoop at the beginning. It had a nice rhythm and the atmosphere felt like that of a circus. The singer’s voice was enjoyable and unique (felt kind of off to me though). The song as a whole was wild and the ending was unexpected. 8/10 17. ブルージー・ナイト - メリー This track felt like jazz at the beginning. It was kind of slow paced and the vocals were soft. It was interesting how the vocalist would begin singing something before the current stanza ended. The style of singing kind of changed 3/4th of the way through. This made the song more enjoyable for me. 5/10 18. SOMBRE DIMANCHE - MiD DERACINE This track felt very slow and it didn’t really feel like it would give me energy. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable song. The singing felt laid-back and I liked the guitar solos. However, I was kind of hoping for a more powerful song to end the mix. 6/10 Overall this mix was pretty enjoyable. When rating the songs I also took into account how much they fit with the theme rather than basing it solely on whether I liked it or not. I think itsukoii really put a lot of thought into the placement of the tracks and the addition of an intro and outro was a nice touch. However, a few of the songs, while nice to listen to, didn't really give me a lot of energy. I guess this is more of a personal thing than I thought. The fact that everything was by Japanese artists made it a lot easier for me to listen to even if some songs are not what I would usually listen to. I give the mix a 7/10.
  14. Not sure how many other people this is true for but it definitely applies to me.
  15. Oh my gosh finally! Can't wait for this. I think I'm going to skip looking at previews to make the album sound more fresh when I actually get it.