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  1. Nagisa

    I'm in the same situation. Would be nice if it was during the weekend at least.
  2. Nagisa

    Would be nice if they did that. I'm curious what it would sound like.
  3. Nagisa

    I watched Solo two days ago with a friend. I had heard that it wasn't that good so I didn't have very high expectations going into it. The trailer also hadn't really pulled me in like some of the other Star Wars trailers had. However, it turned out to be a very enjoyable movie with lots of plot twists and nicely-done visuals. I talked to my friend after the movie and he seemed to think the same.
  4. Nagisa

    I just finished reading 新耳袋殴り込み 最恐伝説, about a group of people who visited some ruins in Osaka that were supposedly haunted to make a horror documentary. I've never watched any of the DVDs but I've read all the books and they are pretty interesting (and funny). I'm going to start reading Sadako vs. Kayako soon.
  5. Nagisa

    I wonder if there will be more releases since the first tour says Phase #01 - Phenomenon. Maybe that's just referring to the different sets of lives, though.
  6. Nagisa

    My CD finally came today. I'll write a review later but overall I was kind of disappointed. I didn't really understand what people meant by recycled riffs before but this time I was able to recognize some. I thought it would be like BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY which I enjoyed but there wasn't as much variety as I imagined. There also weren't any stand-out tracks like DOGMA had, although The Mortal and Babylon's Taboo had some good parts. I'm not sure what to think of Unfinished since it seems like GazettE albums usually with a really strong track but while kind of different, Unfinished didn't really grab my attention.
  7. My copy of NINTH still hasn't arrived yet....

  8. Nagisa

    I'd like to read more track by track reviews but I guess it's too early for that?
  9. Nagisa

    Looking at other people's reviews, it seems like NINTH is like BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY with more variation in the tracks and no standouts.
  10. Nagisa

    My preorder from CDJapan shipped about 12 hours ago. It's interesting how people are forming their opinion of the whole album based on previews.
  11. Nagisa

    They released the cover of the reference book recently.
  12. Nagisa

    I'm doing the same thing. I regret listening to the preview for DOGMA. Not that long to wait anyways.
  13. Nagisa

    Only one song that breaks the 5 minute mark? Wow that's short.
  14. Nagisa

    Any guesses as to what the "NINTH Reference Book" is? I'm kind of tempted to order it since the price seems pretty reasonable.
  15. Nagisa

    I don't think BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY was that bad. It was certainly better than TOXIC and DIVISION. There were a lot of tracks I liked (more than on DOGMA actually) but nothing that really blows you away like DOGMA or UNDYING. I don't think that means it was a bad album, though.
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