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  1. Desqui

    Have you guys seen Jungle? Tons of dread with 100% predictability. What made me keep watching Guns Akimbo was the crazy fact that guns were drilled into his hands. That kind of odd detail is ... actually I'm sure there's another movie like that that I'm forgetting...but then they decided to take time to show the struggle of daily life with his new appendages, I appreciate that. After that Then it turns into the movie you knew it was going to be within the first 10-15 min.
  2. Desqui

    What are the JPfandom negative comments against? Maybe they think they're small enough that it doesn't matter.
  3. Desqui

    @Kirito actually, I dont know what I was thinking! So if you watch on your computer, the paragraph-like comments from "Ayame" are usually little summaries of what's being talked about. You can translate those! And when the full vids are up the chat box is still up too.
  4. Desqui

    I don't remember liking The Woman in Black. I'll have to rewatch it. Maybe the predictability is what makes it likable though? Akin to knowing the plot of a play but still watching the performance. There's just the right amount of dread to keep you seated. But I can't recall the endings of what I've watched with him so this is just one excuse I can think of lol. In Guns Akimbo though, that bit when they rewinded, I didn't like that--however, I don't know any other way to have done it either.
  5. Staying up late hoping tomorrow never comes.

  6. Desqui

    I keep finding myself in the ACWW vs ACNL vs ACNH corners of YouTube and Reddit.
  7. Desqui

    But how do I download it.
  8. Desqui

    Guns Akimbo It was entertaining but a bit predictable. I like watching the odd things Daniel Radcliffe stars in.
  9. His family is hiding him? Glad those still exist in Japan.
  10. Desqui

    They privatize the full lengths. There are times where fans say they missed something so they make it public again. This happened when I first started watching though, they'll leave a ton of regular lengths up (me thinking they'll stay forever 🥺), then they become summaries like that! Then someone gets on top of it and only 1-2 videos will remain full length. Well, this is what I'm expecting anyway. Surely someone somewhere was saving all this!! Yes. I tend to look at the comments to try and figure out the details of the conversation or I may tune out until I hear something I understand. I know I'm missing a lot of info, but I'm way over trying to follow 100% xD I like to think my listening skills have slightly improved too. But yeah, with no japanese knowledge details are lost BUT you can still laugh at the silliness and some joking around doesn't need translation. @suji you recorded some of the summaries or the full lengths?
  11. Desqui

    I know! I wish I knew then what I know now (how to ... ahem... save videos) because I want ALL of Yuu's guitar playing videos It also seems like before they were doing nightly episodes, they showed Merry's past history videos?? Which has led me here to ask if Anyone saved All of it? I know they don't delete the videos off the account. When I saved Gara's first solo tube, it only switched to a private video. I've shamefully thought about trying to hack it lol The more I've been watching though, the sadder I get because now they're promoting their fall tour and then the final live, Kenichi's last, and it's not like I can go!
  12. Desqui

    It would definitely help lower the chances of false hope and sadness.
  13. Desqui

    I told myself I wouldn't think about the villagers as if they're real but I've become slightly invested... Since I'm more of a fishing/bug catching type of player, I'll only buy something if it fits as a villager's gift. Even now when I go try and get free stuff from someone's island, I'm thinking "Oh, this will work well with Gloria's style." Ok self... I found out I got 4 stars today, but I don't know how. I've been terraforming, but I'm not much of a decorator. I like to leave things where they fall, see... So I hope I randomly stumble into five stars as I go about doing nothing... what's 5 stars for again? rare flowers? And if any one wants to be friends, I don't have cool stuff, but I can hang.
  14. I want to change my life :( Just start fresh with a new arrangement.

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