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  1. I'm so sleep deprived trying to catch all these live streamings! 😪 😴 I should be responsible and quit this new Covid addiction 🤣

  2. Desqui

    @Seelentau were you able to get talk #2 as well?
  3. Desqui

    What's Mana's reaction?
  4. Desqui

    I do appreciate the reup.
  5. Desqui

    Going through old hard drives. I always find the headbangy & spunky stuff first, then I start getting sad and just cry.
  6. https://www.crystalknows.com/enneagram-test You can take DISC and Enneagram here. DISC: C Enneagram: 5w6 Myers: In HS I got the "impossible" INTJ/INTP combo, but recently I've been getting ISTJ. Which matches with C I guess. I found out about DISC recently at a career class and I remember reading C's characteristics and thinking man that person sounds super weak and ugly and boring. No way am I that one. I was already self-hating before I took the test 🤣 I'm really liking the Crystal site and spam emails so if I ever get serious about changing careers and revamping my at work integrity I may pay for more access.
  7. Desqui

    I was really learning conversation tips from that one, hahaha.
  8. If you watch Merry's last night's stream, be one of the 300人/600人 that stayed till the end 🕺🏻💃🏻😋

    1. suji


      I can never catch their streams since I work all the time ;w;

    2. Desqui


      My pre-COVID schedule doesn't allow viewing 😞 so I don't know if I can watch once work returns

  9. Desqui

    Tune in if you can. They get uploaded later but half the fun? is the chatroom, especially if you have cash. 😁 【トーク生配信】 5/6 22:00 「90年代V系を語る会」 結生×テツ×ネロ でお届けします! 90s VKei topic
  10. Desqui

    I can't afford/find a switch & get ACNH so I'm playing ... Morrowind for the first time. I don't know if I should be embarrassed but it's fun so far.
  11. Desqui

    While drinking lol
  12. I thought Kaoru had a great start but not great ending, then Toshiya was well I didn't get a mood swing until the end and I liked that there was this feeling of 'it's the end, goodbye!'. I'll admit Die's was the best. As much as I felt like crying all through Kaoru's...in a good way. I had wished for longer setlists but when Shinya gave it it felt too long haha & so many people in the chat predicted what he'd pick too. For nostalgia for sure
  13. Desqui

    Anyone watching their live streams on YT?
  14. 🤩 ガラさん read my comment outloud on his ソロTube! 🎤🐑

    1. suji


      so fucking bummed I missed his stream!

    2. Desqui


      @suji 😢 Aww! Did you miss because of work?


      Gara read a letter to open, asked how his facial hair looks, then read another letter to the band members? But mostly he talked about mikes & mike stands and kept looking down into the comments for questions. 😅 Really trying to talk about anything for one hour, so the contents were....well, and my poor Japanese. I hope you catch his next one! 🙏

    3. Desqui


      Oh and when we reached 500人⤴️ fans wanted him to tap dance 🤭🕺🏻🕺🏻 but he didn't.

  15. I'd bring a friend to Shinya's live but I'd keep Die's and Kaoru's all to myself. I'm excited for Kyo's but also glad I can stop waking up at 3am 😂
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