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  1. mahoujin

    Yes exactly! It's not an unreasonable suggestion to narrow your scope to a few favorite bands and set aside $10-20 a month for buying music. Especially if you talk big game about how music is your passion.
  2. mahoujin

    Chedoara and Rijin are still available digitally anywhere digital music is sold. I bought mine via Amazon. Rijin is literally $1.99. I'm not trying to put words in your mouth here, but buying albums shouldn't be a radical death saving throw we don't do until things get dire.
  3. Soooo this was almost a month ago. Has anyone heard anything yet? I'd go digging through the other members' twitter, but I don't speak Japanese and google translations are basically useless when you're trying to figure out more than just the topic of conversation...
  4. I was already into goth music and a couple different kinds of metal, so I probably would have gotten deeper into those, since I still like that kind of music too.
  5. Happy birthday bro! Hope you have a wonderful day! Keep slaying~*~*~*💖

    1. mahoujin


      Thank you!!

  6. mahoujin

    I got into visual kei around 2004 and didn't really listen to any new music that wasn't visual kei until 2011 because I was SO DEEPLY INTO IT. In 2010, basically all the bands I listened to disbanded or went through major changes with their sound, then Isshi from Kagrra died. It made me feel a little empty and betrayed by visual kei. Sure there were bands still around and new bands forming ALL THE TIME, but they weren't MY BANDS and I was getting kind of tired of the cycle of short-lived bands. So I got really into Plastic Tree (which is obviously still vk, but more stable) and then I got really into a whole bunch of other non-vk stuff that I still really enjoy now. I probably wouldn't have found some of the bands I like now if I didn't get burnt out on visual kei in the first place. Of course, I'm back into visual kei now, or I wouldn't be on this forum. It's okay to like more than one kind of music. I think it's healthy to let your taste in music grow naturally without feeling guilty. Visual kei doesn't miss you when you listen to something else.
  7. mahoujin

    Versailles. I don't dislike them or anything. I saw them at A-Kon in 2008 and I had to take a plane to get there because it was really far away. I didn't really follow them closely after Jasmine You died. I don't know why because it's not like the music changed. I'd still see Versailles live if they were within a few hours of me, but they're no longer a band where I'd be like BETTER BOOK MY FLIGHT if they were playing too far away from me. Also, I was really into D when I first got into visual kei and now I can't remember the last time I listened to them. It's probably been a few years.
  8. mahoujin

    I used to post on batsu, but my memory is so bad that I don't remember my own username there, let alone who anyone else was. Anyway, welcome!
  9. mahoujin

    @sheepprincessgaraThank you!!
  10. mahoujin

    Some recent looks + Makeup tutorial
  11. I love coupling singles when it's two bands I like and I actually know the songs that are being swapped. The Gallo x Scapegoat one is definitely my favorite.
  12. mahoujin

    I don't see a problem with this at all. If everyone involved is okay with it and they've improved the song, changed the way they perform it, or just have access to better recording, then why not? The fans that followed them over from their previous bands probably appreciate it, too.
  13. mahoujin


  14. This hit me really hard. I've had a really hard struggle with mental illness my whole life and Linkin Park was such an important band for me as a kid. I felt really alone in my feelings until I heard them.
  15. mahoujin

    I've been waiting so long for this to happen
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