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  1. He doesn't want to be found. He's been working at the tire yard for almost a decade and has probably worked his way up to night foreman. He isn't about to throw all that away for the $263 cash infusion he'd receive by participating in a Malice Mizer reunion.
  2. These guys remind me of Kagerou more and more as time goes on... and that is a good thing. New single sounds great!!!!!
  3. Ordinarily, Yoshiki should remain in the hospital for at least a few days after the surgery. After waking up from general anesthesia and under heavy analgesics, he expressed that he wanted to record a song he was writing from up until the night before surgery. Persuading his doctor into releasing him from the hospital a few hours after surgery, he headed for the studio and stayed there for half an hour. However, since his condition after surgery was too extreme, his staff and the accompanying nurse managed to get him back home to rest under his physician’s care.
  4. The guy from Due le Quartz. Holy shit. He was as bad as the drummer, who was truly one of the greatest awful drummers of all times.
  5. Yeah, same for me on Eliott Smith. Like him in high school, find that shit incredibly embarrassing as an adult. Same goes for The Smiths. I was a hardcore fan when I was younger, CANNOT STAND that stuff now. I like a new Moz solo tunes still, but I'm just not miserable enough to listen to The Smiths anymore. I can't listen to L'arc~en~Ciel's 'Heavenly' anymore. I like other records, but that one bores me to tears now.
  6. Who would want to hear a Japanese guy calling himself something like 'Blind Smokey Jackson Jr" playing note-for-note delta blues songs? Maybe for the laughs, but same applies to foreign VK bands.... you might get a laugh out of it, but that's about it. No need to bother with an imitation when you can get the real thing.
  7. Theyre both shit, but Drug Treatment at least has 'Like@Angel.' Buy Nakigara o... or Mayoeru Yuritachi.
  8. Source of this highly unlikely rumor?
  9. No doubt. I used to have a sweet collection of like 4 hide music videos in .ASF format. Simpler times, man.
  10. A .rm (RealVideo) file of "Au Revior" by Malice Mizer got me into visual way way back in 2001.
  11. What horrible setlists. Shit.
  12. Malice Mizer for lifeeeeee. Welcome.
  13. Westerners are the only ones pirating their CDs and DVDs. Duh.