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  1. Saishu

    Infinitum still isn’t really clicking with me. When a song hits it really HITS, but everything else is just sort of there. I listened to Adoratio yesterday and it’s still fantastic
  2. Saishu

    I remember the crowd going ape shit at a DEG show before it even started because a roadie brought Kyo’s platform out
  3. Saishu

    You mean PS2? I still have mine. I kept it in the package for years only to take it out and put it in a custom made display case
  4. Saishu

    Disorder to Nil is probably one of the most jarring transitions a band has gone thru in the span of one album. In comparison, Nil is so sterile. That raw, punk vibe in Disorder was almost completely gone.
  5. Saishu

    New combat system has me excited. Went from not really caring to preordering it last night.
  6. Saishu

    Fully expect FFVII to miss the date, then Square Enix just says “Fuck it! Full game coming out in 2021! For PS5!”
  7. Saishu

    Tell you what, if Final Fantasy VII Remake features brooding emo Cloud from Advent Children instead of the weird ass dork that he was originally, I’m out.
  8. Par the course for these fuckers. How many booklets have lyrics that are unreadable without a magnifying glass and a head lamp?
  9. Saishu

    I feel like Sho is one of the rare vocalists that uses growls when they’re appropriate for the lyrics
  10. Saishu

    I don’t worry too hard about anyone in VK because it’s next to impossible to know if any of the tortured/disturbed/withdrawn auras being put on display aren’t just for performance.
  11. Saishu

    The only thing DEG about them is Sho, and that’s only when he growls/squeals; his cleans are different from Kyo’s. I think for some people (including me) the hype comes from them bursting onto the scene with messy songwriting, then improving tenfold when Issei peaced out. Last summer when they dropped vanitas, shigarami, and aizou no tsuki all in a row, it was like it was a new band. I just... honestly find the DEG comparisons weird. Dimlim are more technical and definitely have their ear to the ground for what’s going on in modern metal. But then it seems like a VK band can’t have downtuned guitars and harsh vocals without dodging the comparison, so I get it.
  12. Saishu

    The solo saved the song to be honest. It sounds like leftover ideas from the Chedoara sessions, and as I’ve said before I’m getting a little tired of the tapping gimmick. At least go somewhere else on the guitar neck, dudes. Sudden ending with no climax is cute, but it was cuter in Grotesque. It’s fine, but last summer’s singles it is not.
  13. Saishu

    Dorothy and track three remind me of Merveilles era Malice Mizer songs
  14. Saishu

    Also this album seems to be mixed way hotter than the other Sukekiyo material. The loud volume makes the noisy stuff sound even more chaotic
  15. Saishu

    Worst tracks on this thing are the first and last. They’re just these repetitive, meandering slogs that go nowhere. Certainly not how Adoratio was bookended. Giji Necromancer was a great opener, and Hakudaku sent the whole thing into the stratosphere
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