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  1. Saishu

    Holy shit this song sucks
  2. Saishu

    Before Issei left every Dimlim song sounded like it was recorded while the band fell down the stairs
  3. Saishu

    Shudder is probably my favorite 12012 song.
  4. Saishu

    Diamond and the Wataru choke out we’re within three months of each other. The shift back to darker music started with Seven, but I can only assume going full on GRAWR was just too much and Yuusuke bounced
  5. Saishu

    I can’t listen to songs like Baal-zebul, Abuse, and Madman and take that self-titled seriously. I’d like some sort of chronicle that explains the sudden style shifts they went thru in such a short span of time. Yuusuke probably decided to quit when he saw where things were headed.
  6. Saishu

    I forgot Cunning Killer was a thing so I just listened to it. When the music drops so Wataru can scream “self-awareness release of the go” like a 5 year old stomping his feet at his mom, I lost my shit.
  7. Saishu

    It was all better than shit like Diamond. Though the self titled has some of 12012’s worst tracks, I’d rather listen to that than the generic, milquetoast pop rock they farted out for a couple albums
  8. Saishu

    Here I secured a copy what now, Retsu? edit: I see photobucket is mad that I didn’t want to pay them $6 for them to store my photos lol
  9. Saishu

    Again, he could just throw it on streaming services or sell it digitally.
  10. Saishu

    Deicida of Silence aged about as well as the self titled album that preceded it. That is to say they were dated when they came out and they’re even worse now
  11. Saishu

    Wait are we pretending that those three minis were all high quality? Because yo what the fuck?
  12. Saishu

    Oh, Issei. Yeah, he’s a dipshit, but his band is in much better shape than Dimlim. Unfortunately.
  13. Saishu

    Sho and Hiroshi haven’t said a word. Retsu is the only one flailing his arms all over social media. I love where Retsu took Dimlim with Chedoara, and I’ve supported them to the best of my ability from the other side of the pond (bought Chedoara and Rijin physically and digitally, and stream them on Spotify), but as I’ve said before the band needs someone to take care of the business side of things. “We don’t want to hear opinions” is exactly why they think they can continue on playing this dense and intricate music live with just three members and some playback to fill the missing space. Someone needs to slap some sense into them. Probably just Retsu. And he’s so protective over Kidoairaku, it’s weird. PUT IT ON SPOTIFY OR SOMETHING, YOU DIPSHIT! WTF?!
  14. Saishu

    Retsu is clearly having a mental breakdown. How are downloads of Kidoairaku hindering sales when all the copies have been sold?
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