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  1. If Ruki does the bulk of the songwriting again, I don't expect the music to evolve much.
  2. Ooooo an unoccupied wheelchair in a dark room! Come on, guys...
  3. more darkness.
  4. Way late, but I'm just now seeing this since I don't check outside the news forum very often; Mika's brilliance has always been there. Now, granted, within the context of Sukekiyo (especially on Adoratio) he's given more room to experiment and breathe, per se, but even in Rentrer en Soi it was obvious he wasn't the average VK drummer. He could go balls out metal, but he was able to groove too. And his patterns and fills were creative. What DIDN'T help his case is that most of RES' albums weren't mixed that well. He tended to get buried, and just check out The Abyss of Despair for a perfect example. The speedy double bass licks in the second chorus are reduced to a barely audible rumble underneath the muddy production. I didn't even realize they were there until I watched the DVD of their final live. Also check out Gira Gira, which is the song (along with the orignal Secret Scars) that made me really take notice of Mika. He goes absolutely batshit bonkers in Gira Gira! So I dunno. Maybe it's just me because I play drums and my ear has always naturally picked out the rhythm section, but Mika's performance in Sukekiyo doesn't surprise me. He's one of my favorite drummers in music. Period.
  5. The PV for Revelation of Mankind? I believe that was a continuation of the Saku/Kodou storyline, and the PV implied that the parents were abusive. I think the PV for Obscure was worse though. Also doesn't help that Obscure is almost always the one used in reaction videos because "WOW SO SHOCKING!"
  6. I can see them remaking Zekuu, Kuchiki no Tou, and Houyoku, but nothing beyond that.
  7. Also, aren't the mode of DVDs a knot only?
  8. Goddamn, Toshiya and Die are majestic as FUCK!
  9. Kaoru wtf http://kyotakumrau.tumblr.com/post/163854794452/abandonhopesp-kaoru-and-die
  10. Every time I see this thread I think it's calling Roji a doctor.
  11. There's two PVs, one for Hidauta (track 3) and one for En (track 6). What you're referring to – a song with b-sides – is a single, which Adoratio doesn't have.
  12. Exactly. An example of a remaster done well is Radiohead's recent reissue of OK Computer. Dir en grey's remaster of Uroboros is also pretty good, with Toguro being the only track that I think suffered in the remaster. In some instances with the original version of Uroboros, I couldn't really hear things like hi-hats because it was just this muddled mess. The remaster really cleaned things up.
  13. Well, no. A good remaster will take all the tracks within a song and rebalance them. Like say a drum track wasn't very prominent in the original master, a remaster would add some clarity to it. Or perhaps boost the bass a bit to add more bottom end. However, since the late 90s/early 00s, remasters (and original masters for that matter) raise the volume on EVERYTHING. The entire recording is compressed to be louder, which ruins the dynamics; if a song starts quiet and gets louder, the effect is diminished because the entire song is now at the same volume levels. This also means there's possibility of distortion because the sound levels are so high. A remix is taking a song and rearranging it so it's basically a new song.
  14. I'd rather rerecorded than remastered. Rerecorded at least provides a fresh take on old material (usually, there are examples of rerecordings being mostly redundant, like Gazette's Traces Vol. 2). Remasters are tricky too, though, because more often than not a remaster these days is just someone raising the levels on the original recording, and making something louder does not equal remaster to me. Unfortunately, the remaster of Homura Uta falls prey to this, so I'm perfectly fine with my original copy. The rerecording is fine, but I think the only song that benefitted from it is Zutazuta.