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  1. I've been saying the band doesn't give a shit about Gauze since I saw the Blitz 5 Days performance, and I honestly don't believe they really enjoy playing it, at least not in its entirety. They probably did it first to get it out of the way!
  2. That show sucked anyway. The band couldn't have looked less interested in playing Gauze.
  3. Also they released a DVD/Blu-ray for the Arche tour last summer. Doubt there needs to be another (even though they did milk the hell out of the Uroboros/DSS era for a few years).
  4. Guess that means the spines on the "MODE OF" DVDs combine to form an image?
  5. It's the version of Karma that Shinya can actually play.
  6. No, I bought Immortalis and Vitium from CDJapan, but everything since then has been a pain in the ass to get. CDJapan can get Anima, but they have to order it from the webstore themselves, so they charge more to cover the cost.
  7. Doubt this would matter. Didn't Vitium drop like a month after Arche?
  8. A year between singles isn't uncommon for DEG, so maybe.
  9. I love conceived zorro
  10. I hate both versions of Hydra, though I guess the original worked better as a live song. I imagine the middle section of Berry will be mostly a backing track with Die and/or Kaoru noodling about. And going back to Gauze, I kind of knew they weren't feeling those songs anymore when they didn't play the jam at the end of Mask. Which, honestly, is the only thing about that song I like.
  11. He still fucks up the solo in Decayed Crow though.
  12. Well if he was having trouble holding the pick, taping it would definitely improve his playing.
  13. These dudes barely gave enough of a shit to play Gauze, so I expect nothing. They may bust out Ash for the Macabre tour though. That seems feasible.
  14. Hey guys where's my FROM DEPRESSION TO _______ mode of Jealous/I'll tour?!?!
  15. Phenomenon sitting up in there all not really fitting in.