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  1. Saishu

  2. Saishu

    Like what the fuck did I miss? Four years ago he was riding the djent train what is this?!
  3. Saishu

  4. Saishu

    I haven’t listened to the original version of Ameria in a while, but why do I remember it being less of a disjointed mess?
  5. Saishu

    I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I mean bands now rarely go into the studio and record live, everyone records separately and there are multiple takes. The best take is what you’re hearing, or in some cases it’s the best parts of different takes pieced together. In theory what you’re hearing on studio recordings is the “perfect” version. Things change live because bands can’t always recreate exactly what they did in the studio.
  6. Saishu

    He always looks like he’s fighting with his mouth to keep his teeth hidden. It’s awkward as fuck.
  7. Some people are collectors. That’s it really. I buy a handful of CDs a year, and all I do is rip them to my computer and throw them onto a bookshelf. My car didn’t even come with a CD player, but it doesn’t matter because I have access to my entire library via iCloud. Not just what I bought on iTunes, but stuff I ripped too. I’m glad I own the CDs that I have, but they sure as shit aren’t being played at this point.
  8. Right. It was physical release after the fact wasn’t it?
  9. Saishu

    They have everything to worry about from a business standpoint.
  10. Saishu

    I am absolutely losing my shit at how the story is being told in Final Fantasy VII Remake. But, first of all, I’m soooo glad that they kept Cloud an awkward weirdo like he was in the original instead of the cool badass we got in everything else he was in. The other characters are pretty spot on too, and I honestly was never a big fan of the original game at all. What I don’t like is all the stupid filler stuff they have you do to pass time. At one point I couldn’t make any progress until I played a game of darts. Some of these quests and missions are really dragged out for the sake of adding more length, and it doesn’t always work in the game’s favor. The story though... obviously don’t want to spoil, but uh... I’ll just say sometimes things deviate, and then you’ll get something literally is like “nah, that’s not how it happened” and fixes it. It’s interesting, and I get the feeling that events are going to end up changing a LOT by the time this is over. Which is good. I’m on board with Square-Enix shaking things up.
  11. Saishu

    Three weeks makes all the difference huh
  12. Saishu

    Face to Face and In Future are two of my favorite Luna Sea songs. Mother isn’t my favorite album (I tend to run towards Image or Eden or even Style) but it’s undeniably a classic in the scene.
  13. Saishu

    I don’t know.
  14. Saishu

    When I see the word “djent” I think of heavy, down tuned, rhythmic palm muted riffs. MISC doesn’t chug and that’s a huge part of the problem. With only one dude on guitar that is most likely not going to happen unless they at least get a bassist. I think the reason for the huge shift in sound is to accommodate the thin line up.
  15. Saishu

    It isn’t djent. Like... at all.
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