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  1. Album is great. Second disc is mostly horse shit.
  2. Good, I was due for another train wreck from Jin.
  3. Man, Tool has been promising a new album for years now, but at least they have the balls to say it's just not fucking done.
  4. Visual-Kei

  5. Because he was mizerable.
  6. I mean, honestly, given how most tribute albums go, this could very well just be bands covering the singles. And if it ends up being, like, Sukekiyo cranks out some ethereal post-rock version of Falling Down I'm going to shit my pants.
  7. I hope Sukekiyo covers Mama and it just ends up being their own Mama.
  8. Bottom line is these bands are going to play whatever goddamn songs they want to play.
  9. Sukekiyo is a surprise since I was under the assumption DEG and MUCC didn't get along. Probably just more fangirl horseshit. I could see Sukekiyo covering "Shishite Katamari". It'll definitely be one of the early era tracks though.
  10. Luna Sea is probably releasing another album to show Yoshiki that it's really not that hard.
  11. Mika is seriously one of the best drummers in VK.
  12. A WILL has one good song and these mofos are splitting it into two parts? The fuck is this?
  13. "Best of" compilations are easy money makers. The one distinction here is that all the songs are rerecorded, but at the same time they didn't bother getting a sound engineer and the band did it all themselves. To me the whole thing sounds rushed, and I'm also inclined to believe that Kai didn't even play on it. Sounds like programmed drums to me.
  14. Most of the members aren't solely about DEG anymore, that could be part of it. That and they're at the point where they don't feel like they need to be constantly releasing something. They've been a band for 20 years, so if they aren't burnt out yet, I Image they would slow down to keep it from happening. And I get the feeling they don't have their sights set on the West much anymore.
  15. You said two albums before Arche and a chain of self-covers, which kind of implies that you're referring to Uroboros and DSS and not including The Unraveling as an album. Which you shouldn't, cuz it isn't. But whatever yourself, Capt. Cranky Chipshoulder.