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  1. This is weird, the way I feel about this. I think what sucks is I really believe Jin is sincere in his efforts. As bad as his vocals can be and as derivative as his songwriting gets, he’s trying. Maybe trying too hard? i don’t know. He deserves a break. Maybe he should use the time to get a vocal coach or something. Take some music theory.
  2. Look I was no fan, but how the fuck is TBS crumbling before The Thirteen?!
  3. The only issue with this lineup isn’t that neither aie or Die are great vocalists. Maybe the sound will change to accommodate that.
  4. Holy shit at aie joining. Does this mean we get yet another version of secret mode? but yeah, oddly enough, Die’s composition skills aren’t that great outside the context of DEG. So mixed feelings.
  5. I like the old Obscure but played at a faster tempo. They were doing that briefly during the Uroboros cycle.
  6. I would say he was fine pre-WtD before the growling/screaming became more prominent. I think his cleans are a little better now though. He’s still not great.
  7. It’s goofy that we sit here and praise Kyo for hitting half the right notes just because he was THAT much WORSE a few touring cycles ago; WtD–Marrow era was a disaster. That said, his vocals have improved in recent years, and maybe I give him a pass because he keeps attempting things beyond his range despite being hospitalized several times. Also because a vast majority of VK vocalists don’t fucking know how to sing anyway.
  8. The audio in the Pierrot teaser didn’t sound like it was live.
  9. Thanks, Shinya, but no thanks.
  10. I don’t think you’re understanding me. Spirit tried to sue Led Zeppelin because the chord progression from “Stairway to Heaven” sounded similar to a song called “Taurus”. This is over 40 years after both songs were released. I’m not talking about artists sounding similar to other artists, I’m talking about artists literally stealing songs from other artists. “Kannou to Paradox” is “Toguro” and “Uso no mamireta...” is straight up “Ware, Yami Tote.” And if you want to get away from Sadie, “Chainsaw” sounds like “Child Prey.” But whatever, it’s fine. DEG used to rip off Luna Sea all the time. I think the point here is don’t act like Sadie/Thirteen/Mao are somehow absolved from it just because you’re a fan.
  11. What I was saying about the Japanese music industry is that when Sadie writes a songs that are basically covers of DEG’s “Toguro” and “Ware, Yami Tote”, no one is going to take legal action. In the West, you bet your ass Sadie would have been in court.
  12. Are we really getting hype over some cowbell?
  13. Yeah. For example, I don’t like the remake of Unknown, Despair, a Lost, so I just don’t listen to it.