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  1. I hate this so much. Does it go for the entire length of the song? Because I couldn’t take anymore.
  2. Man why they keep snubbing Giji Necromancer?!
  3. Bring back Yune.
  4. Well... Mazohyst does have that weird sound effect ripped straight from Buck Tick’s Kirameki no Naka de. And I feel like Zan may have been inspired a bit by Luna Sea’s 1999. So no, not ripoffs, but their heroes were still coming thru the songwriting.
  5. Even worse is they played it back and everyone agreed on it.
  6. Midwife is pretty bad. It bothers me a LOT when they throw those weird, skronky, almost atonal riffs in the heavier material. It just makes everything sound goofy. It happens in Bugaboo and practically everything in Withering to death.
  7. Was gonna say that cover is very Bowie
  8. There’s Dir en grey and DIR EN GREY.
  9. Missa is a Garden single with some other shit on it. Kiri to Mayu is the standout track for me though.
  10. To be honest, for most of the time spent loving this band, I’ve never understood the praise for Gauze. Now, mind you, I got into DEG when Vulgar was the newest album. I went backwards from there and everything still sort of made sense. So naturally I got super excited about Withering to death and preordered it and everything. What I got, to my American ears that were new to jrock, was a bunch of dudes that didn’t know how to play metal. I hated it, and to this day it’s still my least played DEG album. I went thru my own little revolt and would only listen to the first three albums for a while. But Gauze. Gauze is held in this lofty position of being some great cornerstone of VK. Why? Once you dig deeper into VK you realize that tons of bands were already doing what DEG had done on Gauze. What makes it so special compared to anything Luna Sea and Kuroyume did? There are people that say Gauze is their best album. Are they serious? Is this coming from Yoshiki fans? I dont get it.
  11. People in Japan upload to YouTube all the time, but Sony has a hard time doing it?
  12. The drum pattern in the chorus for Lotus is pretty blah too. If it wasn’t for Toshiya the whole thing would sound lifeless.
  13. It’s definitely Sony Music Japan. I had two copyright strikes from them on my old YouTube account, and it was because I uploaded Gazette and MUCC songs. And it just doesn’t make any sense. You can’t watch some PVs on YouTube, but you can buy the music on US iTunes.
  14. But they’re okay with selling music on iTunes?
  15. No, because I can’t watch them because Sony Music Japan is dumb.