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  1. I’m not familiar with him either, so I did a quick search to see what he’s worked on. I wasn’t even aware Papa Roach was still around.
  2. Jeez, out of all the albums he’s mastered you singled out that one?!
  3. Wow, I wasnt even aware that Shun was part of that project. Someone said they sat down and spoke with Satsuki, and he claimed that interband fighting is what caused the band to collapse. Like two of the guys would have regular physical altercations. For some reason I just assume it was Shun and Ryo.
  4. I’ll admit Gazette usually (USUALLY) has some banging album closers. Toxic doesn’t, and Division totally should have ended with Yoin. Dim Scene is my favorite though.
  5. Did the other two-fifths of RES just fall of the face of the earth?
  6. Is he still stealing Nirvana lyrics or has he moved on to Bush or some shit?
  7. This answers my question of whether or not he has a band.
  8. Everytime someone says Chizuru it takes me a few seconds to remember it’s not Taion or Dim Scene.
  9. Cracking the fuck up at everyone reacting to Falling getting copyright strikes. Sony Music Japan don’t give no fucks how much you love GAZETTO
  10. Jesus, I felt like the only person that remembers that song. I rock that shit regularly.
  11. Man that’s nonsense, Stigmata and Megiddo were fucking ace.
  12. This is my new favorite YouTube channel https://youtu.be/u8sbYUS4CsY
  13. What, you mean a Gazette song?
  14. It’s intentionally horrible. Look at the rest of the channel.