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  1. They don’t even need to have analog mastering (though that would be cool), they just need to stop compressing everything so much. There’s no room for the instruments to breathe because the lack of dynamics just sort of mash everything together into BIG HEAVY NOISE. As much as I am a fan of the songwriting in Arche, I think it’s one of their worst sounding records.
  2. This song would be boring no matter what band performed it.
  3. I can’t imagine it sounds much different since Gauze was most likely recorded digitally.
  4. Original versions of Kasumi and The Final are boring.
  5. Yeah, that seems likely.
  6. I think the lyrics are the same, Kyo just changed the phrasing and melodies. The growling part is weird and really doesn’t fit the original tone of the song, but, then again, sukekiyo did make it their own so...
  7. Hisaki is a sick bassist, but I am so tired of the VK shuffle beat. This isn’t really piquing my interest.
  8. I literally rolled my eyes and screamed when I heard the main riff in Pain After Pain, which is the same riff DADAROMA used in Oboreru Sakana (which is also the riff used in millions of metalcore songs, so whatever I guess?). But at least this EP sounds focused instead of like a VK dumpster fire like that first album. Holy shit, Junky Monkey Boogie Down is Increase Blue LOL.
  9. This being a best of collection makes me think they might not mess with the arrangements too much. They might just play them straight with maybe a few new additions here and there (I predict Die will add some sort of solo in Fukai), and the production will match Utafumi most likely.
  10. Sukekiyo, I love you all. But this is the first time I’ve wanted to tell you to go fuck yourselves. Like, you somehow made it hard for me to remember the original composition for Gerbera. You’ve got the chord progression there (kind of), and Kyo sings an actual melody from the original that one time. What is the rest of this? Why does the second half sound like something Kaoru wrote and subsequently threw away during the DSS sessions? I’M SO CONFUSED.
  11. That’s just it, it’s NOT Luna Sea. It sounds like what I hear on American mainstream alternative rock radio. The only thing Luna Sea about this is Ryuichi’s voice.
  12. Nope! 44 here.
  13. I just checked that song out wow
  14. Is yamibi even a real word? eh I guess it’s dark flame or something?