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  1. avaritonista

    Not it order: 1. BRAND NEW MIND 2. FANATIC◇CRISIS 3. Illumina 4. LU⊃A 5. Lastier 6. ChronoSphere 7. エトセトラ 8. NéiL 9. EllDorado 10. Janne Da Arc And like one hundred more that I consider my single one unique ever forever only favorite bands.
  2. avaritonista

    A friend of mine who went to a LM.C gig in Chile and meet them (VIP), said that they were cold, distant and you can't even handshake them. Garbage people with big egos, the super fake vk stars. One of the reason I don't like listening to them that much now. 1. No, it isn't because without fans they'd possible be actual nobodies, currently. 2. Yes, of course. The one who said that they don't owe anything to fans... 3. No, they shouldn't. 4. No, I haven't. 5. What do you mean with "your show"? lol
  3. avaritonista

    You've got to be kidding ! lol You win lol
  4. avaritonista

    Reading it was like "hey friends, let's make a band together", get fans, and hate each other.
  5. avaritonista

    Reason? It doesn't seem like a serious apology, even if they give it for free. But personally, I love some of the tracks in it. I'd like to know more about all the cases over all years of vk so please keep it going on! Say all you know like now lol
  6. avaritonista

    For the ones that complain so much about the live limited and other releases that aren't easy to have, I'd like to know: do you also get angry when you finally get them by downloading/buying them? As if the answer isn't obvious, of course. So impresive.
  7. avaritonista

    This is all I want, really😫 I want to know more about this!! Who, where, etc. lol plz - 1. unexpectedly, all vk bands revive this year and forever 2. current active vk bands don't come to disbandment this year and state that they are going to be playing forever 3. vk releases and merch become free, with unlimited copies for every single person in the planet forever 4. vk people stop doing bad things forever 5. all rare and fans/sects-only vk releases become available on internet forever There's more but well I just wanted to say that, ok
  8. avaritonista

  9. avaritonista

    any official conclusions on this?
  10. avaritonista

    come on, keep it going! lol
  11. avaritonista

    Soy de Chile. La sección de rumores o artistas es chistoso, ¿alguien ya ha leído algo de esos foros?
  12. avaritonista

    I just came to say that I like all Grieva not-screamed songs and that Grieva wasn't a Dir En Grey copy band nor was influenced in any way by them. Moreover, no band has ever been influenced by Dir En Grey. You people must admit it right away. Period.
  13. LOL proofs plz - "So just by pure coincidence (...??????), KISAKI sold me a fake Levia demotape which featured a track by 業, and someone traded me for fake SHËY≠DË demotape which featured the same track by 業. Coincidence? Or maybe KISAKI mixed up his fake files? Either way it's interesting..." that was too much for me LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  14. I second elias theory because of the proofs Almost every link you posted here is down... Anyway this topic is vk music to my ears ! But man does someone has recent news or anything about that "Keiyuu" user who started this topic? He tweeted something about "asKI$AhdKI InS COMgfsING HELPadffsb" and then vanished from the map. if you have any info plz post it here
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