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  1. In 24 days, dir en grey will single handedly reinvent metal. Again.
  2. I just want the 8 second sample teaser that drops 3 hours before the release
  3. Puriwate

    @Ro plz save the day
  4. I think it was mentioned that the album was around 50 minutes
  5. Puriwate

    Some comments Don't fit the topic of the thread and get moved by mods
  6. They probably meant its like tmoab in the sense that they wrote it while touring.
  7. When/to what extent are they releasing the music video for ranunculus? Is it just gonna get brodcast or are they actually releasing it?
  8. Puriwate

    Does anyone have the runtime for the new live songs?
  9. I mean for Europe its more like 7. I saw the post they made on fb and screamed.
  10. I hope the missing 30sec has some kind of guitar solo in it
  11. Puriwate

    Ningen wo kaburu is the cone song confirmed
  12. I guess ningen wo kaburu WAS the cone song after all?
  13. Puriwate

    So what's the 'from kyo' audio file posted on the Kyo mobile website?
  14. Puriwate

    Mp3 download?
  15. Puriwate

    Yeah, i believe its just the 3 remakes, but then it could be a single. Im not very certain. They have the redone songs listed as "shot in one take" versions, so what exactly is being recorded by each member separately?
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