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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm sure most are still available. But since my flyers are all in America I can check for you at the beginning of April. Sorry for the delay~
  2. Added details about a limited shopping service I'm offering, if anyone is interested please read the top of the original post to find more info. Thanks
  3. Hello, I could get it for you! Since it looks like you don't need a ticket to the live, and can buy it at pre-buppan then it shouldn't be a problem. If you're still looking for someone to help it with it feel free to PM me to talk about the details.
  4. Only if these bands are on the list of ones I’m seeing I could get merch, (>_<) and you’d have to check their website to see if they’re currently selling parkas or shirts as goods or otherwise I wouldn’t have any for sale myself.
  5. I can purchase items from these vkei lives. List of bands I'll see: UNiTE. / Grimoire / DaizyStripper / Lezard / Dog in the PWO / WKWK Project (kameleo’s Koichi) / RAZOR / DADAROMA/ Vexent / DAMY / FIXER / Shellmy / IGGY / Ramiel / Axkey / ハクビシン (hakubishin) / BabyKingdom / 午前五時の殺意 (Gozengoji no satsui) / 未完成アリス(mikansei Alice)/ Vexent / Neverland / Purple Stone / -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (zigzag) / マイナス人生オーケストラ (Minus jinsei Orchestra) / Rides In ReVellion / CANIVAL Possible but not definite: Aiolin / BUK BUK / MIDGARD / NOAH PROJECT *Because I can't stay the whole live I'm not sure what merch will be out yet or not* ——— •I can get live merch, cheki, or whatever is available. •I can also go to cd shops in japan and will be able to find things from the majority of bands •Payment is made through paypal, and will need to be sent a bit ahead of time before the live as I need time to withdraw it. ~The sooner you let me know the better. (^-^) •Shopping Service Fee - will be calculated based on the total of your order. •If the items are sold out I offer a full refund (minus payal fee). • Feel free to send me a message if you're interested or if there is something you're looking for. ——— Again for these 3 new releases I'll make a discounted price, there is no SS fee and free shipping, and also I will include shop benefits if available, as well flyers and magazines as extras ! •(Kuro) UNiTE. - Kuro no Reirou •Vexent - CARRY •Grimiore - Uranometria *Please Note : shipping will be after Dec. 6th for Unite and Vexent CDs. and after the 13th for Grimoire's. Thanks for reading!
  6. Deleted what's sold, reduced prices, and added new items. ---------------- Also offering SS in December for some new releases if anyone is interested. (Kuro) UNiTE. - Kuro no Reirou // I can get both venue limited and regular versions// Vexent - CARRY Grimiore - Uranometria No SS fee for these CDs and I'll include free SAL shipping from Japan. ~Please let me know ahead of time if you are interested~ I'll be able to do SS for other merch and different bands as well, -my list of lives is coming soon-
  7. I have a lot of flyers and magazines for sale, as well as a few new items. Please check my sales post here for many images and details : All items: http://nuigurumi-sales.tumblr.com/ View just flyers: http://nuigurumi-sales.tumblr.com/tagged/flyers View just mags: http://nuigurumi-sales.tumblr.com/tagged/mags There's about 200 different flyers to choose from and I have discounts for buying multiple. •choose any 5 flyers - $4 •choose any 10 flyers - $8 •choose any 15 flyers - $12 •choose any 20 flyers - $14 •choose any 4 magazines - $10 •choose any 8 magazines - $18 •when buying any other item from my sales choose 3 free flyers or 1 magazine Thanks for reading!
  8. Hello again! Thanks for your message ^-^ and sorry for replying late. I can get them for you! Let me give you the details about the shipping as well. Please PM me! Thanks.
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