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  1. Akaricchi

    ah, nevermind then... i don't like it much but i just knew something like that existed ^^;;
  2. Akaricchi

    mejibray has a song called Pornstar
  3. i love meji but this battle got me hooked on 88 仏狂 is such a great song damn
  4. Akaricchi

    tomo is my bae <3 but wth this sounds like pentagon
  5. Akaricchi

    "Best album" what
  6. Akaricchi

    I feel like this song is the true ending to Dogma... Damn, is this era amazing <3 I must see them live.
  7. Akaricchi

    Woah, 嘘と愚行-それもまた人間らしいって神様は笑ってるの- was nice ._. The beginning of DE:SHOW sounded promising, but Tzk's vocals were so not refreshing at all.
  8. Another meh release for me, even though it's still better than Paradigm Paradox and Eiki. It sounded really disjointed and it didn't even feel as one band anymore. And that hideous new look... They really need hiatus.
  9. Akaricchi

    At least Uruha is not wearing that weird corset anymore. +1
  10. Akaricchi

    I am always amused by how much can be fit into Koichi's hair.
  11. Akaricchi

    So what do you think of dadaism#2? I was a little bit disappointed by this release. I really love previous two モルヒネ songs so I was really looking forward to the third one and... it just didn't live up to my expectations. KURT sounds like a generic ballad song that got rehashed by DDRM (even though that's what they've been doing all the time and it kinda works so far it seems) and ハイアンドロー didn't manage to get my attention. On the other hand, being a sucker for their jazzy stuff, I fell in love with Ars amatoria from the very beginning. This was just my first impression, I am sure some of the songs will grow on me after some time, same as it did with 雨のワルツ. But compared to dadaism#1, in which I loved every single song... NOM
  12. Akaricchi

    Damn, I don't know if I'll go to Japan for my exchange program yet... But if not I will definitely go to their concert in Munich.
  13. Akaricchi

    I liked 最終電車 more but this release is still pretty solid. There is not a single song by DDRM I don't like. takashi and tomo are my precious cupcakesss ♥
  14. Akaricchi

    NEW PV called Lucid Dream: What do you think?
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