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  1. Pjuskr

    Are we using Monochrome heaven or Alternative Japan ?
  2. Pjuskr

    Have found one alternative that i very simular to plug dj. It is called dubtrack. https://www.dubtrack.fm It does not have dancing avatars, but you can select your own profile picture, with can even be a gif. And most important of all, you can have multiple playlists.
  3. Pjuskr

    Sadly i am not able to help you find any place to download danish music. I have never really had any interest, in the music from my own country, so i have never tried to find any place to download it. Just to clearify how little i listen to music from my own country, i have never heard of those two artist, you mentioned. But if you can't find them as a torrent, you might still be able to get some of the songs by downloading them from youtube. (Don't know how much danish music can be found there)
  4. Pjuskr

    Sound like a good idea. But how are we going to find what series/movies to watch ? Also, if we are going to do this every week, i suggest that we get a thread for this, and i also think we might have to find an other tool then plug dj to watch the movies/series, as it can be difficult to find them all on youtube.
  5. Pjuskr

    Here is mine. Thought i would get higher in immersion, and a bit less in social, as i like games where i fell like im in the game, and because it is very rare for me to write in the chat for any online game.
  6. Pjuskr

    This is my first post in ths community. My name is Sean, But just call me by my username. Im 24 years old, live in Denmark, and is studying to become a software engineer. Have always been a bit fascinated by the asian culture, but my interest for japan first really started, when i started watching anime. Watching anime lead to me finding a lot of good music though openings and endings, plus i later also had quite the interest in vocaloid music. Having the interest of anime and vocaloid music, lead to me one day around 6 years ago,finding my first visual kei band "The GazettE". After finding The GazettE, i did not find any new band for almost a year, as i did not know of the genre visual kei then, and only though The GazettE was one of a kind. Luckily i later found the song Nijigen Complex by My Dragon/Kiryu, under the title "WTF japan". Funny enough this did not lead to me finding any of those bands, but instead lead to me finding the artist Hizaki, because someone in the comments mistakenly thought Hijori was Hizaki. xD After finding Hizaki, my interest in visual kei music grew, and i soon did not listen to any other type of music in my spare time. I have since over the time found many new groups, but is always interested in finding more. My favorite groups as of now is: Zin Pentagon Mejibray LIPHLICH Kiryu Dog inThe PWO PaRADEiS Div SuG DADAROMA Litchi Hikari Club Arlequin Roys Yousei Teikoku Aicle Memento Mori Suzaku Avanchick Black Gene for the Next Scene Versailes I have a lot more groups i like, but these are the ones i like the most. I hope you all enjoyed the post, and hope to meet a lot of new interesting people in this community. xD
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