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  1. Oh weird, I set it to public O_O I got this one! Oh depends on it. For far east days I only collect silver haired ones
  2. Up! I've added more than 60 cheki, overall more than 200 cheki for sale now! ❤️
  3. Is someone ever seing Nicolas? I'm having a hard time getting their stuff. 

  4. I want some new year countdown live, too, but just me and the playstation tomorrow www

  5. Ruha

    Trying this out, too! I am looking to complete my collection ~ I mainly missed out on live distributed stuff. 😿 Also looking for any other Aiolin stuff, I got most of their stuff, but if someone going to see them live or wants to get rid of stuff, I'm your girl! AsteL - Stargazer - the Daybreak An:re - an:re, shadow mist Aiolin - From Here Comment CD (with Envy on it) - Acoustic Night Vol. 2 (Masaya Christmas Collab, Christmas Quartet) - Over the Destiny Free Live Promo CD VIP & Over the Destiny Free Live Promo CD - Scarlet Valse x Aiolin Classical Creation - Garaks Collab Sea Ghost - Message (12/9/19 Free Live CD)
  6. Many iteams were sold & removed. I've added my Miyavi collection
  7. Does anyone else have shipping delays from Japan? Envelope via airmail sent on 27th august did not arrive till now. It only took 11 in all the last 10 orders I've checked. T__T  I'm afraid it's lost. 

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    2. BrenGun


      Well, its not realling tracking as tracking but as long you have proof of send the Japanese post office will  look at it. 



      but my registed parcels take usually longer than my non-registed.



    3. Ruha


      Ahh, okay, thank you! 
      Normally airmail takes 11-14 days including weekends to get here, so I am really nervous about that one. It's been forever, but another parcel that was send later already arrived after one week. ;___; 

    4. BrenGun


      100% contact the person who send it.


      Japanese post always helps out to find something back.





  8. I added new cheki of the following bands: Initial'L, Dadaroma (Takashi, please ask for pictures), Lycaon, Royz Also: Miyavi Cd's
  9. Ruha

    Logical, but too bad it's live limited again... I really want it ... u___u
  10. I added a Gazette cap and removed sold items. Thanks for everyone who bought!
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