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  1. I got this nocturnal bloodlust ones for sale. You can PM if you are interested
  2. Is anyone going to VisUnite tomorrow 🤷‍♀️

  3. How are you discovering new bands? I used to use the recommended videos on youtube, but it does not link any anymore T_T 

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    2. Jigsaw9


      My main interests are J-music (okay, mostly VK), extreme metal and gothy/post-punky stuff. For the first I use MH, for the others I use websites like Cvltnation, NoCleanSinging and random music related groups I'm a member of on Facebook.


      Anything that doesn't fall into these categories I just stumble upon, by accident. :D 

    3. platy


      I'll search for a song I like on YouTube then click on the playlist suggested by the song. Or I'll go on Spotify and listen to an artist's radio, which is the same as shuffling through similar music by other artists. Sometimes I'll look through download blogs or just the news section here. 

    4. Komorebi


      This very forum, since I avoid youtube.
      Either the news, reviews or DL sections do it for me. Sometimes recommendations from a friend.

  4. Ruha

    I am excited for more! I just don't know what to think about Seiyas girly style.... o_o
  5. Ruha

    I'll go stalk all of your instagram accounts! Here's mine I try to post more, I got so lazy. ;3;
  6. Ruha

    I own a hamster named Rito. <3 And I lived together for some years with my sisters cats ;3; (they are CRAZY)
  7. Anyone seing Aiolin x Scarlet Valse on 11/5 or wants to see them? I

    bizarrely get cheaper buying someone a ticket than searching the CD used o_o 

  8. I just took it out for the photo, cause I had the "luck" to get 4 random Manabu's back then. >>'' Since the keychain is not heavy I could sent a letter for 1,50€ without tracking.
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