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  1. Ruha

    Sorry for the late reply! Here we go
  2. Ruha

    Huge update. Many new cheki uploaded
  3. Ruha

    I am excited for more! I just don't know what to think about Seiyas girly style.... o_o
  4. Ruha

    I'll go stalk all of your instagram accounts! Here's mine I try to post more, I got so lazy. ;3;
  5. Ruha

    I own a hamster named Rito. <3 And I lived together for some years with my sisters cats ;3; (they are CRAZY)
  6. Anyone seing Aiolin x Scarlet Valse on 11/5 or wants to see them? I

    bizarrely get cheaper buying someone a ticket than searching the CD used o_o 

  7. Ruha

    Omg. That is unlucky. ;3; Yes, it's ok!
  8. Ruha

    I just took it out for the photo, cause I had the "luck" to get 4 random Manabu's back then. >>'' Since the keychain is not heavy I could sent a letter for 1,50€ without tracking.
  9. I hate live limited CD's so much. How many am I gonna miss now ;____;

  10. Ruha

    Nocturnal Bloodlust Shirt added. I'll go through a lot of stuff the next days.
  11. Ruha

    I am currently reading the bourbon kings by J.R. Ward. All my customers in the library wanted to read the book. Now 1 year later I could finally lend it! I like the adult characters and the topic, because I've only been active in the fantasy area. It is quite refreshing to read.
  12. New search! I am keeping the old thread, because I don't want to create new ones all the time.
  13. Is someone online that could help me quick with Mercari? 

    Edit: Went for Japonica, thanks!  Will be quicker than usual <3

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    2. Ruha


      Thanks! I already have a ss that I use, but I was hoping for a real person online, cause it would be quicker. 

    3. colorfuljinsei


      Haha, I used Japonica until they forgot to email me an invoice and cancelled my order. They also have a mixed reputation b/c they've held deposits on lost aucs, no control over  shipping options, etc.  


      Treasure Japan has been my go-to since. I've had no problems w/ them.

    4. suji


      Good idea @colorfuljinsei. I recently had an order canceled by japonica weeks after I sent my request because the seller apparently never responded, they said...still highly suspicious of that.