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  1. Better than anything Johnny's ever produced
  2. Vercingetorix

    Isn't Sujk free?
  3. Vercingetorix

    lipper edition will have a bonus track called "RADIO the vistlip [No.9 EDITION]" if that means anything to anyone.
  4. You might need to file this one under #HotTakes.
  5. Vercingetorix

    Good on him.
  6. Vercingetorix

    Has Midori always been that color?
  7. He's back...or will be on December 14th. "MIRAGE OF GEMINI" 'Band format' 4~5 tracks "Cygnus Lake" 'All instrumental' 4~5 tracks Both on sale at his '-SHOWCASE-' in Shibuya on the 14th. Nothing yet about general/digital release.
  8. Vercingetorix

    Guess that mean's they're out of Ideas.
  9. Vercingetorix

    I'm fairly confident that idol rancher Akimoto himself is clean. So many girls go through his system, you'd think someone might have spoken up by now if it was worse than shitty working conditions + the standard low-level harassment women in showbiz anywhere have to deal with.
  10. Vercingetorix

    Could be that the abused men didn't actually press charges, or that police didn't have enough evidence to prosecute (and Johnny was too connected to force a confession out of.) The 'partially overturned' thing was probably more to do with press/media freedom.
  11. Vercingetorix

    Been waiting on this news a long time. Stay gone, you creepy old bastard.
  12. Vercingetorix

    About as surprising as when Destrose split. Been dead in the water for years.
  13. Vercingetorix

    Man be all about that bass.
  14. Vercingetorix

    Scroll up, Trombe.
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