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  1. Vercingetorix

    Kentaro's gone? Daaaaaaang... Odds on that Kiba hooks up with Concerto Moon. Washed-up metal men unite!
  2. Vercingetorix

    Unlike Yoshiki.
  3. Vercingetorix

    I wonder if life under a major label's just taken the fun out of it for the rest of them. Honk if ya wanna see Kanon hook back up with Kanon Wakeshima!
  4. Vercingetorix

    I like that they've gone with actual artwork in favor of, say, an artist photo. The logo and title (fucking ALGERIAN?!) are indeed a shitshow though.
  5. Vercingetorix

    That's a graphic designer out of a job.
  6. Vercingetorix

    I just wonder where Hora's disappeared to.
  7. Vercingetorix

    Sophia-era BLOOD STAIN CHILD anyone?
  8. Even if its shit, it should look pretty good. MYV got poise.
  9. Its a tad obscure but the Casshern one was pretty smokin
  10. Vercingetorix

    Ah, the comma that defied a thousand lawsuits
  11. Vercingetorix

    Yuki looks like he's having an epic Guitar Hero sesh with that thing.
  12. Can you imagine if all the members of the 27 Club had been Japanese? There'd be a new one of these every 2 months.
  13. Vercingetorix

    Fun fact: mi-ya has changed her stagename to MIYAKO
  14. Vercingetorix

    He Czeched out.
  15. Vercingetorix

    Digging that hometown spirit.