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  1. I can't find their CD on Like An Edison! >_< Has anyone else found it?
  2. omg yes they're back
  3. vanivani

    does this mean new solo music?
  4. Any updates? They haven't disbanded or anything? Are they looking for new members?
  5. vanivani

  6. vanivani

    Thank you for sharing that information!!
  7. vanivani

    Any news about them coming back / making a new band?
  8. vanivani

    Sounds really good!!
  9. No, this sucks. This is like the only vkei band I follow anymore.
  10. vanivani

    That's awesome!~ Thanks for letting me know! I've been outta the scene for a while lol
  11. vanivani

    Love their live DVDs <3 Please come back soon, guys <3
  12. vanivani

    Nice! So does this mean a new singer?
  13. That's an awesome new look! I'm hoping for a new release!!!
  14. vanivani

    How did I miss this? I need to get their single and album Why do I like such shitty visual kei haha
  15. This actually sounds pretty darn good in my opinion! Gonna have to keep an eye on them!
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