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  1. Game comes with a small timeline storymode duels, where u fight the enemies in order of the anime being the person who supposed to fight that person with their deck (or ur own custom one). This way u earn points and cards from winning. You can also earn points just buy doing any storymode fight, or online fight. These points you can use to spend in a shop to buy booster packs to unlock more cards (which is fun and doesn't require allot of farming or has pay to win.)
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist on Steam. (an actuall propper online yu-gi-oh game + being official)
  3. Not interested in the singer's later bands? : o (or maybe R.E.D if u want to collect that too)
  4. Yours, only you do not know it yet.
  5. Clearly the best thing in this whole set i got yesterday is the maria cross cd. (gotten more items the day before, but im too lazy to grab them for this picture)
  6. Please keep in mind i only just made this, i got allot of more items to add in the coming days. (including some more cheaper prices :x )
  7. Hello Monochrome-Heaven Members, I've decided to make a sale topic because of owning some music i do not care to keep anymore, as-well as doubles. If you see something you like, please message me regarding the items and any questions you have about them. I'm best contactable trough the contact page on my blog, which will result in email communication. Please note that since i only recently started selling, i'm still figure out the best method and what fits in my time-frame, the process might take allot longer then usual. To view the items that i'm selling, please visit my blog: www.melokei.com With demo-tape purchases i will also email self-made high-quality rips. (FLAC 16bit/320kbps) In case of items that do not have prices listed above them, please contact me about them and offer a fair price. I also have allot of items that i do not list i sell, if you are looking for anything specific, feel free to contact me. Prices can be debated on when multiple items are bought. The items are being shipped from Europe, The Netherlands. For shipping options and prices, please check the Parcel Sender page: Click Here! And please, feel free to contact me concerning questions regarding anything.
  8. Totally going to buy this baby gurl lol, i love my underfall boys even though they lost their melo pain
  9. http://melokei.blogspot.com/p/personal-music-collection.html
  10. This music video is hot AF man.
  11. Hey there, Basically as the title suggests, i'd like to know of a online store to buy good sturdy plastic Cassette Case sleeves from. It's important they have a good fit and that the plastic doesnt wrinkle it break and have a decent stickiness to it. Thanks allot for anyone who knows P.S. would be handy if they arn't also too expensive
  12. New package came in Mainly some l,dear, justice king (including live distro) and multiple tapes Most priced in here for me would prolly be the sealed Sadist cd and the live distro of justice king x underfall justice, and the tapes i suppose ofc.