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  1. Too bad i stopped caring much after the first album of starwave records. I still like his justice king the most, and his 2 projects before that where also somewhat decent.
  2. I've already been searching near dailya for 4 years, i might have found some kind of hope recently. Thanks for checking ur own things
  3. This is as usual a shot in the dark but. I've been dying for ages to obtain more materials by them, to me this is one of the most beautifull bands i've heard out there. Sadly my searching in the past from blogs, lastfm twitter accounts and users that might know something all ended up in vain. I'd wish to obtain more then the only 2 songs that are online in any form whatsover but i would highly perfer to buy the actaull cds. I will gladly discuss whatever money one has in mind that is able to provide me with such. I need the following: [2010.05.30] Angelite (only the SE "01 〜序章〜" track) [2010.12.12] Ma chérie Ange (all 3 tracks) Or if possible a higher version then 128kbps mp3 of the 2 songs that are online. If you don't have it but know any info on where i can get them, please let me know. Thank you..
  4. Oh no dix, what have you done.
  5. Talk to someone about it. Really, get some psychologist who you can talk to, have your emotions spoken out and trying to find out what it is YOU are bothered with, and what it is that you actually want, besides that you can also talk to family. As for my own method of cooping, I've been in a state of constant conflicting emotions for my whole life since i've been a child, avoiding public places and somehow just always felt alone and sad. As a child, i can only remember most of my nights of sadness and crying, this also continuing in my days as a teenager. I think i even sometime wanted to start praying and wanted to believe in a god, because it is too much to bare, but i suppose thats quite silly. Later in my life as a more young adult, this transformed more so in constant non-stopping thoughts about if its even worth living. During this, i also starting to fear death allot, often randomly starting to see blackness before my eyes being in bed, realizing i would be death someday, this caused me to often completely loose it, because its something i cannot ever win? next to this, I never had really any real life friends, just people who i spoke too online, who came and go. I think this is also the reason why i stopped having any emotion for anything anymore. i simply don't care anymore. Looking back at my whole live, i cannot say i've been ever happy.. i'd probably say i have never lived. The last year i came much further in life in terms of things, moved out, more control and whatever, but it doesn't change anything about my emotions. Most of it being caused by me pushing away everything and everyone acting like everything to be oke. Because of this, i just accepted that i am never going to be happy, i somehow now see it more as a wish.. hoping that i can one day be blessed to actually feel like i can be happy, like i always wanted to be. Besides this, i blaim myself for everything that has happend., that its all my own fault and i'm the only one to blaim for all of this, and generally hate myself for it. To this date i think i do abit better. The only thing i can say positively is that since i've been talking to a psychologist is that it has been slightly more stable since i'm more able to express my feelings. Please do so, it is not worth it looking back on my life, thinking i trew away all of it and feel like its forever wasted, not to mention the constant emotional pain. I think i went abit too overboard and made it too personal here ^^ Edit: To keep it simple and compact, talk about it with people. pshychologists, family ect. Narrow down ur depression to what it is that exactly depresses you, and fix it on the small scale you made it. Find a counter for it, a goal towards you wish to aim. Doing this gives u a method of going away from the small thing you dont want, and going to the big goal thats in your sight. I hope you find your awnser.
  6. Oh wow, maxe and secilia!!! I'm jealous of these 2 Also, those Disk union sleeves are great
  7. So... recently i've been sorting my collection of cd's and putting everything in sleeves to display the obi's (帯) and protect the cd's them self. But, at times i come across some goldmines of obi's that completely do not match their representative cd's, its great. Thus, i thought it would be hilarious to make a thread about this to have an collection of obi's that do not fit, contain wrong information or that are just borderline ridiculous. Here's one of the beauties i managed to find: lol...
  8. :tw_cookie:

    1. Axius


      Lol a Cookie YAY!

  9. Am i able to purchase this on the amezing RH livestream in a few weeks? (shameless buddy plug)
  10. was interested for a moment when i thought i read sambika, but i ended up disapointed.
  11. I was referring to the fact he actually sounds cool back then lol.
  12. This might be around half of what the guy put out, but no worries, i got a few more coming in soon lol. There are at least 20/25 more tapes and some cds. You should have a go at his older work around 1994/1995, that stuff makes you doubt if its even yabuki.
  13. Please, do not question my sanity, i already have concluded that i have mental issues. (best thing in this picture is clearly the omnibus as it holds actual good music)