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    • I miss listening to Visual Kei :tw_bawling:
    1. Mamo


      Please return

  1. I'm totally agree with you all. It really look R指定。And it's remind me the old R指定, and maybe the vocalists are a fan of R指定 😂lol.
  2. I feel sorry for Kiryu ;_; and Noah lolz
  3. Yayyy I can not wait for their new release.
  4. Bonjour :blob:

    1. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      Bonjour Honey *mendadak jadi KAMIJO* padahal ini lagi jadi you

  5. Hello welcome in MH and have fun :grin:

  6. Hello MH I want to meet and make friends in MH who are also fan of R-shitei, SCAPEGOAT, Kuroyuri to Kage, Xaa Xaa, Vistlip, Gossip, Chanty and DOF (^-^)

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    2. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      biar makin kebanjiran notif kou nya tuh kan dapet temen bule sesama suka  itu semua

    3. moumokuu


      @Yuuya Miyagi Hahaha iya,  udah dapet 3 teman hehehe sama2 suka MBHI dan Lack-ko. ^^

    4. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      ah lack-ko asiik nih

  7. noms chu, hewwo there 8D

    1. moumokuu


      Hello how are you :D ?

  8. Hello MH. (^_^)/

    1. togz


      (=゚ω゚)ノ hello

    2. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      halo halo bandung ibu kota periangan

  9. I have so many homework. I believe I can do it :wink:

  10. Yay I'm happy to see Shoya/Kazuma in a new band after EAT YOU ALIVE disband.
  11. Is he angry with me... ?

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    2. Yuuya Miyagi

      Yuuya Miyagi

      jangan berpikiran negatip kou ! siapa tau senpai nya lagi sibuk ato lagi ngapain . udah semangat aja kerjaiin tugasnya ! *eh asiik banget aku komen pake bahasa*

    3. moumokuu


      @orange~ Maybe I was so sensitive so I had a negative thinking to him. >_<


      It's just our thinking haha?

    4. moumokuu


      @Yuuya Miyagi Iya yuuya ga tau lagi kenapa pas itu huuh (;_;)

      Sankyu yuuya o/ *eaaa*

  12. Same for me I need the heavy MBHI I hope in this CD they have some heavy track \o/
  13. Naoto, Omi and Mally are so cool *_* It's been a long time I don't listening to their songs.