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  1. Visual-Kei

    Ex. BLAZE guitarist Mew has changed his name to John and has become a member of the V STAR PROMOTION staff. He will be helping and doing various different projects as part of V STAR PROMOTION! Also please be sure to follow John's new twitter @jo_hn95 to keep up to date with his work and projects!
  2. 【V STAR STAFF】 V STAR PROMOTION is happy to welcome ex. BLAZE guitarist Mew, now known as John to the family. Everybody please warmly welcome John! He will be helping and doing various different projects as part of V STAR PROMOTION! Also please be sure to follow John's twitter @jo_hn95 to keep up to date with his work and projects!
  3. I'm not 100% certain but I am pretty sure it isn't Keisuke, furthermore it's also unlikely that the bassist is Daiki. edit: I just found the video on youtube, the publish date was in early/mid 2013 and if my years are correct that was when Keisuke was in another band so it's not him in that video
  4. Its a common misunderstanding, but not all members were originally part of ALL MUST DIE. only Keisuke, Hiroto and Daiki. and beyond that Hiroto was the only orginal member of ALL MUST DIE. with the lineup including Keisuke Daiki and Hiroto I think they played for around a year and a half.
  5. Yes that is their next oneman live. it's a male only live, and as I am female staff I am currently unsure on if I will be attending.
  6. I will ask the band for permission then see what I can do
  7. I will see what I can do! on a side note I did record and process the entirety on HERO = MURDER but I think Twitter has a limit so it was cut short
  8. Unfourtunatly it didn't end up happening.
  9. Trying to get tereko at a visual kei live could risk getting a person kicked out. but if you search Instagram or Twitter you can sometimes find live Deviloof recordings from their more metal based concerts. However in the future I will try to do more recordings like the recording I did of HERO = MURDER filmed at the countdown live
  10. I will need to ask @DarkWaterto check. please check back again soon I appolgieze for the inconvenience
  11. I personally am a huge supporter of Ray. I have known him for a year now as he has been support guitarist for another band I work with and in that time he has consistently proven himself to be extremely hard working and vastly talented. His vocal work is also quite good, and is improving, so that is a extra bonus. In my opinion Deviloof will be very lucky to get him if he does eventually join full time. I know Ryuya was and still is very popular in the fanbase, but everyone please welcome Ray as well <3
  12. I still haven't heard many details about the album as of yet. Bus I do know some work has started on it, I have already checked and twerked some English lyrics. From my perspective, Deviloof is still growing as a band, I expect them to try a few new things in the album but I think they will still maintain the same intensity they are known for throughout it all. But I am sure it will be another great release.
  13. Visual-Kei

    Ray is a busy boy! he plays support in another band as well, and also does vocals in his own band. he is very talented and hard working, I personally would like to see him become a official member.
  14. Visual-Kei

    Live filming from the 31.12.2016 countdown live at Esaka Muse Deviloof - HERO = MURDER filmed by V STAR PROMOTION
  15. 1 countdown live

    I did live photography for four bands

    resulting in a estimated 1300 photos!

    1. -NOVA-


      Always working hard :)

    2. Yukimoto


      looks like you are doing more and more! great job!