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  1. RAY is an incredibly talented guitarist, I have no doubt that he will fit in perfectly and will add a new great dimension to Deviloof's music. I have known him for several years now, so I have full faith. please everyone welcome and support RAY as for his band, Belzemo, their last live was held recently.
  2. More information coming soon! In the meantime let us know and comment on what kind of MORRIGAN merchandise you would like to see in Europe!
  3. Somehow missed this one
  4. Azana Sakura Zombie style pics are now published.
    see the full set on my photography topic or on twitter


  5. Azana - Sakura
  6. Thanks, he really put a lot of effort into this shoot. So it's all thanks to him
  7. Its my bday today but busy working on vstar staff!

    1. -NOVA-


      Happy Birthday <3 :glitter:

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      Happy birthday! Keep up the good work and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do! :music2:

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      I beeet neverthelees have a nice Birthday ! :)

  8. Thanks, I'm happy whenever any one likes my work, but of course its great from another photographer. for sure, drop me a message anytime, sometimes if I'm super busy I may be a bit slow to reply tho. I live in Osaka now, but I am going to Europe in November, but there still some time. do you think you will stop by Osaka?
  9. CLACK inc - Tsubaki
  10. hona Osaka idol unit
  11. My own cat.
  12. Kitten riding on his owners shoulders
  13. Most people here would know me based purely on V STAR PROMOTION. and as far as my photography goes most people would be at least a little familiar with my concert photography. But I am branching out to various types of photography, so I figured I could dump some of my work here. also for regular updates, if you're interested, my photography twitter is @LoriCamera
  14. Produced by KINETIC VIBE Artist Managment by V STAR PROMOTION we are very proud to be able to bring MORRIGAN to tour Europe in November this year with the help of our friends at KINETIC VIBE. more details and information coming soon.