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  1. back from the BLACK WING tour, still needing much sleep. but t was a good first EU tour.
    knowing so many people enjoyed the concerts k makes everything worthwhile

    1. WhirlingBlack


      How did it sell? Was there decently sized audiences? And did your notice that any country stood out from the rest in regards to attendance? 

    2. suji


      I'm glad everything went well with the tour, despite some brief technical difficulties. (I apologize for my initial comments about that btw). I hope you're able to make more tours for more bands, because you're doing great! ❤

  2. Necro and Inside Decay always had a overwhelming reaction as well
  3. This was done intentionally. we wanted to make sure everybody could have a chance to hear the favorite MORRIGAN songs. a lot of thought was put into making the selection, and only a few minor changes were added to adjust the feeling of the set. but even with this, the members put every ounce of effort into every song they played at every stop.
  4. This incident was out of both Kinetic Vibe and V STAR PROMOTIONS hands, as we both had nothing to do with the control of electricity for the convention. the electricity went out around the whole area, the staff of the convention worked hard to restore electricity, but it is unfortunate that because of this the remainder of MORRIGAN’s set needed to be canceled. We greatly appreciate the honor to perform at Lucca Comic and Games, however at a large outdoor convention concert, things like this our out of our control. the remainder of the stops are in live houses organized by Kinetic Vibe, so we will not have the same issue again.
  5. V STAR PROMOTION working with Kinetic Vibe are about to bring MORRIGAN to Europe for a tour starting next week. It is our first time bringing a band to Europe, but I'm sure it won't be our last! As for me @BrenGun is correct, I am currently based in Osaka Japan as are a percentage of V STAR staff, however, I am originally from Australia.
  6. RAY is an incredibly talented guitarist, I have no doubt that he will fit in perfectly and will add a new great dimension to Deviloof's music. I have known him for several years now, so I have full faith. please everyone welcome and support RAY as for his band, Belzemo, their last live was held recently.
  7. More information coming soon! In the meantime let us know and comment on what kind of MORRIGAN merchandise you would like to see in Europe!
  8. Somehow missed this one
  9. Azana Sakura Zombie style pics are now published.
    see the full set on my photography topic or on twitter


  10. Azana - Sakura
  11. Thanks, he really put a lot of effort into this shoot. So it's all thanks to him
  12. Its my bday today but busy working on vstar staff!

    1. -NOVA-


      Happy Birthday <3 :glitter:

    2. suji


      Happy birthday! Keep up the good work and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do! :music2:

    3. Shir0


      I beeet neverthelees have a nice Birthday ! :)

  13. Thanks, I'm happy whenever any one likes my work, but of course its great from another photographer. for sure, drop me a message anytime, sometimes if I'm super busy I may be a bit slow to reply tho. I live in Osaka now, but I am going to Europe in November, but there still some time. do you think you will stop by Osaka?