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  1. Actually, it's not so much that bands don't want to come, they just think there is no chance too. the thoughts of the fans and the organizers are kinda spreading over to the bands and now they are starting to think there is no possibility and not a good enough market to play overseas. I think a lot of promoters, rather than not liking vkei anymore are more so stuck in the past of when they first started, it's hard to change and adjust sometimes. but its a case of what worked during the boom days isn't what works now as a promoter myself, it is hard, its a lot of hard work and effort. but I myself will not put my time and effort into a band or project unless I think there is potential there, although I will be the first to admit I have made a few miss predictions. the thing is learning from such things, hopefully, B7 and other organizers can start to learn from this situation. I think every band and act has its place in some way or the other, it's just the way they are promoted and presented. so for acts like Adams, Satsuki and Mikaru, I think they were over pushed and it had a negative effect and the promotion that they received doesn't necessarily fit with the current market
  2. This is a very sad outcome. it seems to me as if this was far from the outcome the band wanted. as a promoter and agent myself, I belive it's a matter of responsibility. the bands job is to perform the concerts, and it's the promoter job to well... promote (it's in the job title) and make sure tickets are sold. it seems in the comment from B7 they blamed the lack of interest, and if that was the case they should have put more effort into creating more interest.
  3. Actually, it's not always the case, but sometimes the case that there is already a lot more completed, ready and planned than what it seems. in the case of Jaldan, they only had two completed lives until now, but they were growing reasonably fast and were considered to be on a good track of growth. they had concerts booked up untill August. additionally we are sitting on quite a good amount of unreleased material. and they were working hard. it is easy to think, why did they even bother, wtf did they even do? Did they even try? but in most cases there is a lot more than what we know.
  4. for me it was quite a surprise, all of the members were working really hard, but sadly sometimes things just crash down.... regardless, this is a truth in the world of Vkei, things can change very suddenly. so everyone needs to enjoy the music and live in the moment while it exists. Meanwhile, myself and all of V STAR PROMOTION will continue to work hard to promote bands, both established and promising new bands like Jaldan. and as you said some bands disband before their first live. I was once booked to shoot a new bands Artist photos, then a week before the photoshoot I was contacted by the makeup artist asking to cancel since they were disbanding as the members suddenly lost all contact with the vocals....
  5. I try my best to avoid making personal statements, but I would like to personally apologize for the current Jaldan situation.

    Jaldan is a band that I myself saw great potential in, which is why I decided to work hard to push them, and i was planning to put as much V STAR power behind them as possible.
    there are some things we have made that are unreleased, and we had many plans in the future.
    even now i believe in all the potential they held.

    I myself and very saddened by this situation, as I can not help but imagine the future they could have had, but I respect their decision and wish all members all the best in their futures.

    To everyone who supported Jaldan for this short time until now, thank you for your support...

    I'm sorry for the disappointment...

  6. unfourtunatly, as above stated by the news media, 3 members of Jaldan have indeed made the ultimate jailbreak. we at V STAR PROMOTION wish the best for RiZe, Kurono and Kaito, and we pray that they remain safe and that the law never catches up to them. as for vocalist Kid, his future is still shrouded in mystery. -the full unobstructed photos were never released....-
  7. a translation will be available once the pv is uploaded officially.
  8. Do not share with the authorities! Jaldan's "Monokuro Piero" smuggled into Animazement! V STAR staff has the goods. just incase anyone is there.
  9. This Memorial Box will be available on the vstar webshop within the next 24 hours
  10. additionally the villains have all opened their own twitters KID @jaldan_kid RizE @jaldn_rize Kurono @jaldan_kurono Kaito @jaldan_kaito please do not share with the authorities
  11. The first Jailbreak was a success =photo taken prior to the first jailbreak =
  12. Sawma used to be in a punk band called THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS, but he is new to vkei. if I remember correctly Kimi and Matoi are also new to vkei, I think the only one who had experiance in the scene before is Rio. They are all working hard!
  13. @Alkaloid (you keep beating me to all my things XD) once again photos taken by V STAR PROMOTION