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  1. Sawma used to be in a punk band called THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS, but he is new to vkei. if I remember correctly Kimi and Matoi are also new to vkei, I think the only one who had experiance in the scene before is Rio. They are all working hard!
  2. @Alkaloid (you keep beating me to all my things XD) once again photos taken by V STAR PROMOTION
  3. V STARis the accomplice on the outside sneaking in tools baked in cakes and waiting outside with a private plane for a quick get away
  4. Just thought I would clear this up quickly. V STAR PROMOTION took the artist photos for Jaldan. and we are hoping to continue a long relationship with Jaldan in the future as we see them as a fresh new band with potential. We plan to help Jaldan run amok worldwide V STAR PROMOTION is not a label, but a company that helps visual kei bands reach out and promote worldwide.
  5. Jaldan A gang of villains trapped at pre release. But they will soon perform a jailbreak and run amok worldwide Vocals - KID Guitar - RizE Bass - Kurono Drum - Kaito Are you ready for a jail break?
  6. Vocals: Rukia Guitar : YOSI Bass: Tsubasa Drums: Kiro PHOTOS TAKES BY V STAR PROMOTION
  7. Its ok, no credits needed~! credits are not on the video so it would be impossible to know
  8. You beat me to it. The footage used for this live digest is recorded by V STAR
  9. Announcing our first guests. Azlina tune in on the 7th of March, at around 10:30pm Japanese time to catch the show! (please be aware that 10:30 is a estimated time as Azlina has a concert prior to the live stream)
  10. V STAR is happy to announce our new project. In store style live streaming events! Hosted by John (formally Mew) ex guitarist of the band BLAZE. In Japan it is common practice for bands to hold what's called a instore event, where fans of the band can attend a local music store, ask the band members questions and then watch the bands play a event or put on some sort of show. We at V STAR PROMOTION want to create a similar experience for international visual kei fans. So from now we will run trial programs of our Instore Live Streams! For now the live streams will be hosted on youtube live from the V STAR PROMOTION office in Osaka Japan. You can ask your questions live on the youtube chat box. Stay tuned for updates and news about our upcoming streams and guests.
  11. Visual-Kei

    Ex. BLAZE guitarist Mew has changed his name to John and has become a member of the V STAR PROMOTION staff. He will be helping and doing various different projects as part of V STAR PROMOTION! Also please be sure to follow John's new twitter @jo_hn95 to keep up to date with his work and projects!
  12. 【V STAR STAFF】 V STAR PROMOTION is happy to welcome ex. BLAZE guitarist Mew, now known as John to the family. Everybody please warmly welcome John! He will be helping and doing various different projects as part of V STAR PROMOTION! Also please be sure to follow John's twitter @jo_hn95 to keep up to date with his work and projects!
  13. I'm not 100% certain but I am pretty sure it isn't Keisuke, furthermore it's also unlikely that the bassist is Daiki. edit: I just found the video on youtube, the publish date was in early/mid 2013 and if my years are correct that was when Keisuke was in another band so it's not him in that video
  14. Its a common misunderstanding, but not all members were originally part of ALL MUST DIE. only Keisuke, Hiroto and Daiki. and beyond that Hiroto was the only orginal member of ALL MUST DIE. with the lineup including Keisuke Daiki and Hiroto I think they played for around a year and a half.