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  1. It looks like it will be the first time when I didn't like their songs. Last two samples sound very weak. They can do much better
  2. sounds awful and this sad
  3. AkiraUroko

  4. AkiraUroko

    New song is amazing. Can't wait for full album
  5. They look amazing as always
  6. AkiraUroko

    Production sounds tragic, but songs isn't bad
  7. AkiraUroko

    This is really awful news
  8. Hopefully another new songs of the album is better
  9. AkiraUroko

    OMG. Very interesting
  10. AkiraUroko

    Amazing news. I am in love with cover art
  11. AkiraUroko

    Love it
  12. AkiraUroko

    New level of visual kei look lol
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