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  1. AkiraUroko

    Amazing news. I am in love with cover art
  2. AkiraUroko

    Love it
  3. AkiraUroko

    New level of visual kei look lol
  4. AkiraUroko

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful information
  5. AkiraUroko

    They reminded me Mamireta too
  6. AkiraUroko

    I'm in love with Phalaenopsis. This song stuck in my head
  7. I don't like the sample, but lineup really good
  8. This group is a real treasure. Ryo's voice is unbelievable
  9. AkiraUroko

    Their first single was amazing. Looking forward to new music
  10. AkiraUroko

    Another live-limited release... huh
  11. Wow. This spot sounds beautiful
  12. AkiraUroko

  13. AkiraUroko

    Amazing news. Love Juri voice so much
  14. Looking forward to this album
  15. AkiraUroko

    It sounds a little boring, but I think these guys have potential