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  1. mechayolo

    Wow this really sucks, its so sad
  2. They're also in spotify.
  3. I honestly hope he gets well soon...
  4. Finally excellent news! I can also recognize TM DEADWORK but that's it.
  5. mechayolo

    Can't wait!!!!!!!!1
  6. mechayolo

    お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 , I cannot believe this, this is so majestic, I wish I was in Japan ;;
  7. mechayolo

    I'm devastated
  8. mechayolo

    I hope he gets a new band ;; anyway I'm happy he is still doing concerts.
  9. mechayolo

    They're great, I hope we can get it! Live distributed are very hard to get
  10. mechayolo

    WHY THIS IS NOT IN THE LIST!? This is the best example I think xD Please compare
  11. mechayolo

    Man, this looks like disband, paradeis did the same thing before they broke up.
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