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  1. That is great, she is very happy, thanks a lot!
  2. Just the romaji would make her happy anyway. I thank you in advance!
  3. A friend of mine asked me if i could get this for her Thanks in advance for any good soul that can get the lyrics ^_^v
  4. Just i have issues with modern vk ballads?

  5. People bitching about greta van fleet sounding like led zeppelin. We don't need this kind of people in VK kek

    1. colorful人生


      tbf, they do sound like zeppelin, but zeppelin also took from other influences/artists. I was disappointed that their latest release wasn't as transformative as I'd hoped, but they're still young. 


      Oh, they already exist. Grieva v. Dir en Grey is a classic case.

    2. RickBuch


      Yes, they do sound like led zeppelin.

      The thing is that we are so used to that in vk, like grieva or gossip getting some riffs here and there, and sometimes we like it, like "hey, this sounds like cage, how funny is that", we just have fun calling it a homage.


      Just found interesting how we are somewhat ok with that, and learned that some people are ok for them souding like zeppelin, for the same reason the above cited bands got our attention

      (also, loved your yuki saito picture, long life to showa idols :) )

  6. RickBuch

    I'am expecting something more "Romance of Scarlet", just a feeling... But it would be so good if it sound like 中絶
  7. RickBuch

    Love that old school Kiyoharu reference 🙂
  8. RickBuch

    Damn, i like Dogma, but man, this preview makes Ninth sounds even more exciting!
  9. RickBuch

    Now thats sound like a good visual kei band!!! If you get the verse vocal melody, it may bring old school feelings(yeah, i really dig in my subconscious) Nevertheless, 裏切る舌 is the best for me till now!
  10. RickBuch

    Pledge is the one more X Japan "inspired"
  11. RickBuch

    "Pledge" people, c'mom, i'am talking about creating memorable melodies like a good VK band must do
  12. RickBuch

    After listen to this new ballad, i'am kind worry this album will be another Beautiful Deformity with 80% good but forgettable songs...
  13. RickBuch

    Aposto que 90% das pessoas desse vídeo estão no k-pop :v
  14. RickBuch

    Fi, é a síndrome do tr00, já tive minha época assim, no final das contas, o importante é ser feliz, só os verdadeiros ficam
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