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  1. ビバラッシュ (Vivarush) new single "マドモアゼル (Mademoiselle)" will be released at 2017/6/7 (2 TYPE), although further details have not been announced.
  2. サムクロ (Samurai Crows) new mini album "Never Ending「STORY」" will be released at 2017/3/29. [track list] 1. POSE (SE) 2. STORY 3. raison d’etre 4. スターライトパレード(starlight parade) 5. 赤い糸(akai ito) 6. 「f」
  3. LOVE LOCK Dr.BAN will "graduate" after their live at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2017/4/5.
  4. session band "アリスシンドローム (Alice Syndrome)" will change to new band "バク。(Baku)" at their live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2017/3/27. Vo.れま (Rema) Gu.しいた (Shita) (ex-小悪魔パンダ (Koakuma Panda)) Gu.癒音 (Yuon) Ba.るか (Luca) Dr.陽咲 (Hisaki)
  5. new band "VΩID" will commence formal activities at their live "fill in the blanks of the VΩID" at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE at 2017/5/23, at which their demo single will be released. Vo.アレン (Aren) Gu.Take Gu.miu Ba.仁 (Zin) Dr.Kanade [track list] 1.Last Word 2.アイリス (Iris) 3.偽りのレンサ (Itsuwari no Rensa) 4.A moment of memories
  6. Mini-album title has been finalized as "逡巡" and will be released this summer.
  7. Lilith will disband after their live at Shanghai Yuyintang at 2017/4/23.
  8. This session maybe?
  9. Airish Ba.Haiji has departed at 2017/3/17 and Dr.Tomoki will depart after their live at 2017/3/21. The band is expected to continue activities.