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  1. 零-ZERØ- (ex-DRAGON-->dolore) new band "ZOD" will commence formal activities at 2019/3/29. Vo.零-ZERØ- (ex-DRAGON-->dolore) Gu.YusukE Ba.莎莎-sasa- Dr.Toh-ya (ex-VLANDISH-->WeeD-->ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser)) https://www.zod-official.com/
  2. ROMiO. new mini-album "未完の情景 (Mikan no Joukei)" will be released at 2019/4/20 (2,300 yen) [track list] 1. レクイエム (Requiem) 2. 君の涙に僕はもう映らない (Kimi no Namida ni Boku wa Mou Utsuranai) 3. 月夜の花嫁 (Tsukiyo no Hanayome) 4. Moevius. 5. 99色の残香 (99 Shoku no Nokorika) 6. 罪と蜜 (Tsumi to Mitsu)
  3. Alkaloid

    Vo.ハヤト (Hayato) is ex-MEL-->テマネキ (Temaneki) and Gu.ミナギ (Minagi) is ex-ジェミニア (Jeminia)
  4. Alkaloid

    Gu.ベッチ (Betch) is ex-ジバルト (Gibalte) as well.
  5. new band "オギャリティ (Ogyarity)" has formed and will commence formal activities at 2019/4/17, at which their single "バブFEVER (Babu FEVER)" will be released. [track list] 1.バブFEVER (Babu FEVER) 2.ナンバーナイン (Number Nine) 3.メンヘラ女とダメ男 (Menhera Onna to Dame O) Vo.Heine (ex-T@Planet-->Clown×Crown-->Altair-->繋がRe:ゼロ (Tsunaga Re:Zero)) Gu.しずく (Sizuku) (ex-CLiEN(蓮/Ren)) Gu.せな (Sena) Ba.あかり (Akari) (ex-繋がRe:ゼロ (Tsunaga Re:Zero)-->アンリミテッド (Unlimited)) http://www.ogyarity.com/
  6. Alkaloid

    That would explain how he was so many followers. But sadly his website isn't working at the moment, so I can't match birthday/blood type etc.
  7. BABEL new single "DARKNESS/GRIEVOUS CRY" has been released at 2019/3/9.
  8. 卓美 (Takumi) is ex-GAUZES.-->MILKY EMILY (support)-->Lil.y-->ZON
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