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  1. Alkaloid

    He left Dexcore in May.
  2. Alkaloid

    Does anyone what songs are in these videos? I can gather that two of them are by 9ミリ。 and SLADD but I have no idea what songs they are.
  3. Alkaloid

    BlacK TeaR Gu.YU-TA will depart at the end of 2019/12.
  4. Support Dr.HALHI (ex-EATER-->Kharin A.K.-->トキノキト (Tokinokito)) has joined エインフェリア (Ainne Feria). Their first live with this new lineup will be at 2019/9/18. In addition, they will release an MV for "さよならメリー (Sayonara Merry)" soon.
  5. Alkaloid

    Guitarist 日向 (Hinata) will be absent at their last live due to being hospitalized with injuries from falling down stairs.
  6. Alkaloid

    To be fair, they had those outfits for an original single/MV released a few months earlier. (It could double as a submission since it's pretty cheesy.) So bad. Wtf is Riku's dancing about?
  7. Alkaloid

    GCMZ will end activities at 2019/9/9.
  8. アルファリア (Alphalia) will disband at 2019/12/5. their last live-limited single "錯乱蝶 (Sakuran Chou)" will be released at 2019/11/10 (3 tracks, 1500 yen) 1.錯乱蝶 (Sakuran Chou) 2.ココロ×ガワリ (Kokoro×Gawari) 3.(title not yet finalized)
  9. Re:move new limited single "Eat you Alive" will be released at 2019/9/1. (1 track, 250 yen)
  10. Alkaloid

    悪者 (Warumono) will disband at 2019/12/26.
  11. 逆襲の自作自演屋。(Gyakushuu no Jisakujienya.) will disband at 2019/12/26.
  12. ますみ (Masumi) memorial live will be held at 2019/11/23 at Ikebukuro EDGE at which Wizard will perform. Another memorial live will be held at Takadanobaba AREA at 2020/4/4. Vo.カイト (Kaito) Gu.HIRO Gu.真 (Sin) Ba.Bikkey (Yeti) Dr.悠~はるか~ (Haruka)
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