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  1. Gu.ガク (Gaku) has joined as well.
  2. Dr.柚葉 (Yuzuha) (ex-ジェミニア (Jeminia)-->Free Aqua Butterfly) has joined Houts at 2020/1/25. Their new single "スターチス (Statice)" will be released at 2020/4/8 (CD (2 tracks)+DVD ("スターチス (Statice)" music video), 2000 yen) [track list] 1. スターチス (Statice) 2. パレット (Palette)
  3. アンスリウム (Anthurium) Gu.亜門 (Amon) and Ba.悠也 (Yuya) have departed at 2020/1/23.
  4. NEOscience Manip.金子竜馬 (Kaneko Ryuuma) will depart at 2020/1/24.
  5. Alkaloid

    ジリア (Glia) Dr.50 has departed at 2020/1/18 as he finds it difficult to balance band activities with his ambitions to be a professional gamer.
  6. Alkaloid

    I think アルマ (Arma)'s just changing his stage name back to Ryo (which was his name in EVE)
  7. Gu.Hiroto (ex-ソノラエイド (Sonoraaid)) and Ba.たくと (Tact) have joined Avilis.
  8. Alkaloid

    TRNTY D:CODE Ba.MST will depart in 2020/2.
  9. Alkaloid

    妃&関西貴族 - BEST SIMULATION bis - 平成コマネチ adamas - Promotion CD アンド - 夢遊の籠
  10. Alkaloid

    According to the announcement on their OHP, they are disbanding due to Vo.ソラ (Sora)'s wish to depart.
  11. Alkaloid

    影喰イ (Kagekui) will disband at 2020/3/18 due to Vo.心 (Kokoro)'s wish to depart, expressed in 2019/12.
  12. Alkaloid

    Blu-BiLLioN will disband after their final oneman tour "Contrast" which begins at 2020/2/29 due to Dr.Seika's wish to depart due to his dystonia (which previously caused the band to pause activities last year).
  13. Alkaloid

    Gu.アザミ (Azami) is ex-チャイルドプレイ (Childplay)(ミュウ/Myuu)
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