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  1. フシアナ (Fushiana) Ba.LiRu will depart at 2019/2/1 due to lack of motivation.
  2. Alkaloid

    their live and mail order limited new single "epilogue" will be released at 2019/3/6. Customers can choose the price for the single. It will be released through mail order at 2019/4/1 for 1500 yen. [track list] 1. epilogue 2. #死神に恋してる (Shinigami ni Koishiteru) All members have changed notation of their names: Vo.A -> Ai Gu.M -> まとい (Matoi) Ba.K -> けい (Kei) Dr.Kanae -> かなえ (Kanae)
  3. Alkaloid

    DAMY will disband at 2019/5/6.
  4. Alkaloid

    Vo.唯人 (Yuito) is ex-honey drop-->Miss Rainy and Ba.ICHI is ex-REIL, VII-II AUME (support)-->De:Vi6 (support gu.)
  5. コントラリエ (Contrarie) Gu.二葉 (Futaba) will depart at 2019/4/7.
  6. Alkaloid

    Gu.薫 (Kaoru) is ex-Berry-->Larme'-->Envus-->jubily-->HOLYCLOCK and Gu.蓮 (Ren) is ex-Noisy Panic-->DELUCIDE (support)
  7. Their band name is "アズルマ (AZURMA)" Their single "解放セヨ/ミザリー (Kaihou se Yo/Misery)" will be released at 2019/2/16 (2 tracks, 1,000 yen). They have opened their OHP: http://azurma.net/
  8. Alkaloid

    their mini-album title has been finalized as "鬼来 (Kirai)" and the release date has been changed to 2019/1/30. [track list] 1.キライ。(Kirai.) 2.キソウテンガイ (Kisou Tengai) 3.ノロイ (Noroi) 4.混沌鬼ごっこ (Konton Onigokko) 5.四面楚歌 (Shimensoka) 6.てんやわんや (Tenyawanya) 7.水仙 (Suisen)
  9. Alkaloid

    己龍 trading card Dué le quartz, Kagrra, and Ash - TRIBAL ARIVALL WARNING アンド - Liberate chariots - 錆び付いた銃弾 Wizard - Sadistrip
  10. Alkaloid

  11. Alkaloid

    That was Anli Pollicino. Fest covered Aerosmith though lol Keeping things on topic, I've never been able to get into any of Akane's bands. His voice just irks me, which makes no sense since I listen to a ton of bands with...questionable vocals.
  12. Alkaloid

    You're very welcome
  13. Alkaloid

    I'm pretty sure this is the band/PV you mean.