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  1. I tend to shuffle my music, so this is more what my phone likes than me lol According to my last.fm: リルト (Lilt) - 炸裂フリーダム (35 plays) シビレバシル (sibilebashir) - サヨナラ狂詩曲 (32 plays) サウイフモノ (Souiumono) - パッパパッパラッタ (30 plays) Minerva - Hope the light (29 plays) Dir en grey - OBSCURE (29 plays) DEZERT - 包丁の正しい使い方~実行編~ (29 plays) メディーナ (Mediena) - SUICIDE (28 plays) ポワトリン (Poitrine) - Ge together (27 plays) Yeti - ie (27 plays) MEJIBRAY - アヴァロン (27 plays)
  2. 黒船-クロフネ- (Kurofune) have disbanded at 2018/1/15 due to the retirement of Vo.華月 (Kazuki)
  3. Shame. 純恋歌 was really good!
  4. Very cool! FYI Hikaru wasn't in Smileberry, he's currently in アセファル (Acephale). And Yutaka was in Smileberry as Yuna.
  5. Yep! Gu.御笠ねる is ex-#ドロボウネコ (Dorobouneko) Ba.kaz is ex-Silver Linings-->FeniX Dr.魅影 (Mikage) is ex-叙情四重奏「カノン」(Kanon) as well.
  6. Interesting how their bios say "愛狂います。" and not "ex-愛狂います。"
  7. After departure of Ba.楓華 (Fuka) at 2017/12/13, DatuRΛ Gu.ギル (Gill) will switch to Ba. at their live at Takadanobaba AREA at 2018/1/19. Because of this, support Ba.紗葵 (Saki) (ex-ERG†IRE-->SALIVAN) will cease to act as support.
  8. Dr.Mar is ex-Crecien de Rona-->ティアラ (Tiara)-->Faust-->gossip-->7Addict-->D'efend Chroma(雅美/Masami)
  9. Gu.R.I.D.E (ex-Art In Storm-->Break Under Top, DADALIO(和妃/kazuki)-->Milia∞(EVA)), Ba.八雲 (Yakumo) and Dr.じゅん (Jun) (ex-FULL EFFECT'-->エスカピズム (Escapism)-->Chiodo (support)) have joined SHeepSLeep at 2018/1/12. their mini album "Reborn" will be released at 2018/5/2. [track list] 1.SE 2.Restart SHeep 3.Liar Game 4.prayer 5.サンライズ (Sunrise) 6.Reborn
  10. アザナ (Azana) Vo.LUM will depart after their live at 2018/3/27 due to differences in musical direction, and their lives after that date will have support Vo.ハヤト (Hayato) (ex-MEL-->Schwarz-weiβ(support Gu.)-->テマネキ(Temaneki))
  11. Ba.和咲 (Wasaki) departed and retired at 2017/12/7.
  12. Ba.鳴 (Naki) departed at 2017/7/27.