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  1. REVIVE new mini album "人身供儀 (Jinshin Kyougi)" will be released at 2019/7/3.
  2. Alkaloid

    Synside - TRUTH 仙台貨物 - 神様もう少しだけ アリス九號 - FANTASY お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】- albare Neo - New Age Revolution (w/ signed photocard of 氷龍~hiryu~) GLAY - 時の雫 Sadie - Juggernaut ドレミ團 - ワカバノキヲク
  3. Alkaloid

  4. Alkaloid

    Unexpected, but very cool!
  5. ex-ゴシップ (Gossip) members new band "NICOLAS" will commence formal activities at their oneman "クソッタレ イズ バック -地獄からの使者- (Kusottare is Back -Jigoku Kara no Shisha-)" at Meguro Rock May Kan at 2019/7/1. Vo.SAKU (ex-JyuLie-->ゴシップ (Gossip)) Gu.AKANE (ex-JyuLie-->ゴシップ (Gossip)) Gu.SATSUKI (ex-JyuLie-->ゴシップ (Gossip)) Ba.ZERO (ex-JyuLie-->ゴシップ (Gossip)) Dr.RITSU (ex--VeiL-->ヴァリル (VARYL)-->ゴシップ (Gossip)) https://nicolas-psycho.com/ Since all of this was posted already, I shall just add my opinion of: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
  6. Alkaloid

    ballad Gu.ルイ (Rui) will depart at 2019/5/12.
  7. Alkaloid

    Their new mini album "PARADIGM OUT" will be released at 2019/6/26.
  8. Alkaloid

    Unknown Title/TBA(A) = サイコ・グッピー (Psycho Guppy) Unknown Title/TBA(B) = Ghost Unknown Title/TBA (C) = YOLO
  9. Alkaloid

    Art.s.Note will revive for one day at 2019/6/29 at NIIGATA CLUB RIVERST. [live participating artists] HOLLOW SHADE Art.s.Note マルコ (Marco) mama. the apple window DIR EN GREY SESSION
  10. Alkaloid

    After pausing activities at 2017/12/22, HERO will resume activities at 2019/12/6 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.
  11. [track list] 1.僕の宗教へようこそ~Welcome to my religion~ (Boku no Shuukyou e Youkoso~Welcome to my religion~) 2.まつみは笑う狂信者 (Matsumi wa Warau Kyoushinja) 3.終末を知らない大人たち (Shuumatsu wo Shiranai Otonatachi) 4.最期の遠足 (Saigo no Ensoku) 5.最後のえんそく (Saigo no Ensoku) 6.アイツが町に帰ってきた~The boy is come back to town~ (Aitsu ga Machi ni Kaettekita~The boy is come back to town~)
  12. Alkaloid

    I think it's "Nearly Equal".
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