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  1. 31-8520 has lost contact with Vo.ユキチ (Yukichi), and Ba.さえまる (Saemaru) will act as Vo. at today's live.
  2. Alkaloid

    G.S.I will disband after their oneman at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 at 2018/11/4.
  3. Alkaloid

    Dr.リィク (Riiku) is ex-StellaNova-->ヴァイオレット (Violet) (LyieK.)
  4. Alkaloid

    Album title has been finalized as "自己中心的リミッター (Jiko Chuushinteki Limiter)"
  5. Alkaloid

    Sadie "陽炎" photocard R*A*P Official Fan Club AST☆RISK AST☆DISK Vol.4 GLAY x EXILE - SCREAM 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - WHITE BLADE. DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ - Tokyo エレクトリックパレード
  6. Alkaloid

    They have decided to disband and their last live will be held at 2018/8/27.
  7. Alkaloid

    BRATBAX will pause activities after their live at Shinjuku CLUB SCIENCE at 2018/8/17.
  8. Alkaloid

    It seems he's leaving as well.
  9. Vexent Gu.憂 (Ui) has been absent at their rehearsal for today's live, and they cannot contact him. They will perform with 4 members at today's live. He has deleted his Twitter account as well.