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  1. ex-ZAKLIA members new limited-period band "Mummy" will hold their first demo live at 2017/10/30 and will disband at 2018/1/22. "Mummy" members: Vo.Mummy Ba.ShuN (ex-ZAKLIA) Dr.$ato (ex-RABBI★STAR-->ZAKLIA) https://www.mummy.company/
  2. New single title has been finalized as "-DARK PASTELS-" and it will be released in 2018/1. (1 type,1680 yen) [track list] 1.DARK PASTEL 2.失落女神 (Shirraku Megami) 3.iris.
  3. シェルミィ (Shellmy) Gu.薫 (Kaoru) will depart at 2017/11/1 due to lack of motivation for band activities.
  4. Gu.鴒 (Lei) has joined Answer:[] at 2017/10/19.
  5. THE BLACK SWAN will disband after their oneman at Tsutaya O-WEST at 2018/5/1.
  6. Ugh...that sucks. Btw the drummer's name is romanized as "An"
  7. I'm so sad about this... He was in some other great bands before MIZTAVLA (Erdbeeren, Serial Number)
  8. 業-karma- new band "蘭図" (Rands) has opened their OHP https://www.rands112358.com/
  9. Vo.ひなた (Hinata), Gu.ルイ (Rui) and Gu.ハルカ (Haruka) are ex-サムクロ (Samukuro/The Samurai Crows)
  10. Slightly old news, but DEGENE Vo.蕚 (Utena) has been fired at 2017/9/26 and they have been on hiatus since.
  11. Old news, but I just found out these guys disbanded at 2017/3/26.