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  1. Alkaloid

    True, but since Ichi introduced himself as "MEME Drum", I assume that means they are official members.
  2. Alkaloid

    It's a band. Drummer 1 (Ichi) (who looks a lot like 秒-byou- (ex-AvelCain)) Guitarist 2 Bassist 3 (ex-TearLace-->A'LETZA-->君、死ニタマフコトナカレ (Kimi, Shinitama Fukoto na Kare)(梓姫/Azuki))
  3. Look for "シカバネロンド (Shikabane Rondo)" Look for "キミテキーラ47°‼︎ (Kimi Tequila 47°‼︎)"
  4. アルケミ (ARCHEMI.) new mini album "阿吽 (Aun)" will be released at 2018/12/5. (5 tracks, 2200 yen)
  5. Alkaloid

  6. BABOO 3-month consecutive live-limited singles will be released at 2018/9/12, 2018/10/12 and 2018/11/12 respectively. Lyric videos will be posted for the singles along with, for a limited time, free download links!
  7. Royz new maxi single "SINFONIA" will be released at 2018/11/21. (4 TYPE) Type A will be CD (2 tracks)+DVD (with "SINFONIA" MV and making) Type B will be CD (2 tracks)+DVD (with footage from Royz' 9th anniversary live at 2018/9/28) Types C and D will be CD only (3 tracks+karaoke)
  8. ギャロ (THE GALLO) will join 寺子屋 (Terakoya) at 2018/12/1.
  9. 繋がRe:ゼロ (Tsunagari Zero) Gu.椿 (Tsubaki) will depart at 2018/9/27.
  10. SCAPEGOAT Dr.たつき (Tatsuki) will depart and retire after their oneman at Takadanobaba AREA at 2018/11/4 due to family reasons, and they will pause activities at that date.
  11. new band "無能なルシッド (Munou na Lucid)" will commence formal activities at 2018/11/4 at Ikebukuro EDGE. http://www.munounalucid.jp/
  12. Alkaloid

    Gu.sola has joined Free Aqua Butterfly at 2018/9/5.