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  1. Reviving this thread for this b o p.
  2. YES! It was amazing! She has more creativity in her little finger than most of these queens have in their whole body. Any competitor who doesn't see her as a threat is seriously misguided and/or delusional.
  3. I didn't think so... I wonder how much of the lineup will be the original one since Yagi (dr.) is busy with SAVAGE and Kiki (gu.) retired.
  4. MV spot sounds alright. Wish it said what song it was though :/
  5. FEST VAINQUEUR Dr.KAZI has departed at 2017/4/28 due to musical differences.
  6. All members except Gu.ナツ (Natsu) are from the band "XIX-nineteen-"
  7. I think this has ex-Vanikill members since the pink & gray-haired members really look like Sito & Rin.
  8. テマネキ(temaneki) new live-limited CD "哀しみの雨 (Kanashimi no Ame)" will be released at 2017/5/14. [track list] 1.最後の雨 (Tsuioku no Ame) 2.アイセツバナ (Aisetsubana) 3.鈍色の幻 (Nibiiro no Maboroshi) 4.solitude
  9. Their other new maxi single's title has been finalized as "私ガ壊レタ日" (2 type, 2 tracks, CD only) [track list] 1.私ガ壊レタ日 2.Spider Lily (included in type A) 3.ドラマチックな恋心 (Dramatic na Koigokoro) (included in Type B )