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  1. 蟻 (Ari) new single "虫眼鏡 (Mushimegane)" will be released at 2019/8/20. It will be limited to Tokyo and 300 copies.
  2. ex-Roub members new band "アマノジャクシ (Amanojacushi)" has formed. More info will be released at 2019/8/12. Vo.天草 潤 (Amakusa Jun) (ex-AnnNa-->Duke-->Venus-->Dahliagate-->Roub, now in Reiwa✖︎Shinsekai, I.V.Y) Gu.仲村 歩 (Nakamura Ayumu) (ex-Roub (SHOW)) Ba.沢尻 優 (Sawajiri Yuu) Dr.椎名 アキ (Shiina Aki) (ex-Los†ears-->DARIAN MARIAN (蒼嵐/Soara)) https://twitter.com/amjcs_official
  3. Alkaloid

    new band "ジリア (Glia)" will commence formal activities at 2019/8/2. Vo. セイラ (Seira) Gu. 玲威 (Rei) (ex-LAGLESS) Ba. なずな (Nazna) (ex-VaniKilL-->NORANECO) Dr.50 http://www.glia-official.com/
  4. Alkaloid

    アンティック-珈琲店- - Bee Myself Bee Yourself 〜自分らしく君らしく生まれたストーリーは始まってんだ〜 wyse - thoughtful Day D - Rosenstrauss NUMBER MOUSE - MURDER MICE
  5. Alkaloid

    Gu.天音 (Amane) is ex--JoKER--->YGGDRASIL-->AMARANYX-->IGGY(リュカ/Lyuca) Gu.湊人 (Minato) is ex-Hi-Speed Death Banana-->魚屋BATEIRA (Sakanaya BATEIRA)-->HOLYCLOCK(琢弥/Takuya) Dr.LANA-ラナ- is ex-jubily-->A&D(KENZy)
  6. 悪者 (Warumono) has departed from KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT at 2019/7/5 and will be continue activities independently.
  7. Alkaloid

    Vo.汀 (Nagisa) is ex-爆烈ストーム!! (Bakuretsu Storm!!) Gu.星垂 (Hotaru) is ex-VAZENORIA Ba.藍季 (Aiki) is ex-DIVEIN Dr.ゆうき (Yuuki) is ex-ラストクレイン (The Last Crane)
  8. Alkaloid

  9. Alkaloid

    You're right. I must have misread the romanization or mistyped or something lol
  10. ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) new single release "破裂 (Haretsu)" will be released at 2019/7/24. Type A will be CD (2 tracks)+ DVD ("破裂 (Haretsu)" MV) and Type B will be CD only (3 tracks) Their other new single "水没 (Suibotsu)" will be released at 2019/8/24. "破裂 (Haretsu)" track list: 1.破裂 (Haretsu) 2.劣等生 (Rettousei) 3.光 (Hikari) (included on Type B )
  11. Bassist SHINGO (ex-EREA-->SAKRUN, now in ConSenT+pluG) has committed suicide, according to tweets from his mother. SHINGO had been suffering from health problems for around the past six years. He underwent an operation for cervical spondylotic myelopathy (a painful condition caused by degeneration of spinal discs in the neck) last December but it seemingly didn't make any change. Special thanks to Laurence02 at vk.gy for translating
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