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  1. S.M.C. omnibus featuring Secilia Luna, ELL., Gram∞Maria, ZEXER, 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ & Celia'xeno 【_Vani;lla】 - 独りぼっち (signed by all members!) SPLIT TOUR 2012~NEXT to EXTRA~ omnibus featuring AUBE, Blitz, ダウナー, ベルベット, カラット & Awake Exalted Recipe omnibus featuring 「xxx」is D£AD, THEATER, Zelktage, L, L&DS, METEOROID, Pastel Holic, 2nd awake, ヴァロア & シックス Crazy★shampoo - GAME 篠突く雨 - 輝夜-kaguya- All from the wonderful RarezHut!
  2. [track list] 1. 惚れ薬 (Horegusuri) 2. LOVE&DIE 3. カケヒキ (Kakehiki) 4. そばにいてよ (Soba ni Iteyo) 5. 指輪 (Yubiwa) 6. 過ちの金曜日 (Ayamachi no Kinyoubi) 7. LOVE THE END 8. 中野行進曲 (Nakano Koushinkyoku) (LIVE) (included on limited edition) 9. GOKUMI (LIVE) (included on limited edition) 10. Past Letter (LIVE) (included on limited edition) 11. 存在抹消 (Sonzai Masshou) (LIVE -2017 BURST Version) (included on limited edition) Regular edition: Limited edition:
  3. Ryou's look is amaaaaaazing. The preview sounds pretty nice, too.
  4. Sounds great! The vocalist sounds really familiar, but I have no idea from where.
  5. new unit "未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice)" will hold their first live at 2017/9/24. Vo.琉火-lyubi- (ex-Misaruka(rui)) Gu.唯依葉-yuiha- (ex-OROCHI(雪村/yukimura)-->Xrista(椋/lyo)-->Synk;yet)
  6. GreeΣ 2-month consecutive live-limited singles "諦めフィロソフィヰ (Akirame Philosophy)" and "だから嫌いなんだ、雨なんて。`(Dakara Kirainanda, Ame Nante)" will be released at 2017/7/12 and 2017/8/4, respectively.
  7. Other members: Gu.アルマ (Arma) (ex-EVE (Ryo)) Gu.椿 (Tsubaki) (ex-LAELIA:Ria-->ART ELICIA (support)) Ba.keita (ex-Order in Disorder-->EVE) Dr.亮平 (Ryohei) (ex-JEAZAS'CALL, NegroBlanco(support)-->REACH, AIM(support)-->Link)
  8. Initial'L new mini album "FIREFLY" will be released at 2017/8/18 (8 tracks, 2000 yen), although further details have not yet been announced.
  9. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita23q) new single "S.Y.U.E.N W.A.R.S" will be released at 2017/9/13 (3 tracks), although further details have not yet been announced.
  10. Futarishizuka (Villeyge -> Pretty Neurosis -> Cleha Kinema -> Musette*Minette -> MaRiLL -> Crucifixion) Otoiroha -> Zigzag Tatsuya -> Pami (CRESCENT -> Syndrome -> Buzz Strip Youth -> glammy -> LeZ -> Amano Jack -> ELECTNINE -> Zechs -> Pami -> Neologic) Eru. (Lilas -> O_DBLE -> VAJRA -> AWAKE) Reload -> Grieva Ryuuto (Teddy -> ClearVeil -> Amamiya Ryuto -> -the MelT- -> Carat -> Pinocchio)
  11. release date has been finalized as 2017/8/23.