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  1. They were going to do one, but not anymore :c
  2. "粉砕するぞ!" jackets "俺を必要とする人はこの世の中に居ないよ" jackets:
  3. new band "パラダイム (Paradigm)" has formed. They will release 3 songs to iTunes at 2019/2/2. Vo.壱 (Ichi) Gu.大貴 (Daiki) Gu.大助 (Daisuke) https://twitter.com/PARADIGM_Offi
  4. The best lead I've found is that he shares a birthday and bloodtype with α (ex-DESIRE) but they were rather unknown. My guess is that he just has a similar voice to someone else.
  5. 万鬼隊 (Bankitai) new single "あやかし七変化 (Ayakashi Shichihenge)" will be released at 2018/12/26.
  6. Alkaloid

    リヴェーナ (Levena) will disband after their live at 2018/12/17. It appears Vo.藍 (Ai)'s departure announced in 2018/8/27 has been rescinded.
  7. Alkaloid

    signed ポロリ photocard アヲイ - abelcain Kra - デンノヲ空想理論 Arc - 「吹き乱れ」 Spider lily - 泡雪の花/狐灯篭
  8. REVIVE new single "最高の日々をありがとう (Saikou no Hibi wa Arigatou)" will be released at 2019/1/30. (2 TYPE) A type will be CD (2 tracks)+DVD ("最高の日々をありがとう (Saikou no Hibi wa Arigatou)" MV) (1944 yen) and B type will be CD only (3 tracks) (1620 yen) [track list] 1.最高の日々をありがとう (Saikou no Hibi wa Arigatou) 2. lust ~色欲に喘ぐ快楽的依存~ (lust ~Shikiyoku ni Aegu Kairakuteki Izon~) (included on B type) 3. INSOMNIA~Piano Ver~
  9. MERALOA new live-limited single "スピカ (Spica)" will be released at 2018/11/21. (1500 yen) [track list] 1.スピカ (Spica) 2.故弔ノ夢 (Kochou no Yume)
  10. クロノ×クラウン (Chrono Crown) new mini-album "マリオネット (Marionette)" will be released at 2018/12/5. (5 tracks, 2,000 yen)
  11. Alkaloid

    Halloween mega-post!
  12. 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) new album "Human Dignity" will be released at 2019/2/27.