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  1. 蛇道 (Jadoh) has changed to new band "DAMILA" and they will commence formal activities at their oneman "蛇道 〜The Road To Alicia〜 (Jadoh ~The Road To Alicia~)" at Ikebukuro EDGE at 2020/3/19. Vo.NEMU (ex-De:Vi6-->蛇道 (Jadoh)) Gu.Lit (ex-Vo't kaRma-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Gu.Meguha (ex-CHIC BOY-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Ba.桃様 (Momo-sama) (ex-アンフェイト (Unfate)-->黒い11月 (Kuroi 11 Gatsu)-->ZeroCre-->蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) Dr.かずや(Kazuya) (ex-蛇道 (Jadoh) (support)) http://damila.jp/
  2. 蟻 (Ari) new single "蟻走感 (Gisoukan)" will be released at 2019/12/17 (limited 500 copies)
  3. Alkaloid

    REIGN new single "Hidden" will be released at 2019/12/11. (2 TYPE) Limited edition will contain CD (3 tracks) +DVD (includes "ME" MV and offshot) and regular edition will be CD only [track list] 1. ME 2. sin 3. Ray Limited edition jacket: Regular edition jacket:
  4. Alkaloid

    $"Casper. Gu.u has been fired at 2019/11/6 due to inappropriate relationships with fans, despite being married.
  5. マゼラン (Mazeran) new mini album "君の苦しみを謳う (Kimi no Kurushimi wo Utau)" will be released at 2019/11/27. [track list] 1. -哀哭- (-Aikoku-) 2. 指切り (Yubikiri) 3. 愛玩人形 (Aigan Ningyou) 4. 溺愛パラノイア (Dekiai Paranoia) 5. センチメンタルパレヱド (Sentimental Parade) 6. 君の苦しみを謳おう (Kimi no Kurushimi wo Utau)
  6. Alkaloid

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