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  1. They will disband after their live "~Good-bye JUNK STORY~" at EX THEATER ROPPONGI at 2018/2/25, after which Vo.NIKA will retire.
  2. Gu.リヤ (Riya) and Ba.冥乃 (Meno) are ex-エイク(ACHE).
  3. Vo.なちゅ (Nachu) is ex-アリステット (Alicetetto) (雪果/Yukiha)-->グレイスペイジ (GracePage)
  4. GAMEOVER-ガメオベラ- new live-limited single "3rd stage passscode key" will be released at 2017/9/29. [track list] 1.Reload 2.最も0に近い漆 (Mottomo 0 ni Chikai Urushi)
  5. Vo.U is ex-VABEL Vo.Len and Ba.RIN is ex-BUG scream(零喇/leyla)-->VABEL.
  6. Not the same vocalist. This vocalist was the drummer in Stealth Mania.
  7. From jpopasia:
  8. BLaive will resume activities with a new line-up under the name "B'LAIVE" in January 2018.
  9. [track list] 1. ヒステリック感情論 (Hysteric Kanjouron) 2. 未完成プロテクト (Mikansei Protect) 3. 自責のバランス (Jiseki no Baransu) 4. 夢現、流れ星 (Yumeutsutsu, Nagareboshi) 5. 僕らの世界 (Bokura no Sekai) 6. シグナル (Signal) (included in Type B )