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  1. diamondAss

    wow wow wow!! i love your stuffs
  2. diamondAss

    #wtf /no way
  3. diamondAss

    The Slut Banks - どん底
  4. diamondAss

    not really surprising yet surprising. i thought they'd stretch this bs further lol
  5. any 'sad boys' fans here?

  6. diamondAss

    that thread is amusing
  7. why do people call women with short hair either feminazis or lesbians.......so lame. after two weeks finally someone called me both. thank you mr.Douche <3

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I have short hair too but you should not consider others' dumb opinions... because are dumb indeed :P

    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Stereotypes ruined mankind, that's my opinion

    3. Takadanobabaalien


      because people are idiots

  8. diamondAss

    oh that song........ <3 Byakuya was also amazing!
  9. Dir en grey sure is lovely to listen while driving! ^_^

  10. diamondAss

    a lot of people have suggested me to watch One Punch Man, i see a lot of people here are into it too. yet i'm going for the thirds with Peach Girl (Okayasu-kuuuun <3)
  11. diamondAss

    i feel the same way. many good songs have terrible lyrics, in whichever languages. i try to make myself believe that some bands' lyricists are just bad with words (and better in expressing themselves with their voice, which is the reason why Jap music seems magical to me)
  12. diamondAss

    i went to a birthday party once :D #tequila
  13. diamondAss

    car is a blessing only for myself. why do people keep pestering me now that i have one derp. it's not like i was born to serve others