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  1. Yutaproid1

    some new stuff
  2. Yutaproid1

    got my order today, sadly had to pick it up from customs but that has nothing to do with the experience of course. cds in excellent condition as i expected from hirokis collection haha. 10/10
  3. Yutaproid1

    some new stuff--- MISERIA - Reason for sorrow 死ニタガリ - ユメミルクスリ 死ニタガリ - WHATS CAN I HELP YOU WITH? モルヒネ - 拝啓被害者の君へ モルヒネ - Sweet poison Lolita rock モルヒネ - さよなら人生 ALVION - ARROWS/BECOME A FOOL for severe addicts only - 茜/螺旋の罠/夕顔
  4. Yutaproid1

    All three other songs on the mini are better than the above imo. Its okay, but i cant really dig it yea.
  5. Yutaproid1

    some new stuff マーブルヘッド「-タイトル不在-」 CieLGraVE「隠恋慕」 CieLGraVE「水滴の跳ねる底」 モンストロ「BLACK MONEY -Beautiful LIE-&DIRTY Truth」 仮病 「ヒトリゴト」 for severe addicts only「無口な影/儚き哀証/影踏み」 BlacK TeaR「涙」
  6. Yutaproid1

    I have to sadly agree. I was at their mini album release party/concert together with marco and nüe and even that had at most 30 people maybe and as far as i saw almost no one even bought the album.
  7. Yutaproid1

    Playing quite a few. Animation throwdown and One Piece Treasure Cruise reguarly. Just started playing Captain Tsubsa and Naruto Ninja Voltage.
  8. Yutaproid1

    They already did that last year. I would love a full soroban revival tho yes.
  9. Yutaproid1

    I should be able to make it too, im in japan around that time for sibilebashir last live. going to be busy and sad couple of days.
  10. Yutaproid1

    Horrible news.
  11. Yutaproid1

    0.1gの誤算 - 男闘魂戦争 卍燃えよ誤算光殺砲卍 Carpe Diem - パノラマ sith. - 睡蓮 シビレバシル - LOVE2017 エルム - This is ELM [2009-2017] ソニックデスモンキー - ニコニコンプレックス lical - それは造花 Heliotrope - rain up FINLANDS - LOVE bough the wrong Axkey single im dumb.
  12. kizu really surprised me at an event. whole crowd was so hyped about them. 

    1. madygrain


      I really liked their first single. The second one is good, but I was disapointed to find that I wasn't as much into the second one.


      They clearly have a toon of potential on top of the quality they already achieve so they are pretty safe to follow. Glad we still see bands like this pop up.

  13. Saw Sibilebashir again yesterday. Glad to see that Izumi is still as crazy as ever

  14. Yutaproid1

    replied to everyone